Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business

Considering health with you

Euglena has existed on Earth, known as the star of life, since the Cambrian Period, long before the Common Era. We provide support for the future health of you and your loved ones through food products that use the rich nutrients of Euglena, cosmetics that use its helpful properties for your skin, and the latest biotechnology.

Products & Services

Healthcare Products

Euglena is a type of alga. With both plant and animal characteristics, it has 59 varieties of nutrients including unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA often contained in fish, in addition to vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables. Using the power of Euglena, we aim to create a world where everyone can live healthily with well-balanced nutrition.

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Beauty care products

We have a diverse range of products that will bring out your beauty. These include all-in-one cosmetics that can be readily applied, aging-care cosmetics that focus on the natural beauty of your skin, and inner beauty supplements and drinks, which have all been developed from Euglena.

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Genome and health check service

Much attention is being given to the “healthy lifespan” of people in order to make achieving a long and healthy life possible amid the increasing average lifespan of Japanese people. By providing genome analysis and health check services, we offer proposals for living a healthy lifestyle that match your needs and that will enable you to understand what your body needs.

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Typical ingredients used by Euglena

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Work of Our Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business Group Companies

Epauler Co., Ltd.


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Genequest Inc.

Provides genome analysis services

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MEJ Inc.

Sells supplements and health foods

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Yaeyama Shokusan Co., Ltd.

Produces, processes and sells Euglena, Chlorella and other types of algae

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Provides planning, development and online shopping services for skincare products, miscellaneous goods, and food products

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Q'Sai Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of health care products, skin care products, etc.

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Other Euglena Businesses and Research

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