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euglena Project


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.

Development of "Mitori" that is particular about the taste of meat and fat



I want to make domestic feed with Euglena

"I want to use Euglena to make domestic feed and fertilizer that will help agriculture and livestock industry."
With that in mind, Shota Watanabe joined the company in April 2014.

Watanabe has been paying attention to the potential of Euglena in the field of feed and fertilizer since graduate school, and when he was in the first year of graduate school, he persuaded his academic advisor to start joint research with the university he was enrolled in. After joining the company, he will be assigned to the Research Planning Division in July, when the training for new graduates will end, and will be involved in research on the culture method of Euglena and its usefulness as feed.

Branded livestock from all over Japan
"Hinai Jidori" I met while investigating

When Watanabe developed the feed for Euglena, the first thing he thought about was what kind of livestock should be eaten by Euglena. When selecting livestock, we emphasized that "basic research data on meat quality and nutrients are available", "feeding of Euglena may have a positive effect on meat quality and nutrients", and "branding is possible". (Being able to have market competitiveness in terms of price) ”.

Based on these, as a result of investigating livestock in various parts of Japan, mainly branded livestock, it was "Hinai Jidori" that was thought to "match the conditions best". "Hinai Jidori" is a well-known local chicken brand that represents Japan, and in addition to the umami and popularity of meat, it also has basic research data on meat quality and nutrients to support the umami of meat.

"If we can get Euglena to eat Euglena, it may have a positive effect on the color, meat quality and nutrients of the fat of Euglena, and it may show the value of Euglena as feed."

With that in mind, Watanabe started joint research in November 2015 with the cooperation of the Akita Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station, which is engaged in research on the meat quality and nutrients of Hinai chickens, in order to promote research on Hinai chickens. Then, in April 2016, we launched a joint research with Oribayashi Farm Co., Ltd. to confirm whether the data obtained at the test site can be reproduced in the field, and conducted a demonstration test.

Success after overcoming the wall

What bothered Watanabe, who started his research, was that he had to mix the feed according to the taste of Hinai chicken. Euglena and chlorella powders are added to the feed of Hinai chickens, but Hinai chickens tend to prefer granular feeds to powders, and if they do not like it, they eat less feed and have a nutritional balance. The meat quality is not good even if it collapses.

"I want you to eat as much nutritious euglena and chlorella as possible, but depending on the mixing ratio, the food will be thin and the meat quality will not be optimal."
The days of observing the feeding behavior of the Hinai chicken feed and adjusting the mixing ratio of Euglena and chlorella and the feeding method continued.

The breakthrough in solving the problem was the voice of livestock farmers who faced Hinai chickens on site. Watanabe created a feed that suits the tastes of Hinai chickens, not only from the data obtained from the research results, but also from the abundant knowledge and awareness of livestock farmers. As a result, research data was confirmed that "the color of fat changes" and "the components involved in umami improve" in Hinai chickens that ate the feed produced by trial and error with livestock farmers.

"When you eat Euglena, the fat color that is characteristic of Hinai chicken becomes deeper and the meat taste becomes stronger."
When I asked a livestock farmer and a restaurant chef to sample the Hinai chicken raised on the feed developed by Watanabe, everyone seemed to be surprised at the change in meat quality.

State of feeding test

To offer "Mitori" at a restaurant

In January 2018, the feed research project was adopted as a research grant project in Akita Prefecture, "Local Innovation Induction Promotion Project," and through the expansion and deepening of partnerships, the effect of improving meat quality by objective and statistical methods was achieved. We proceeded with the study and establishment of a production method for Hinai chicken.

In this way, Euglena chickens raised on feed containing Euglena and chlorella was green, and Watanabe thought.
"I want to offer" Mitori "at a restaurant where you can brand" Mitori "together."

Barnibarbi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Barnibarbi), which operates restaurants in Tokyo and Kansai, responded to such thoughts.
From June 2018, it will be offered as a special menu at 5 stores in Barnibarbi's Tokyo. And the provision of a special menu using "Mitori" was well received, as it was featured in various media.

Special menu offered at DRAWING HOUSE OF HIBIYA
"Salad made with Hinai chicken and fragrant vegetables with Euglena and wasabi crema"

Watanabe, who succeeded in providing "Mitori" at the restaurant, continues to work on research and development with the thoughts of joining the company in mind.

Posted in September 2018 * Information is as of the time of publication

[Balnibarbi Co., Ltd.]
With the key concept of "making delicious food more enjoyable, healthier, and cheaper" for all restaurants, we have 82 restaurants, cafes, and sweets shops nationwide (as of the end of August 2018). By carefully creating each store, we are creating a store rooted in the city that blends in with people's lifestyles. The special menu using "Mitori" is a limited-time menu from June 15th to September 30th, 2018.

Euglena Data

-Which is the feed containing Euglena? ~

Developed feed (left: normal feed, right: Euglena and chlorella mixed feed)

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Open a Euglena café on Ishigaki Island.


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.


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