Energy & Environment Business

Energy & Environment Business

Energy that safeguards the future of our children

Global warming progresses each moment. What kind of environment can we, the people who are alive right now, leave on Earth for our children and the generations to come after that? To safeguard the future of our children, our goal is to spread support for the manufacture and use of biofuel throughout Japan.

Biofuel Business

Our biofuel "SUSTEO"

"SUSTEO" is a fuel that replaces fossil fuels and is used to realize a sustainable society. We started supplying next-generation biodiesel fuel in 2020 and biojet fuel in 2021, and their use is expanding in vehicles, ships, and aircraft.

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With the completion of the demonstration plant, we declared "GREEN OIL JAPAN" aiming to "make Japan an advanced biofuel country".

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Biofuel production demonstration plant

Japan's first bio-jet diesel fuel production demonstration plant was completed on October 31, 2018 in the Keihin coastal area of Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama.

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Energy & Environment Business Projects

Introducing the numerous energy and environment business projects that Euglena Co., Ltd. is actually working on.
We are employing various approaches to solve social issues using biofuel.



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First in Japan! Conducted helicopter flights using biofuel (SAF)


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GHG ゼロ・エミッションの実現に向けて、一歩前進

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未来に繋がる、バイオジェット燃料 特別遊覧フライトを実施

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次世代バイオディーゼル燃料を用いた観光型高速クルーザー「SEA SPICA(シースピカ)」による技術調査を実施


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HondaJet uses bio-jet fuel "SUSTEO" for the first time! First flight realized on a commercial aircraft

Started toward a society where the use of biofuels is commonplace in everyday life

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Achieved first flight using Euglena biofuel

A flight inspection aircraft owned and operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism flew and conducted flight inspection work while using renewable jet fuel

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Euglena biodiesel fuel sold for the first time for general use

The first step to using environmentally friendly next-generation biofuel for general-use vehicles

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Used Euglena biofuel in a drone

Successfully demonstrated the use of a drone powered by Euglena biofuel to carry goods for the first time in Japan on Ishigaki Island

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Completed Euglena bio-jet fuel

Compliance with ASTM certification for bio-jet fuel produced using the BIC process

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Used Euglena biodiesel fuel in fire engines

Started using Euglena biodiesel fuel in Nisshin OilliO fire engines

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Using Euglena biodiesel fuel for ferries

Conducted the world’s first trial cruise using Euglena biodiesel fuel for the Yaeyama Kanko Ferry

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Increase in the number of companies supporting GREEN OIL JAPAN

Two cities and 15 companies have newly joined us and given their support for the “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration, which aims to make Japan an advanced biofuel nation

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Isuzu jointly developed "DeuSEL® project"

Isuzu Motors and Euglena Co., Ltd. have come together to start the “DeuSEL® Project,” which aims to commercialize next-generation biodiesel

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Comprehensive tie-up including the development of biofuel with DENSO

Accelerated research to diversify the procurement of future raw materials and to provide a stable supply of bio-jet and diesel fuel by establishing our biofuel business as an industry and achieving the manufacture of biofuel using several microalgae as raw materials

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Initiatives from the G20 Fukuoka and Karuizawa meetings

At the G20 Summit-related meetings held in 2019, “Euglena biodiesel fuel,” a next-generation biodiesel fuel containing Euglena, was used for the first time in the world in ordinary passenger cars driven on public roads, and Euglena Co., Ltd. conducted lectures and put up exhibits about this technology

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Related Euglena Research

Euglena Co., Ltd.’s research relating to energy and the environment. We are creating new initiatives from research conducted at all hours of the day.

Related Euglena Projects

These are projects related to energy and the environment from among Euglena Co., Ltd.’s projects. 
These include taking on the challenge of producing biofuel using Euglena. Be sure to check them out.

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SDGs Concerning This Business

Other Euglena Businesses and Research

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