Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagements

The Euglena Group continues to engage in dialogue with various stakeholders.
By reflecting the opinions received in our corporate activities, we embody the philosophy of "Sustainability First" and strive to create value in a way that the happiness of our Euglena Group members and the happiness of someone coexist.

Dialogue with stakeholders

Euglena Group is involved with a variety of stakeholders in conducting business activities. We engage in dialogue with stakeholders through two-way communication in order to understand the expectations and evaluations of our customers and investors for the Group and the responsibilities that the Group should fulfill for future generations and local communities, and to reflect them in our business activities. increase.

List of stakeholders
Stakeholders Dialogue opportunity
Future generation
  • Appointment of Chief Future Officer selected from young people under the age of 18, recommendations by the Board of Directors
  • GENKI program, social business, etc. in Bangladesh
  • Regional promotion activities in Ishigaki Island and Yaeyama area
Employee companion
  • Group general meeting
  • Online exchange meetings, various workshops
  • Engagement survey
  • Whistleblower system
Customers / Consumers
  • Euglena Festival
  • Group interview
  • Various contact points such as call centers
Shareholders / Investors
  • General meeting of shareholders
  • Financial results briefing
  • Private investor briefing session (irregular)
  • Euglena Festival
  • Delivery of e-mail newsletter, etc.
  • Dialogue with company personnel
All of the above
  • オウンドメディア「Sustainable Times」の運営(ステークホルダーへのインタビュー記事の発信等)

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