What is Midori Jiuqu?

What is Euglena malted rice powder?

What is Midori Jiuqu?

The encounter between Euglena and Jiuqu, Japan's first material "Midori Jiuqu".
"Jiuqu" has been designated as a "national fungus" that represents Japan because it has supported the Japanese diet for many years.
The encounter between Euglena, which has abundant nutrients, and Jiuqu has further increased the potential of Jiuqu.


Euglena has a philosophy of "Sustainability First". With the power of microalgae Euglena (Euglena), we are conducting research every day to change the future with many anxieties into a brighter one.

Development history of Midori Jiuqu


Akita Konno Shoten, a seed koji shop where tradition and innovation are alive

Founded in 1909 (Meiji 43). Since 1945, we have been manufacturing seeds in Akita as the current Akita Konno Shoten Co., Ltd.
I still make handmade Jiuqu in the seed Jiuqu shop, which has only about 10 companies in Japan. The company has also succeeded in breeding high-performance seed koji called AOK-139. Midori koji uses AOK-139 strain as seed koji, and 100% domestic rice is used for rice.

How to make Midori Jiuqu

  • 1. Sprinkle Euglena and seed koji on steamed rice
  • 2. Mix Euglena and seed koji by hand so that they stick to the steamed rice.
  • 3. Loosen one by one
  • 4. Put the steamed rice left for one day in the lid and let the aspergillus grow.
  • 5. Dry to complete "Midori Jiuqu"

Features of Midori Jiuqu

Functions of Midori Jiuqu


High enzyme titer

Enzymes that provide various support for physical activity decrease with age. Therefore, it is important to take it from meals.
It has been confirmed that Midori Jiuqu has an improved amount of enzymes produced by Jiuqu compared to general Jiuqu.

High content of ergothioneine

Ergothioneine has a strong antioxidant effect and is said to have the effect of suppressing skin aging caused by light. It has been confirmed that Midori Jiuqu has an improved content of sulfur compounds such as ergothioneine, which has a strong antioxidant effect, compared to general Jiuqu.

How to use Midori Jiuqu



Regional revitalization


As part of efforts toward the effective use of Midori Jiuqu, Midori Jiuqu is being used by multiple companies in Akita Prefecture to develop products for regional development. In addition to contributing to industrial promotion and regional revitalization rooted in Akita Prefecture, Midori Jiuqu aims to contribute to sustainable health maintenance, extension of healthy life expectancy and cosmetology promotion in Akita Prefecture, where aging is advancing.

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