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Human rights management

Our basic thinking

At Euglena, we believe that improving the engagement of our employees (hereafter referred to as “fellows” *) and diversity and inclusion are essential for sustainable business growth, and position it as one of the foundations and work on it as Materiality.

“Universal Bill of Human Rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”), International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We will promote respect for human rights by endorsing the purposes of the United Nations Global Compact Declaration, the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We eliminate all discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, etc. We do not tolerate any harassment. Child labor and forced labor are not permitted. We respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Occupational health and safety is paramount and we ensure the health and safety of workers. We will also work to reduce overwork hours and pay wages above the minimum wage set in each country. We will pursue ways to respect internationally recognized basic human rights even in countries and regions where basic human rights cannot be protected.

Our business aims to make people and the planet healthy. Recognizing that it is the social responsibility of companies not to have a negative impact on children, who will live in the future, we support the "Children's Rights and Business Principles" and respect children's rights to ensure that children live healthy lives. 

私たちユーグレナ社は、ユーグレナ・フィロソフィーである「Sustainability First(サステナビリティ・ファースト)」の下、世界中の人と地球を健康にするため、グループ一丸となって人権の尊重を推進するとともに、サプライヤーを含むステークホルダーとともに人権を尊重した事業活動を行います。

*We refer to our employees as “fellows.”

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Our basic thinking

At Euglena, we believe that improving employee engagement is essential for sustainable business growth, and promote career development, diversity and inclusion.


  1. ダイバーシティ&インクルージョン経営
  2. 人材マネジメント(教育と研修)
  3. 従業員の健康と安全


  1. 経営層と仲間の座談会
  2. チャレンジバック制度
  3. 内部通報制度の設置
    また、利用にあたって、ホットラインへの相談者、通報者及び情報提供者の秘匿性は調査の有無にかかわらず保護され不利益を被ることを防止致します。連絡・通報いただいた内容は、連絡・通報内容を解決するために最小限の範囲の関係者のみで共有し、各関係者には秘密保持義務を課します。 実名通報及び匿名通報のいずれも受け付けております。
  4. エンゲージメント指数の観測

Diversity and Inclusion management

Our basic thinking

Euglena Co., Ltd. realizes Euglena Philosophy "Sustainability First" and practices diversity and inclusion management for business growth. We believe it is important to change. Under this policy, we will prevent discrimination and harassment, will not tolerate discrimination in hiring, training and promotion, and will pay gender equal wages for equal work. In order to realize this way of thinking, we have established a system that makes it easy for colleagues with various backgrounds to work regardless of gender or generation.



  1. 子育て世代向け制度
  2. 信仰する宗教の尊重
  3. 障がいのある従業員向け制度
  4. シニア層人材のキャリア支援
  5. 未来世代への制度
  6. 外国人向け制度
  7. 介護支援制度
  8. メンタルヘルス制度

CFO(Chief Future Officer:最高未来責任者)の採用

In order to face various future global issues, including global environmental and nutritional problems, together with the generations who will lead the future, the Group has appointed a CFO (Chief Future Officer) who is under the age of 18." The CFO w/ill work with Future Summit members, who are also under the age of 18, to formulate actions and goals for 2030 regarding our SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In the 3rd term, Midori Watabe, the 3rd generation CFO, is serving as chairman of the Sustainability Committee, which discusses sustainability strategies and policies for the entire Group.


Item FY12 / 2021 2022年12月期
全従業員における女性の割合 46.3% 42.3%
全管理職における女性の割合※1 12.1% 20.0%
女性の育休取得率 100% 100%
男性の育休取得率※2 - 60%
障がい者雇用の割合※3 3.3% 2.3%
Percentage of contract employees / dispatched employees 16.5% 10.8%
Voluntary turnover rate (regular employees only) *4 13.6% 6.8%
労働者1カ月あたりの平均残業時間 - 平均20時間程度

※1 管理職には、取締役を除く課長以上が含まれています。
※2 育休取得には慶弔休暇取得も含まれています。
※3 比率の算定は毎年6月1日時点で実施。
※4 分子は期中の離職者数、分母は期末時点の数字を使用しています。

Employee health and safety

Our basic thinking

The Euglena Group's basic policy is "safety first," and its slogan is "to go home with a smile every day without incident." Not only group employees, but also contract employees and transactions related to our business. We will continue to check the progress and improve our efforts to ensure the occupational safety and health of all other parties concerned.
In addition, the Euglena Group, whose purpose is to "make people and the earth healthy," regards working colleagues as the capital of the company, and the health and well-being of colleagues is an important management measure from the perspective of improving the quality of human capital. We believe that the health of our colleagues will lead to improved productivity and creativity of the company, which in turn will contribute to society as a whole through sustainable growth.



*Incidents that did not result in serious disasters or accidents, but which could easily have done so.



  1. グループ安全基本方針の周知徹底
  2. 労働安全マネジメント活動リーダー育成継続
  3. 仲間の安全衛生意識向上
  4. 新型コロナウイルス感染症対策、テレワーク環境対策

* Definition of lost time: incidents resulting in lost work time of one day or more and includes the group employees and employees of our suppliers.




  • テレワーク勤務
  • morning shift
  • ナイトシフト
  • 長時間労働へのアラート発信
  • 定時退社の促進
  • 休暇取得の推進

We have established agreements on overtime work and holiday work at each site. Employee overtime work is monitored on a monthly basis. In addition, as a forum for dialogue to improve the working environment, employee representatives are elected at each business site to state their opinions when concluding labor-management agreements and establishing and revising work rules.
Telework has been introduced due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we plan to continue using it in the future. Along with the introduction of telework, it is now possible to purchase the equipment (desks, chairs, monitors, etc.) necessary for telework environment improvement using the new telecommuting allowance and welfare plan, making it possible to create a comfortable working environment even in the telework environment. 
In addition, in order to allow for a variety of work styles depending on the life stage, there is also a morning shift that allows the start time to be moved up to a maximum of two hours in 30-minute increments. We have adopted a night shift that allows us to change the starting time to 12:00.





Human resources management

Our basic thinking

In order to realize the Euglena Philosophy "Sustainability First", the Group defines employees who sympathize with the Philosophy and aim to realize it together as "Euglee" and work on their education and training.

Efforts to improve human resources management

  1. ユーグリーとしての知識、能力を高める
  2. ビジネスパーソンとしての知識・能力を高める
  3. 成長し合う風土の形成
[Main training content and systems]
Category Content Main training content
Group general meeting
  • ・ユーグレナグループ全体としての方針や新規取組の共有、仲間や取り組みを表彰する場として、年2回開催
Onboarding training
  • ・新たに仲間入りしたメンバーが会社や理念に対して深い理解をし、スピーディに成果を上げやすい状態に高めていくための支援を実施
  • ・2代目CFOによる提言により、新たな仲間がより早期に会社に慣れ、自分らしく活躍してもらうため、年齢や役職に関係なく、新しい仲間をサポートする2名(ペアレンツ)を設定する制度を運用
Compliance training
  • ・ユーグレナグループの仲間として守るべき、ハラスメント、情報セキュリティ、インサイダー等の必須研修を実施
Training at promotion
  • ・昇格時に、昇格した役割等級毎の求められる期待役割に基づき、求められる意識変容や行動変容を伝え、高めていく支援を実施
  • ・新任管理者には、管理職として求められる役割や業務を伝えるとともに、当該役割を担う支援を実施
Management training
  • ・ユーグレナグループの方針に基づいて、組織の方針を策定し、仲間を支援、育成しながら、組織としてのパフォーマンスを向上させていくために必要な知識、スキル、マインド等を伝え、高めていく支援を実施
  • ・学生から社会人に変わる上で、必要な知識やスキル、マインド等を伝え、社会人として良いスタートを切る土台を構築
  • ・社会人3年間を通じて、適切なレベルへ昇格できるように自身の成長度合いを振り返る機会を提供し、成長の支援を実施
Skills training
  • ・問題解決力、コミュニケーション、ドキュメンテーション、マーケティング、デジタルマーケティング、会計に関するスキル研修を実施(随時研修を追加予定)
Support for study groups
  • ・勉強会運営や教材費等の支援を実施
Support provided through employee benefit points
  • ・スキルアップのための書籍購入、講習受講、資格取得のための費用支援を実施
Assistance for company-recommended plans
  • ・外部講習に関し、個人負担を軽くして利用ができる「会社推奨プラン」を設置
  • *1 We provide support for the running of study groups and training material costs in order to allow the formation of many study groups within our organization, and to provide venues for employees with common interests to gather, learn from each other, and grow through friendly competition.
  • *2 See “Related links” for details.

Thorough food safety and quality (quality assurance)

Our basic thinking

The Group provides good and fair quality assurance in the supply of products, and has established a quality assurance policy to ensure the benefits and safety of our customers. We regard it as one of the greatest purposes of our business activities to ensure the safety and security of our Group's products.
The policy stipulates the quality of products that should ensure usefulness, safety, security, conviction, reliability, etc. in order to continue to supply products with the functions that customers expect, and scientifically. Emphasis is placed on confirming "certainty" based on knowledge. In addition, we will maintain the quality assurance system while making continuous improvements so that we can continue to meet the expectations of our customers while maintaining accurate and sincere communication.

また、安心・安全で高品質な健康食品の認定・認証を行う公益財団法人日本健康・栄養食品協会(JHFA)や健康長寿社会の実現に向けて、各方面のステークホルダーと協働を促進する 一般社団法人健康食品産業協議会(JAOHFA)に加盟しています。

Efforts to improve food safety and quality

Example of Initiatives Obtained "FSSC 22000 (food safety) *" certification

In November 2015, Yaeyama Sangyo of the Group, which produces and manufactures powder of the microalgae Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena) and chlorella powder, acquired the food safety management system "FSSC22000" certification.

*FSSC 22000: An international certification standard for food safety management approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), established primarily by global food manufacturers and distributors. Based on the ISO 22000 management system standard for food safety, it includes content such as the PAS 220 “Prerequisite Programs on Food Safety for Food Manufacturing,” which is a standard for general hygiene management in food production.

Example of initiatives Acquisition of Halal and Kosher certifications


Halal certification indicating compliance with Islamic law
Halal certification indicating compliance with Islamic law

*Halal certification: The Islamic religion forbids the consumption of pork and alcohol, and Halal certification refers to the certification mark displayed on the packaging of foodstuffs that have been certified as being processed according to the appropriate methods prescribed by Islam.


Kosher certification indicating compliance with Jewish requirements
Kosher certification indicating compliance with Jewish requirements

*Kosher certification: Meaning “appropriate” or “suitable” in Hebrew, “Kosher” refers to items that have been prepared in accordance with Jewish laws (the Torah) pertaining to food.

Product development based on customer's voice Example of initiatives


Sustainable procurement

Our basic thinking

私たちは、経営理念「人と地球を健康にする」の考えの下、「Sustainability First(サステナビリティ・ファースト)」をユーグレナ・フィロソフィーとして掲げ、事業活動を行っています。その実現のためには、サプライヤーの皆さまと理念を共有し、サプライチェーン全体で社会からの期待に応えていく必要があります。


  1. 公平公正な取引
  2. 相互信頼を基盤とした協力関係
    信義・誠実の原則を守り、共存共栄の理念の下に、お取引先との相互協力関係を築く努力をします。お取引上知り得た情報は、 許可なく第三者に開示しません。
  3. 法令、社会規範の遵守
  4. 環境への配慮
    • Energy saving, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduction of water usage
    • Conservation of biodiversity
    • Appropriate management of wastewater and exhaust gas and reduction of generated amount
    • Reduction of waste generation
    • Sustainable and efficient use of resources
  5. 人権への配慮
    • Eliminate all discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, etc. and do not tolerate harassment
    • Do not allow child labor or forced labor
    • Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    • Reduce overwork hours and pay more than the minimum wage
    • Develop a healthy and safe working environment
    • Pursue ways to respect these internationally recognized basic human rights, even in countries and regions where the above basic human rights are not protected.
  6. 動物福祉

Efforts to increase sustainability procurement

The Group considers sustainable procurement that considers the environment and society to be one of Materiality in order to deliver safe and secure products to customers for many years to come. In order to achieve this, the Group will not only build a sustainable production system for Euglena from Ishigaki Island and Yaeyama Chlorella, which are the main raw materials, but also supply packaging materials and printed materials when delivering products. Efforts are underway throughout the chain.
In December 2022, in order to build sustainable relationships with our business partners, we endorsed the purpose of the “Declaration for Building Partnerships” by the Cabinet Office, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, etc., and announced our “Declaration for Building Partnerships.”
In order to promote sustainable procurement more effectively, we recognize that it will become increasingly important to collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside the industry related to raw materials for food and cosmetics and container manufacturing. 

Example of initiatives Environment considerations for printed items and product packages


* FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification: Awarded to the procurement of sustainable and responsibly managed forests and forest products. Consumers purchase products with the FSC® mark. A system to support global forest conservation.

Supporting communities

Our basic thinking

For our company, which aims to realize the Euglena Philosophy of "Sustainability First," we believe that contributing to local communities is an essential element for conducting sustainable business activities. Our was founded when President Izumo visited Bangladesh when he was a student and saw with his own eyes children suffering from malnutrition due to lack of necessary nutrients. In addition, Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture was the first place in the world to succeed in edible outdoor mass cultivation of microalgae Euglena, and it is still conducting business activities as a major production base.
Based on "Sustainability First", we will invest in the regions related to our business. In particular, we will invest in local communities in various ways and support their further development, focusing on the areas of "resolving poverty issues" and "regional development." In fiscal 2022, we invested a total of approximately 54.25 million yen in local communities.

Specific initiatives for supporting communities





Example of initiatives Mi-Fai-U Project


Sporting Activities


  1. ユーグレナカップバスケットボール大会
Regional Development

As part of the Mifaiyu Project, we provide support for activities that help develop the region of Ishigaki Island. Through these activities, we are aiming to contribute toward promoting Ishigaki Island in terms of attracting tourists and creating jobs.

  1. 石垣島マラソン
  2. 「ユーグレナモール」のネーミングライツ
  3. 「美島商娘」プロジェクト
  4. 「ユーグレナ石垣港離島ターミナル」のネーミングライツ
Science Experiment Classes

As part of the Mifaiyu Project, we hold science experiment classes for elementary, junior high, and high school students for the purpose of teaching them about the environment by making the best use of our strength as a biotechnology company involved in cutting-edge research of algae cultivation. euglena researchers visit schools and teach science experiment classes with the aim of increasing interest in science and spreading knowledge concerning environmental issues and biodiversity to the children and students of Ishigaki Island.



Implementation content

Focusing on materials produced in Okinawa Prefecture, we are cooperating with companies located there to develop food products and menu items that use nutrient-rich Euglena from Ishigaki Island as locally produced products.


In the local Okinawan dialect, this word means “to make healthy (or heal) both the mind and body through contact with nature and food.”


The circle-shaped logo incorporates an image of the Chinese banyan tree, which is said to have a strong life force and power, and grows in many areas of Ishigaki Island. Similar to Euglena from Ishigaki Island, the Chinese banyan tree prefers lots of sunlight, and in the language of flowers it means “Health” and “Much happiness.”





Impact evaluation

Okinawa Basketball Euglena Cup


By grouping Yaeyama breeding products
Securing employment on Ishigaki Island


Euglena Taketomi by grouping shrimp farming
Securing employment on Taketomi Island


*Total number of board members, employees, contract employees, part-time employees, and temporary staff

Local employment

「Sustainability First(サステナビリティ・ファースト)」というユーグレナ・フィロソフィーの実現を目指す当社にとって、事業活動を行う地域・国の持続可能な発展へ貢献は必須であるとの考えの下、現地雇用や現地調達を進めることで、地域の更なる発展に努めていきます。

Example of initiativesCreating jobs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a close relationship with the founding of our company and is still engaged in local business activities. In Bangladesh, the economic disparity between urban and rural areas is widening, and raising the income of small-scale farmers is one of the social issues. In addition, the Rohingya, an Islamic minority living in Myanmar, have been subject to numerous discriminations and persecutions as "illegal immigrants," and many Rohingya have abandoned their country and flowed into neighboring Bangladesh as refugees. Support is also a major issue.
In order to solve the social problems of small farmers and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, we have decided to take the initiative in continuing and expanding the following businesses.

  • 緑豆を始めとする農産物栽培に関する契約農家を2020年の2,000人から2022年には7,000人に拡大しました。国連世界食糧計画(WFP)との2度目の業務提携を通じ、ロヒンギャ難民キャンプへの安定した食料供給(緑豆)を継続しており、2022年には緑豆185トンを供給しました。2023年には、難民キャンプ周辺に住むバングラデシュ住民の雇用創出に向けた緑豆加工場の稼働を予定しています。
  • In order to improve the productivity of local agricultural products and reduce costs, we plan to provide technical guidance and capital investment related to sorting and processing, aiming for the independence of local farmers and providing long-term and continuous support.
  • Currently, our business activities in Bangladesh are restricted due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but by cooperating with Japanese government agencies, UN agencies, and local stakeholders, we will utilize our know-how and experience. As an ideal role model for public-private partnerships, we aim to overcome the problem of the spread of new coronavirus infections and make our business activities universal.




ユーグレナの「Sustainability First」


Message from the President




Stakeholder engagement




Sustainability Governance


History of Sustainability



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