Human rights management

Our basic thinking

We at Euglena believe that diversity and inclusion are indispensable for sustainable business growth, and we position respect for human rights as one of the foundations for business continuity and will tackle it as an important management issue.

"Universal Declaration of Human Rights," International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights "," International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ")", "Basic Principles and Rights in Labor" of the International Labor Organization We support the purpose of the Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact's 10 Principles, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and promote respect for human rights.

We eliminate all discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, etc. We do not tolerate any harassment. Child labor and forced labor are not permitted. We respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Occupational health and safety is paramount and ensures the health and safety of workers. We will also work to reduce overwork hours and pay wages above the minimum wage set in each country. We will pursue ways to respect internationally recognized basic human rights even in countries and regions where basic human rights cannot be protected.

Our business aims to make people and the earth healthy. Recognizing that it is a social responsibility for companies to not have a negative impact on children who will live in the future, we support "Children's Rights and Business Principles" so that children can spend their lives in good health. , Respect the rights of children.

Under the philosophy of "Sustainability First," we, Euglena, will work as a group to promote respect for human rights and work with stakeholders, including suppliers, to improve the health of people and the world around the world. We carry out business activities that respect human rights.

Diversity management practice

Our basic thinking

Euglena, we believe that it is important not only to accept diversity, but also to turn it into power, based on the action guideline of "bringing diversity." Under the above Code of Conduct, we will prevent discrimination and harassment and will not tolerate any discrimination in employment, training or promotion. Pay the same wages across genders for the same work. In order to realize this way of thinking, we have established a system that makes it easy for colleagues with various backgrounds to work regardless of gender or generation.

Efforts to enhance diversity management

We have introduced the following systems to achieve diversity.

  1. System for child-rearing generation including women
    Establishment of in-house nursery school and introduction of morning shift (advancement of business hours)
    In-house daycare intended to offer backup for the many different working styles of those in their child-rearing years
  2. Respect for the religion you believe in
    Respect for religious freedom and allow worship during working hours
  3. System for employees with disabilities
    Full remote work
  4. Career support for senior human resources
    Introduced reemployment system
  5. System for future generations
    Providing internship opportunities for domestic and foreign students
  6. System for foreigners
    Setting of foreign mentors (from April 2022)

Recruitment of CFO (Chief Future Officer)

As a way of working with the generation who will shoulder the future, the Euglena group hires a Chief Future Officer (CFO) under the age of 18 for a term of one year to address a range of issues that the Earth will face in the future, including nutrition problems and issues regarding the global environment. The CFO works with the Summit Members to formulate actions and goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

Challenge-Back System

We allow employees who have left the company for reasons such as volunteer work, international cooperation activities, or to acquire a doctorate or an MBA to return to work with us within three years of leaving (on the condition that they have worked with the company for at least three years). Called the “Challenge-Back System,” we use this to support career development and participation in charitable activities.

Establishment of whistleblowing system

We will strengthen compliance management by early detection and correction of organizational or personal fraudulent acts (including legal violations, various fraudulent acts, various harassment acts, information leakage acts, goods / inventory manipulation acts, etc.). For the purpose of contributing to compliance, we have set up an internal reporting window where you can contact and report when you discover them.
The target users are full-time employees, temporary employees, outsourced workers, dispatched workers, retired employees, and employees of Euglena Group's business partners who belong to the Euglena Group. Alternatively, you can choose an external reporting window.
In addition, the confidentiality of the hotline consultant, whistleblower and informant will be protected regardless of whether or not there is an investigation, and we will prevent you from suffering any disadvantages. The content of the contact / report will be shared only by the minimum number of parties involved in order to resolve the content of the contact / report, and each party will be obliged to maintain confidentiality.
We accept both real name reports and anonymous reports, but in the case of anonymous reports, we will confirm with the whistleblower whether or not it corresponds to the user.

Engagement index survey

Through the above efforts, we conduct a quarterly Employment Engagement Survey to measure the results of "creating an exciting organization that sympathizes with the direction of the company and allows all working colleagues to grow." By visualizing the state of each organization as numerical data and discovering issues, we are thoroughly implementing the PDCA cycle for organizational improvement. In addition, as a place for regular dialogue, we hold roundtable discussions with management and 1on1 (in principle, once a week) between superiors and subordinates.

Percentage of diversity (as of FY12 / 2021) (non-consolidated)

item ratio(%)
Percentage of women 46.3
Employment ratio of people with disabilities 3.3
Percentage of contract employees / dispatched employees 16.5
Turnover 13.6

Employee health and safety

Our basic thinking

The Euglena Group's basic policy is "safety first," and its slogan is "to go home with a smile every day without incident." Not only group employees, but also contract employees and transactions related to our business. We will continue to check the progress and improve our efforts to ensure the occupational safety and health of all other parties concerned.
In addition, the Euglena Group, whose purpose is to "make people and the earth healthy," regards working colleagues as the capital of the company, and the health and well-being of colleagues is an important management measure from the perspective of improving the quality of human capital. I recognize that. We believe that the health of our colleagues will lead to improved productivity and creativity of the company, which in turn will contribute to society as a whole through sustainable growth.


Based on the above policy, the Euglena Group has established a Group Health and Safety Committee chaired by the Representative Director. We have set up a person in charge of the Health and Safety Committee at the bases and group companies where the Group Safety and Health Committee has been set up, and hold information sharing and debriefing sessions on a quarterly basis.
Every quarter, the Group Health and Safety Committee requires each site and group company to submit a safety management activity report in order to understand safety risks. In addition, the committee summarizes activity cases and safety-related activities, and horizontally develops and shares them among bases and group companies.
Furthermore, we are working to improve the level of occupational safety and health by sharing hiyari hat matters * once a year and commending best practice awards every six months. In the event of an occupational accident, the safety and health managers of each base and group company are required to report to the Group Safety and Health Committee in the prescribed format. After that, the Group Safety and Health Committee Chair may establish an Accident Investigation Committee to investigate the cause of occupational accidents and formulate measures to prevent recurrence. Through these efforts, we are working to prevent accidents by regularly risk-assessing the occupational safety and health of existing businesses and continuously improving them.

*Incidents that did not result in serious disasters or accidents, but which could easily have done so.


We will set a goal for the three years from 2022 to 2012, and set the number of lost time accidents for the entire group to zero. The number of occupational accidents in 2021 was 0. In addition, our occupational accident frequency rate remains at a high level compared to the average frequency rate for all industries in Japan and the average frequency rate for the chemicals industry. In order to continue to achieve the goal of zero occupational accidents, we have set the following as specific action themes.

  1. (1) Thorough dissemination of the Group Safety Basic Policy
  2. (2) Continue training of occupational safety management activity leaders
  3. ③ Raise awareness of safety and health of colleagues
  4. Measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, measures against telework environment


[Reduction of long working hours]
We are implementing efforts to reduce long working hours and achieve a work-life balance so that employees can maintain their physical and mental health and work with high motivation.
・ Telework work
・ Morning shift
・ Night shift
・ Sending alerts to long working hours
・ Promotion of leaving the office on time
・ Promotion of taking leave

We have established agreements on overtime work and holiday work at each base. Overtime work of employees is monitored monthly. In addition, as a place for dialogue to improve the working environment, employee representatives are elected at each business site, and opinions are expressed when concluding labor-management agreements and establishing and revising work rules.
Telework started to be introduced due to the influence of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we plan to continue using it in the future. With the introduction of telework, it is possible to purchase equipment (desks, chairs, monitors, etc.) necessary for improving the environment of telework by establishing a new telework allowance and using a welfare plan, and it is possible to purchase a comfortable working environment even in a telework environment. We have designed the system so that we can provide.
In addition, in order to be able to work in a variety of ways depending on the life stage, there is a morning shift that allows the start time to be advanced by up to 2 hours in 30-minute increments, and according to the business content (when conducting business negotiations outside business hours due to customer convenience, etc.). We have adopted a night shift that allows you to change the start time at 12 o'clock.

【Medical examination】
Every year, we carry out health examinations for all working colleagues. In 2021, the employee health checkup rate was 100%.

[Work area vaccination / special leave for new coronavirus infectious disease vaccination]
As part of measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, we have granted all employees (hereinafter referred to as "companies *") special leave to accompany vaccination against new coronavirus infections. We aim to create an environment where colleagues can vaccinate with peace of mind.

Human resources management

Our basic thinking

In order to realize the Euglena Philosophy "Sustainability First", the Group defines employees who sympathize with the Philosophy and aim to realize it together as "Euglena" and work on their education and training. I'm out.

Efforts to improve human resources management

The Euglena Group will broadly divide the system into three categories and develop human resources development measures so that both "company growth" and "own growth (self-development)" can be achieved at the same time. In addition, these trainings are uploaded on the cloud and can be viewed regardless of the time of joining the company or the base.

  1. Improve your knowledge and ability as a eugree
    We provide "Company History, Materials, Organizational Understanding Course", "Compliance Training" and "Management Training" to support the performance of colleagues working in the Euglena Group.
  2. Improve knowledge and ability as a business person
    We carry out self-development (or skill development) training to improve business skills so that we can play an active role as a business person who can be used anywhere.
  3. Formation of a growing climate
    Support for the management of study sessions to learn from each other * 1 And outside guest lectures * 2 We are actively implementing.
[Main training content and systems]



Main training content

Onboarding training

• We offer support to provide new employees with a deeper understanding of the company and its philosophy in order for them to be able to rapidly improve their ability to produce results.

Compliance training

• We provide mandatory training on harassment, information security, insider training, and other issues that must be observed as an employee of the Euglena Group.

Training at promotion

• We provide support for our employees when they are promoted, conveying to them the changes in thinking and behavior that are required in the roles expected at the relevant promotion grade, and helping them to improve to meet these requirements.

• We inform newly appointed managers of the roles and tasks required of managers, and support them in taking on these positions.

Management training

• We formulate organizational policies based on the policies of the Euglena Group, and offer support to help communicate and improve the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to enhance our performance as an organization while supporting and training our employees.

New employee training/

Follow-up training

• We communicate the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for new graduates to transition from being students to adult members of society, building a foundation for them to make a good start as adults.

• We support growth by providing an opportunity for recent graduates to look back on how much they have grown in three years as adult members of society in order to facilitate promotion to an appropriate level.

Skills training

• We offer skills training in problem-solving, communication, documentation, marketing, digital marketing, and accounting (other training courses will be added as needed).

Support for study groups

• We offer support for the running of study groups and training material costs, etc.

Support provided through employee benefit points

• We offer support for expenses associated with purchasing books, attending courses, and obtaining qualifications in order to improve skills.

Assistance for company-recommended plans

• A system of company-recommended plans has been established to allow employees to participate in external training courses at a reduced cost to them.

  • *1 We provide support for the running of study groups and training material costs in order to allow the formation of many study groups within our organization, and to provide venues for employees with common interests to gather, learn from each other, and grow through friendly competition.
  • *2 See “Related links” for details.

Thorough food safety and quality (quality assurance)

Our basic thinking

The Group provides good and fair quality assurance in the supply of products, and has established a quality assurance policy to ensure the benefits and safety of our customers. We regard it as one of the greatest purposes of our business activities to ensure the safety and security of our Group's products.
The policy stipulates the quality of products that should ensure usefulness, safety, security, conviction, reliability, etc. in order to continue to supply products with the functions that customers expect, and scientifically. Emphasis is placed on confirming "certainty" based on knowledge. In addition, we will maintain the quality assurance system while making continuous improvements so that we can continue to meet the expectations of our customers while maintaining accurate and sincere communication.

Efforts to improve food safety and quality

Effort example Obtained "FSSC 22000 (food safety) *" certification

In November 2015, Yaeyama Sangyo of the Group, which produces and manufactures powder of the microalgae Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena) and chlorella powder, acquired the food safety management system "FSSC22000" certification.

*FSSC 22000: An international certification standard for food safety management approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), established primarily by global food manufacturers and distributors. Based on the ISO 22000 management system standard for food safety, it includes content such as the PAS 220 “Prerequisite Programs on Food Safety for Food Manufacturing,” which is a standard for general hygiene management in food production.

Sample initiative Acquisition of Halal and Kosher certifications

Euglena and Chlorella have also acquired Halal certification* from the Japan Halal certification body (Japan Muslim Association) approved by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). This has allowed us to provide cookies containing Euglena to children in Bangladesh, which they can eat with peace of mind.

Halal certification indicating compliance with Islamic law
Halal certification indicating compliance with Islamic law

*Halal certification: The Islamic religion forbids the consumption of pork and alcohol, and Halal certification refers to the certification mark displayed on the packaging of foodstuffs that have been certified as being processed according to the appropriate methods prescribed by Islam.

Additionally, the Euglena and Chlorella produced by Yaeyama Shokusan have also acquired Kosher certification*, certifying that they conform to Jewish food requirements.

Kosher certification indicating compliance with Jewish requirements
Kosher certification indicating compliance with Jewish requirements

*Kosher certification: Meaning “appropriate” or “suitable” in Hebrew, “Kosher” refers to items that have been prepared in accordance with Jewish laws (the Torah) pertaining to food.

Sample initiative Creating products in response to customer suggestions—reviewing the quality of our “easy-to-open” bottles

Regarding one powerlifting cream, we received an offer from a customer that the cap is hard.
Therefore, we adjusted the force to tighten the cap at the time of production, and reviewed and changed it to an appropriate force that is "not difficult to open" than before receiving the offer. We confirm whether stable production is possible by line testing so that it is easier for customers to use and that there is no leakage of contents. Going forward, we will continue to emphasize customer feedback and continue to supply products based on requests.

one powerlifting cream (product container at the time of 2019)

Sustainable procurement

Our basic thinking

Our Euglena business is supported by many suppliers. We recognize our suppliers as important business partners, and aim to build relationships of trust and grow together.

Based on the management philosophy of "Health for people and the earth," we have set "Sustainability First" as the Euglena Philosophy and are conducting business activities. To achieve this, we need to share our philosophy with our suppliers and meet the expectations of society throughout our supply chain.

Based on the above recognition, we at Euglena will work on the promotion of sustainable procurement that is fair, social and environmentally friendly, based on the concept of human rights and the environment, in compliance with laws and regulations, throughout the supply chain.

  1. Fair fair transactions
    We select business partners based on fair evaluation from the viewpoints of price, quality, delivery date, stable supply capability, technical capability, reliability, etc., based on the principle of fair, fair and free competition.
  2. Cooperation based on mutual trust
    We will strive to build mutual cooperation with our business partners based on the principle of coexistence and co-prosperity, observing the principles of good faith and sincerity. Information obtained through transactions will not be disclosed to third parties without permission.
  3. Compliance with laws and social norms
    We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and conduct transactions in accordance with corporate ethics and social norms.
  4. Consideration for the environment
    In order to prevent environmental pollution, conserve the global environment, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we ask our business partners to understand Euglena 's "environmental way of thinking" and to take the following measures.
    • Energy saving, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduction of water usage
    • Conservation of biodiversity
    • Appropriate management of wastewater and exhaust gas and reduction of generated amount
    • Reduction of waste generation
    • Sustainable and efficient use of resources
  5. Consideration for human rights
    In order to consider human rights and contribute to the realization of a healthy society, we ask our business partners to understand Euglena 's "Human Rights Concept" and to take the following measures.
    • Eliminate all discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, etc. and do not tolerate harassment
    • Do not allow child labor or forced labor
    • Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    • Reduce overwork hours and pay more than the minimum wage
    • Develop a healthy and safe working environment
    • Pursue ways to respect these internationally recognized basic human rights, even in countries and regions where the above basic human rights are not protected.
  6. Animal welfare
    Business partners who breed and process animals and business partners who handle experimental animals are required to comply with the laws and regulations regarding animal welfare and handle them appropriately. Do not conduct animal experiments unless they are scientifically valid, and try to use alternatives as much as possible to reduce usage and minimize pain and stress.

Efforts to increase sustainability procurement

In order to deliver safe and secure products to our customers for a long time, the Group considers that sustainable procurement that considers the environment and society is one of the important issues. To achieve this, the Group not only builds a sustainable production system for its main raw materials, Euglena and Chlorella, but also covers the entire supply chain, including packaging materials and printed matter when delivering products. We are working on it.
In order to promote sustainability procurement more effectively, we recognize that cooperation with stakeholders inside and outside the industry related to raw materials for food and cosmetics and container manufacturing will become more and more important, and we will proceed with our efforts in the future. I will continue.

Sample initiative Environment considerations for printed items and product packages

In order to realize a sustainable supply of raw materials, we have changed the paper used for leaflets delivered to our Group customers to FSC * certified paper, and the ink used for promotional materials and shipping boxes to plant-derived ink and flexo ink. rice field.

*FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification: A certification for the processing and distribution of wood cut from forests around the world that are used for wood production.

Coexistence with the community

Our basic thinking

For our company, which aims to realize the Euglena Philosophy of "Sustainability First," we believe that contributing to the local community is an indispensable element for conducting sustainable business activities. Our founded when President Izumo visited Bangladesh when he was a student and witnessed children who were malnourished due to lack of necessary nutrients. In addition, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, was the first land in the world to successfully cultivate Euglena 's edible outdoor mass culture, and it is still operating as a major production base.
Based on "Sustainability First", we will invest in the regions related to our business. In particular, we will focus on "solving poverty problems" and "regional development" and invest in local communities in various ways to support the further development of the region.

Specific initiatives for coexistence with the community

[Bangladesh: Solving the Poverty Problem]
Free distribution of cookies containing Euglena, a microalgae with abundant nutrients to children
The "Euglena GENKI Program" was started in April 2014 with the aim of solving nutritional problems for children in Bangladesh, which was the reason for its founding. The number of cookies distributed has exceeded 12 million meals. (As of the end of September 2021)

[Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture: Regional Development]

Naming rights Euglena Mall"

We acquired the naming rights for Japan’s southernmost shopping street on Ishigaki Island and have been making efforts with the operation of the Euglena Mall, revitalizing the region, and conducting activities to promote development of the region since March 14, 2010.

Naming rights of "Eugrena Ishigaki Port Euglena Island Terminal"

With the acquisition of naming rights, the remote island terminal, which is the gateway to the land of the Yaeyama Islands, was renamed to "Euglena Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal" in April 2018. "Euglena Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal" is used by many tourists from Japan, Taiwan, China, etc., and is also an important lifeline for residents of the Yaeyama area, with more than 2 million people using it annually. I have. Through the acquisition of naming rights, we are working on regional promotion activities in the Yaeyama area and improving services for terminal users.

Example of efforts Ishigaki Island Marathon

We support the Ishigaki Island Marathon, which is Japan’s southernmost city marathon.

Effort example "Mishima Shomusume" project

We support the Churashima Shoko Project, which is a joint project between Yaeyama Commercial and Technical High School and Ishigaki City Central Shopping Street Promotion Association (Euglena Mall). We are working on developing products that use Euglena and local products from Ishigaki Island.

In addition, we are implementing the "Mifaiyu Project" on Ishigaki Island. "Mifaiyu" means "thank you" in the dialect of Ishigaki Island. See the related links for details.

[Activities in Okinawa Prefecture]

Community investment initiatives

Impact evaluation

Okinawa Basketball Euglena Cup

Held every summer, this event was held for the eighth time in 2019.

Number of participants (including staff) in 2019: 5,328

(In 2020 and 2021, it will be canceled due to the spread of new coronavirus infection)

By grouping Yaeyama breeding products
Securing employment on Ishigaki Island

Number of employees of Yaeyama Sangyo * 38

(As of the end of December 2021)

Euglena Taketomi by grouping shrimp farming
Securing employment on Taketomi Island

Number of employees of Euglena Taketomi shrimp farming * 13 people

(As of the end of December 2021)

*Total number of board members, employees, contract employees, part-time employees, and temporary staff

Local employment

For our company aiming to realize the Euglena Philosophy called "Sustainability First", we believe that it is essential to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions and countries where we do business, and we employ locally and procure locally. We will strive for further development of the region by advancing.

Efforts to create jobs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a close relationship with the founding of our company and is still engaged in local business activities. In Bangladesh, the economic disparity between urban and rural areas is widening, and raising the income of small-scale farmers is one of the social issues. In addition, the Rohingya, an Islamic minority living in Myanmar, have been subject to numerous discriminations and persecutions as "illegal immigrants," and many Rohingya have abandoned their country and flowed into neighboring Bangladesh as refugees. Support is also a major issue.
In order to solve the social problems of small farmers and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, we have decided to take the initiative in continuing and expanding the following businesses.

  • The number of contract farmers for cultivation of agricultural products such as green beans will be increased from 2,000 in 2020 to 7,000 in 2022, thereby increasing the food supply to Rohingya refugees from 1 million in 2020 to 5 million in 2022. We aim to increase it to.
  • In order to improve the productivity of local agricultural products and reduce costs, we plan to provide technical guidance and capital investment related to sorting and processing, aiming for the independence of local farmers and providing long-term and continuous support.
  • Currently, our business activities in Bangladesh are restricted due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but by cooperating with Japanese government agencies, UN agencies, and local stakeholders, we will utilize our know-how and experience. As an ideal role model for public-private partnerships, we aim to overcome the problem of the spread of new coronavirus infections and make our business activities universal.

In addition, we have signed a memorandum of understanding on business cooperation with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), and through the mung bean cultivation project "Mung Bean Project" conducted by Gramin Euglena in the Republic of Bangladesh, we will support the livelihood improvement of small-scale farmers in Bangladesh and provide Rohingya refugees. We aim to promote food support in Japan. This is the first Japanese company to make this effort.

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