Key Challenges for Sustainability

Key Challenges for Sustainability

Materiality for Sustainability

「Sustainability First(サステナビリティ・ファースト)」を体現する企業であり続けるため、ユーグレナグループは、8つの重要課題を特定しました。

  1. Realizing lifelong health
  2. Specific solutions to climate change
  3. Eliminating malnutrition in developing countries
  4. Achieving a sustainable product supply
  5. Sustainable environmental load reduction
  6. Creating a workplace where diverse human resources can work freely
  7. Strengthening our business foundation
  8. Stakeholder engagement

The Euglena Group defines sustainability as "our happiness continues to coexist with someone's happiness," and aims to achieve sustainability through two approaches to these eight key issues.

One is the approach by which the Group solves issues through its business. We believe that this is the path we have been aiming for since our founding, and at the same time, it will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

The other is to build a management foundation that takes into consideration the environment, society, and governance (ESG) that support business activities. As a company that manages based on natural resources and human resources, it is essential to build a system that can promote business under strong governance without damaging environmental and social values. thinking about.

The Group will overcome these issues and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through the challenge of achieving sustainability through business and sustainable management that supports sustainable business activities.

Process of identifying important issues

Focusing on the sustainable management that the Euglena Group aims for and the impact of business on natural capital such as society and the environment, we have set eight themes that we should focus on in order to realize sustainability. The following inputs are used as a reference when identifying the eight important issues.

* SASB: US Sustainability Accounting Standards Council


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