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euglena Project


Acquire Halal certification for Euglena and Chlorella.

Obtained certification to deliver Euglena to the world

2013.01 –


Ishigaki Island Group company
Moved to Yaeyama Sangyo

"Why don't you go to Yaeyama Sangyo on Ishigaki Island, a group company?"

At the end of 2012, Yuta Asayama, who was in charge of quality control at the Research and Development Headquarters, was consulted by an officer.

Euglena outdoors for the first time in the world, and Euglena to Yaeyama Sangyo, which has manufacturing facilities and know-how for microalgae such as chlorella, and made it a wholly owned subsidiary (March 2013). We were trying to further deepen the cooperation between our quality control and research and the manufacturing site of Yaeyama Sangyo.

Asayama, who was engaged in research on microalgae when he was a graduate student and was in charge of quality control after joining the company, thought that "knowing the manufacturing site is indispensable for quality control", and from January to March 2013 3 For a month, I will be assigned to Yaeyama Sangyo on Ishigaki Island.

We went back and forth between the Yaeyama breeding site and our laboratory on Ishigaki Island to deepen our knowledge and connections, and discussed the company's vision until late at night after work.

Asayama (2012) Introducing research facilities to children

For children in Bangladesh
Delivering Euglena

Asayama, who returned to the Tokyo office in April 2013, Euglena and chlorella powder, which proves that they are foods made by Islamic methods. Move to.

At that time, we were preparing to deliver cookies containing Euglena to solve the nutritional problems in Bangladesh. * In order for Muslim-based Bangladeshi children to eat cookies with peace of mind, we have halal certification of Euglena Was needed.

* Started in April 2014, more than 8.5 million meals have been delivered so far.

However, the road to halal certification was not straightforward. The highest hurdle was to check whether the equipment and lines of Yaeyama Sangyo, which is a manufacturing plant, had manufactured products using prohibited substances such as animal fats and oils in the past. It was to prove. It was necessary to check and report each material including not only recent records but also manufacturing records more than 10 years ago.

Yaeyama Sangyo had already received Kosher certification to prove that it met the Jewish food regulations at that time, and Asai used his experience at that time to check each old production record that remains in the factory. .. Based on the data, Asayama repeatedly negotiated with the Islamic Institute of Takushoku University, which is an examination body, and built a relationship of trust.

After that, we completed the examination of raw materials and culture solution and the actual inspection at the factory, and in December 2013, we obtained the halal certification for Euglena It has become possible to deliver Euglena containing cookies that Bangladeshi children can eat with peace of mind.

Obtained halal certification for the first time in Okinawa Prefecture (factory manager Asai)

We have been delivering Euglena cookies in Bangladesh since April 2014.

Strengthen the production system and reach people all over the world
Euglena and Chlorella

Euglena Inc. and Yaeyama Shokusan in January 2017 expanded production facilities and, also, in September 2018 facility for the research and development of advanced production technology of microalgae such as newly established, with peace of mind to many people Euglena And chlorella are being strengthened.

The Yaeyama macrorera strain collected on Ishigaki Island is exported as high-quality domestic chlorella to North America, Europe, Asia, etc., and Euglena from Ishigaki Island is exported mainly to Asia such as China.

Euglena powder and chlorella powder, which have received halal certification this time, are raw materials and are not products that can be eaten directly. I want to take on the challenge. "

Asayama and Asai are working to improve quality in order to deliver Euglena and Chlorella to people all over the world.

Posted in November 2019

Euglena Data

~ Halal certification and Kosher certification ~

Halal certification (left) indicating that it complies with Islamic law
Kosher certification showing that it complied with Judaism (right)


Yaeyama Shokusan Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Factory Manager
Yasushi Asai

Joined the company in 1978. After joining the company, engaged in the production of chlorella etc. in the production department. After that, he set up a production control department and subsequently led the production control department. He has been in his current position since April 2005.

Quality Assurance Section, Production Technology Development Department
Yuta Asayama

Joined a new graduate in April 2009. After joining the company, engaged in quality control Euglena Moved to Yaeyama Sangyo for 3 months from January 2013. After that, Euglena took up his current position.

"For halal certification, the cooperation of Yaeyama Sangyo's manufacturing site and the Islamic Institute of Takushoku University, which is a certification body, was indispensable. I hope to deliver Euglena increase"

euglena Projects


Bangladeshi children
Find the material to save.


Euglena, which no one can do
Establish outdoor mass culture technology.


Raise it to the 30 billion yen market.


Lunch for all elementary schools.


CO emitted from the chimney 2 so
Incubate Euglena.


Euglena cosmetics business
Launch it.


Japan's first bio-jet fuel
Build a manufacturing plant.


The name of "Euglena"
Use it as a weapon.


Euglena in China
Spread it.


Acquire super-Euglena.


Solve the poverty issue in Bangladesh with the Mung Bean Project.


Develop a new product with Takeda using Euglena.


Cultivate Euglena using sewage in sewage treatment plants.


Create a set of guiding principles for euglena’s employees.


Cultivate Euglena using Japanese proprietary technology.


Aim to create an office that promotes a pleasant working environment for our employees.


Establish the Yugurin Nursery School next to our office.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island with Euglena.


Raise awareness of Euglena
Jointly develop new products


Open a Euglena café on Ishigaki Island.


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.


Diesel fuel with euglena
Put it to practical use in collaboration with Isuzu Motors.


Produce biofuel using Euglena.





The world's first euglena and chlorella
Obtain ASC-MSC algae certification.


Build synergy with group companies.


With new friends
Make people healthy at the genetic level.


With Jiyugaoka
Spread Euglena.


Launch a processing plant for Euglena supplements.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island through the power of science.


Develop new Euglena core cosmetics.


Contribute toward solving food shortages among Rohingya refugees.


Beauty ingredients derived from Euglena
Elucidate the research.


Supporting students in taking on challenges!
Start all-year-round recruitment.


Acquire Halal certification for Euglena and Chlorella.


Euglena that extends healthy life expectancy
Discover the possibilities.


Taketomi Island prawn farming business


Drive your car on Euglena biodiesel fuel at the G20 Karuizawa.


Plan a mascot character to communicate the appeal of Euglena from Ishigaki Island.


Recruit and select CFOs (Chief Financial Officers).


Domestic Kalahari watermelon