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euglena Project


Research and explain the beauty ingredients derived from Euglena.

Research on Euglena and expansion of product sales channels



Using human cells
Research on beauty ingredients derived from Euglena

"Looking for human cell researchers"

Naoko Ohko, who was considering returning from Nagoya to her hometown of Kanto in the spring of 2015, was surprised to find a job by chance. When he saw the job vacancies, Oko thought, "This is me."

After graduating from graduate school, Oko was in charge of basic research on skin stem cells and functional research on plant-derived materials for about two years at a cosmetics company in Nagoya, and was engaged in research using human cells.

At that time, Euglena derived beauty ingredients, and it was time to recruit experienced people to take on the challenge of research using human cells. Oko proceeded to an interview, and while talking with one of the founders and researchers Suzuki (current executive officer) and Nagata (current vice president), he was fascinated by the balance between family and work and his attitude toward research. Euglena Co., Ltd. in July 2015.

Departure from 0, such as preparing research equipment

After joining the company, Oko begins preparations such as selecting and purchasing equipment and reagents in order to proceed with research using human cells. Oko was engaged in research using human cells in his previous job, but he had no experience of preparing equipment and reagents on a zero basis, so he started by trial and error.

Around November 2015, when we proceeded with preparations while consulting with both inside and outside the company to ensure stable research, we discovered new knowledge about "cellulose single nanofibers" * in joint research with material manufacturers.

* TEMPO Oxidized Cellulose Nanofiber. This study showed a growth-promoting effect on human skin fibroblasts and suggested that they are involved in cell adhesion.

"While conducting various studies to stabilize the research, I didn't think that the results would come out so quickly."

This was the first result of our own research using human cells. The results of this research led to an academic conference presentation and patent application at the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan in March 2016.

In March 2017, we Euglena hot water extract on suppressing fat differentiation (released on March 27, 2018), and in May 2018, we discovered the effect of Euglena extract on epidermal cells (2018). The research using human cells developed by Oko, such as the one released on October 16, 2014, has made a great contribution to the academic society and our business.

Engaged in research using human cells during his research career

After maternity leave, the appeal of beauty products
Transfer of department to sales

In the summer of 2017, when research using human cells began to stabilize with the addition of colleagues who specialize in research, Oko, who had a child, went on maternity leave.

"What impressed me was that when I reported my pregnancy to my boss and colleagues, everyone was as happy as I was," Congratulations! "

Oko, who gave birth to one child and returned to work in May 2018, meets with Suzuki, the executive officer who was the boss at the time, and is asked to change departments.

"I would like to focus on the field of beauty products, so as a sales position, could you tell your customers about the attractiveness of the material and products called Euglena

Oko was a little worried about the sales position, which he had never experienced before, but he can convey the appeal of materials and products by appealing to customers the evidence he gained through his own research. He said he found it attractive.

"Please challenge me"

Currently, Oko is engaged in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business of beauty products. Initially, the unit of numbers handled at work changed from "μ (micro) and n (nano)" to "100 million", and it was said that he was not accustomed to it, but now he is utilizing his experience as a researcher in addition to sales work. , Also working on the development of new products.

What I realized when I was transferred to sales is that customers who actually use the product after understanding it by carefully communicating its appeal with evidence will be able to experience the goodness of the materials and products more strongly. In August 19th, he visited customers all over the country and once again appealed the appeal of Euglena.

We would like to continue our activities so that more customers can Euglena

Great lake giving a lecture on Euglena

Posted in September 2019

Euglena Data

Euglena Complex" that efficiently delivers active ingredients to the skin-

When it penetrates the inside of the skin, the active ingredient in the capsule is released


Material / Overseas Sales Section 1 Naoko Oko

Joined the company mid-career in July 2015. After joining the company, engaged in functional Euglena Entered maternity leave in August 2017 and returned to research position in May 2018. Transferred to sales position from July 2018 and is in his current position.

“Euglena 's research to product development and sales. In the future, we will be able to utilize our experience to deliver good products to as many customers as possible. I want to work on it. "

euglena Projects


Bangladeshi children
Find the material to save.


Euglena, which no one can do
Establish outdoor mass culture technology.


Raise it to the 30 billion yen market.


Lunch for all elementary schools.


CO emitted from the chimney 2 so
Incubate Euglena.


Euglena cosmetics business
Launch it.


Japan's first bio-jet fuel
Build a manufacturing plant.


The name of "Euglena"
Use it as a weapon.


Euglena in China
Spread it.


Acquire super-Euglena.


Solve the poverty issue in Bangladesh with the Mung Bean Project.


Develop a new product with Takeda using Euglena.


Cultivate Euglena using sewage in sewage treatment plants.


Create a set of guiding principles for euglena’s employees.


Cultivate Euglena using Japanese proprietary technology.


Aim to create an office that promotes a pleasant working environment for our employees.


Establish the Yugurin Nursery School next to our office.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island with Euglena.


Raise awareness of Euglena
Jointly develop new products


Open a Euglena café on Ishigaki Island.


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.


Diesel fuel with euglena
Put it to practical use in collaboration with Isuzu Motors.


Produce biofuel using Euglena.





The world's first euglena and chlorella
Obtain ASC-MSC algae certification.


Build synergy with group companies.


With new friends
Make people healthy at the genetic level.


With Jiyugaoka
Spread Euglena.


Launch a processing plant for Euglena supplements.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island through the power of science.


Develop new Euglena core cosmetics.


Contribute toward solving food shortages among Rohingya refugees.


Beauty ingredients derived from Euglena
Elucidate the research.


Supporting students in taking on challenges!
Start all-year-round recruitment.


Acquire Halal certification for Euglena and Chlorella.


Euglena that extends healthy life expectancy
Discover the possibilities.


Taketomi Island prawn farming business


Drive your car on Euglena biodiesel fuel at the G20 Karuizawa.


Plan a mascot character to communicate the appeal of Euglena from Ishigaki Island.


Recruit and select CFOs (Chief Financial Officers).


Domestic Kalahari watermelon