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Work in the field of biotechnology. We are looking forward to seeing people who want to take up the challenge, no matter their academic area of study, be it arts or science, their gender, or their nationality.

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A Message from Our HR Department

We hear the word “sustainability” more often in recent years but actually putting it into practice is really quite difficult. Euglena Co., Ltd. has taken up the challenge of achieving sustainability through our business. We are a biotechnology company that aims to solve social issues.

We do not prioritize profit over society, or vice-versa.
We plan to create a sustainable future by achieving both of these factors simultaneously.

This goal, our dream, will not end unfulfilled. We have succeeded in establishing outdoor mass cultivation technology for Euglena microalgae for food use, the first of its kind in the world; completed Japan’s first demonstration plant for producing bio-jet and diesel fuel; and created the new under-18 Chief Future Officer (CFO) position among our other daily activities to create a sustainable Earth. And we will continue this endeavor to achieve our dream.

If you are the type of person who feels that taking up the challenge of working in an environment with no precedent sounds interesting and is something worth doing, you should come and work with us at Euglena.

We are looking forward to your applications and hope to work with you in the future.

Our Guiding Principle: “Euglism”

Euglena has created three guiding principles under the title of “Euglism,” which focus on the Euglena philosophy of “Sustainability First.” This philosophy is an ideal for how Euglena wants to be as a company. Euglena has also created the “Euglism: Leader Edition” as guiding principles for our leaders who spearhead solutions to social issues through our company’s business growth.
Click here (“Euglism” and “Euglism: Leader Edition”) for details.

1. Draw strength from diversity
—diversity empowers our business
Materials, businesses, research, colleagues.
Appreciate differences, be empowered by your encounters, and move into the future.
2. Take the first step
—just practice!
Evolve and take on new challenges every day.
Change yourself, change the world around you, and change tomorrow.
3. For all the “euglee”
—one for all, all for “euglee”
Anyone who shares our dream for the future is a “euglee.”
We act for the health and smiles of all “euglee.”

“Euglism”: Leader Edition

1. Dream and be a conduit for passion
—maximum conductivity!
We are a group aiming to make a sustainability-first world a reality.
Get in sync with the management team, dream, get involved, and communicate with colleagues with the same passion as the management team.
2. Work together to create a world-class place
—infinite growth rate
World-class thinking and actions are needed in order to make “Sustainability First” a reality.
Every member of Euglena must work together to create an environment that enables optimal performance and continuous growth.
3. Do it until it’s done
—have you done it 501 times?
A sustainability-first world where profitability and sociality coexist.
Until that is achieved, we must never give up, but instead continue to investigate and try any and every possible method.

See Euglena in Numbers

Introducing the trajectory of Euglena to date presented with numbers in a graphical format. The graphs and charts describe the composition of Euglena’s partners (staff) who aim for the goal of Sustainability First, our business results of what we have achieved so far concerning the various social issues, and a quantitative representation of Euglena’s journey as a research-based biotechnology company.

Euglena’s Staff

  • Changes in the number of staff
    (Consolidated: As of end-September 2020)

    Unit: Person

    Changes in the number of staff
  • Staff composition
    (Non-consolidated: As of end-September 2020)

    Staff composition
  • Age distribution
    (Non-consolidated: As of end-September 2020)

    Age distribution
  • Staff composition
    (Non-consolidated: As of end-September 2020)

    Proportion of new graduate and mid-career recruitment

Euglena’s Businesses



Cumulative total for number of cookies distributed as part of the GENKI Program


Real Tech Fund
investment amount


Euglena’s Research

The year we first succeeded in outdoor mass cultivation of Euglena


The number of years we have continued to commercially produce Euglena


The location where Euglena is produced for food use

Ishigaki Island

The year we commercialized our biofuel


Euglena’s Facility Locations

Euglena’s Facility Locations Euglena’s Facility Locations

Introducing Our Office

Introducing the office where our staff at Euglena work. In general, we use a free address system for our workspace, with our staff working remotely for over half the week. This setup allows our staff to communicate directly with each other to come up with new ideas while also conducting their business for a sustainable future regardless of where they are. Euglena provides this type of hybrid work system.

  • 執務スペース
  • 執務スペース
  • カフェスペース
  • カフェスペース

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