I was repeatedly told that Euglena could not be cultivated and that it was not possible to save the world through it.
However, we were successful in mass-cultivating Euglena for the first time in the world in December 2005.

After we first founded the company, 500 companies turned down solicitation from our Euglena sales team.
However, we succeeded in negotiating with the 501st company we contacted. This was when Euglena got on track and started to grow.

We encountered numerous challenges.
However, we have achieved so much thanks to the Euglena staff who worked together through these challenges.

In 2018, we launched our business in the new field of genome analysis.
And in 2020, airplanes using biofuel created from raw materials such as Euglena flew for the first time in Japan.

We will continue to take up the challenge as a biotechnology company to create a sustainable Earth with the Euglena philosophy of “Sustainability First.”

We have repeatedly failed but grown from these failures.
Therefore, we do not laugh at failure when it results from taking on challenges.
We are looking forward to being able to meet new colleagues who can take action with a “challenge driven” mindset.

PresidentMitsuru Izumo

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