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euglena Project


Awareness of Euglena
New products to raise

Development of "Midori Ramen", a ramen with euglena



New graduate training that does not go as expected

In May 2011, Yuka Hashimoto was impatient.
Hashimoto graduated from graduate school in March 2011 and joined the company in April as a researcher. May 2011 was in the middle of a three-month training program for new graduates.

New graduates from Euglena will experience training in various departments within the company and training to tackle issues as a team. Hashimoto et al. (New graduates in 2011) were first working on the issue of "opening up new stores that handle existing Euglena products," but the team to which Hashimoto belongs was impatient because the handling destination was not decided.

"I want to change the world through research on algae"
Hashimoto joined the company with such thoughts, but he was almost at a loss for the height of the wall of working people that he felt through the challenges of new graduate training.

The tension of training has created popular products

In the end, Hashimoto's team decided to tackle the next new employee training task without achieving the goal of the first task. Next, Hashimoto et al.'S challenge for new employee training was "Develop new products that raise awareness of Euglena."
"I have to reach my goal this time ... Absolutely this time!"
What gradually became apparent as we tackled the first issue was the fact that many people were unaware of the existence and nutritional value of Euglena.

"We need to get more people to know the existence and value of Euglena."
Hashimoto's team plans for joint product development. We worked together to create a plan for a jointly developed product, such as sprinkling Euglena powder on various products and tasting them.

Then, as Hashimoto repeated tastings, he came to think that Euglena powder might be compatible with foods containing oil. In particular, if we can develop "nutritive ramen" by adding euglena powder to ramen that generally does not have a nutritious image, we can expand awareness of the nutritional value of euglena and improve the image of euglena. I wondered if there was any.

Hashimoto is the second from the right in the front row of the photo of the entrance ceremony.

However, there are various types of ramen, and each shop has its own uniqueness. However, Hashimoto knew one shop that matched the image of "delicious and nutritious ramen" that he envisioned.

It was "Yamate Ramen," which was popular with students at the University of Tokyo and was often visited by Hashimoto himself.
He thought that if he could commercialize "Yamate Ramen" by adding euglena and various vegetables to a light soup based on salted pork bones, he could develop ramen as he imagined. We also thought that if we, a venture company from the University of Tokyo, jointly developed a new product with "Yamate Ramen," which has many users from the University of Tokyo, it would contribute to our branding.

"Can you check the taste of Euglena because it's just a bite? Euglena is the same algae as wakame seaweed, so I think it definitely goes well with Yamate Ramen ramen."
Hashimoto, who contacted "Yamate Ramen," enthusiastically talked about the nutritional value, taste, and potential of Euglena.
It was a presentation packed with various knowledge and experiences learned in the training.

Then, with Hashimoto's enthusiasm, "Yamate Ramen" accepted the request, and thus the joint development of ramen with euglena began.

"Delicious and nutritious ramen"
Aimed development days

With the full cooperation of Mr. Ando, the manager of "Yamate Ramen Anan (Hongo store)", Hashimoto developed ramen soup to bring out the taste of Euglena, and developed soup and toppings considering the impact of appearance. A wide variety of trials and studies were repeated.

The development of ramen while doing other tasks was physically and mentally difficult, but I felt that the degree of perfection of the ramen would increase as the tastings continued, and I felt a sense of response.
After a development period of over one month, the ramen "Midori Ramen" containing Euglena will be completed.

Green ramen 700 yen (tax included)
"Midori Ramen" is a cloudy soup that is a feature of "Yamate Ramen".
Mix olive oil-based euglena oil, basil, parsley, matcha, etc.
It became a dish with a light tonkotsu flavor with basil flavor.

Since its launch in July 2011, "Midori Ramen" has been featured in various media as "beautiful in appearance, impact, and health", and has become a popular item at once.
It was supported by customers who wanted to be careful about their health, but also wanted to eat ramen, and there was even a line to enter the store.

Yamate Ramen at noon

The "Midori Ramen" developed by Hashimoto for new graduate training was an opportunity to get to know the existence and value of Euglena with the cooperation of various people.

Even now, "Midori Ramen" is a popular menu that is loved by many people.
With this successful experience in mind, Hashimoto is currently devoting himself to research on the breeding of Euglena and other algae.
To make more people aware of the wonders of Euglena, and to improve the world with algae research.

[Overview of Yamate Ramen Anan (Hongo store)]
Store manager: Masanori Ando
Store: 5-23-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: All day 11: 00-25: 00 (LO24: 45) No regular holidays
* Currently closed (Added on 2020.09)

Posted in July 2018

Euglena Data

* Currently closed (Added on 2020.09)

One of the popular toppings of "Midori Ramen" is "Midori Masu" (right photo)
You can add more Euglena powder for an additional 100 yen


Research and Development Department
Research Planning and Development Division
Yuka Hashimoto

Joined the company in April 2011.
Belongs to the Biofuel Development Division and engages in research on Euglena biofuels. From April 2017, I took childcare leave before and after childbirth. After returning to work in May 2018, he is currently engaged in research related to algae breeding at the Research Planning and Development Division.

"I'm glad that the menu I devised during my new graduate training era is still a popular menu that is still loved, and I was thinking about it while suffering from unfamiliar training. I will continue to have" Euglena love "in my heart. I would like to do my best in my research. "

euglena Projects


Bangladeshi children
Find the material to save.


Euglena, which no one can do
Establish outdoor mass culture technology.


Raise it to the 30 billion yen market.


Lunch for all elementary schools.


CO emitted from the chimney 2 so
Incubate Euglena.


Euglena cosmetics business
Launch it.


Japan's first bio-jet fuel
Build a manufacturing plant.


The name of "Euglena"
Use it as a weapon.


Euglena in China
Spread it.


Acquire super-Euglena.


Solve the poverty issue in Bangladesh with the Mung Bean Project.


Develop a new product with Takeda using Euglena.


Cultivate Euglena using sewage in sewage treatment plants.


Create a set of guiding principles for euglena’s employees.


Cultivate Euglena using Japanese proprietary technology.


Aim to create an office that promotes a pleasant working environment for our employees.


Establish the Yugurin Nursery School next to our office.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island with Euglena.


Raise awareness of Euglena
Jointly develop new products


Open a Euglena café on Ishigaki Island.


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.


Diesel fuel with euglena
Put it to practical use in collaboration with Isuzu Motors.


Produce biofuel using Euglena.





The world's first euglena and chlorella
Obtain ASC-MSC algae certification.


Build synergy with group companies.


With new friends
Make people healthy at the genetic level.


With Jiyugaoka
Spread Euglena.


Launch a processing plant for Euglena supplements.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island through the power of science.


Develop new Euglena core cosmetics.


Contribute toward solving food shortages among Rohingya refugees.


Beauty ingredients derived from Euglena
Elucidate the research.


Supporting students in taking on challenges!
Start all-year-round recruitment.


Acquire Halal certification for Euglena and Chlorella.


Euglena that extends healthy life expectancy
Discover the possibilities.


Taketomi Island prawn farming business


Drive your car on Euglena biodiesel fuel at the G20 Karuizawa.


Plan a mascot character to communicate the appeal of Euglena from Ishigaki Island.


Recruit and select CFOs (Chief Financial Officers).


Domestic Kalahari watermelon