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役員インタビュー​Board Member Interview​

Mitsuru Izumo

Sustainability Firstな社会


Today, we are living in an era where the speed and complexity of changes in the social environment are increasing, and where unexpected events occur one after another, making it difficult to predict the future.
When I thought about what is necessary to keep people and the earth healthy in this era, I arrived at "Sustainability First."

When tackling social issues, solving only certain problems and making some people happy is not what we call sustainability. It's just financial capitalism. However, the world of capitalist society that has continued from the postwar period to the present will come to an end in 2025.
This is because in Japan, millennials and Generation Z, who are said to be highly interested in social issues, will account for half of the working population.
In Europe and the United States, they have already become the majority, and their will is the most important target in everything.
“How our own happiness can continue to coexist with someone else’s happiness” is the sustainability that Euglena considers and the goal we are aiming for. Towards our goals, we will make steady progress in various ways by leveraging the professionalism of our partners, the microalgae Euglena, and our partners, to realize a Sustainability First society.

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