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ユーグレナのサステナビリティの歩み​Sustainability Progress

  • 2005



    Euglena Co., Ltd. was established by three people, Izumo, Suzuki, and Fukumoto, under the management philosophy of "Making people and the earth healthy".

  • 2012



    A new business brand “Euglena Farm” centered on food products has been developed, and “Euglena Farm Green Juice”, “Ishigaki Midori Rice”, “Hakkoku Midori Rice”, and “Ishigaki Midori” have been launched on our own EC site “Euglena Farm”. Sales of health foods using microalgae Euglena, such as salt, Ishigaki Umami Salt, Euglena Basil Paste, and Euglena Bar, have begun.
    In addition, near Jiyugaoka Station, the mobile sales vehicle "Euglena Farm", which sells drinks using Euglena, has started operations, using fuel containing bio-oil taken from Euglena produced in Ishigaki. (Both are now closed.)

  • 5月

    "Mi-fai-yu (thank you) Project" started with the aim of contributing to the local community on Ishigaki Island.


  • October

    Opened our first overseas office in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    "Bangladesh Office" was established as Euglena 's first overseas base. By establishing an activity base in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, where the company was founded, we are promoting initiatives to solve nutritional problems in Bangladesh while building a cooperative system with local companies and NGOs.

  • 2014


    Euglena GENKI program started

    Based on the strong desire to solve the nutritional problems in Bangladesh, we started the "Euglena GENKI Program" to distribute cookies containing nutritious microalgae Euglena in order to solve nutritional problems around the world.
    Currently, in cooperation with local NGOs, etc., we aim to improve the nutrition of children in Bangladesh by distributing Euglena cookies and conducting regular health checkups.

  • October

    Started mung bean business in Bangladesh

    In order to solve poverty in rural areas of Bangladesh and stabilize the food supply, the "Mung Bean Project" has started. In this project, farmers in Bangladesh grow mung beans, which are the raw material for bean sprouts, and Japanese technology is used to steadily improve the productivity of mung beans, which are eaten locally as a highly nutritious ingredient. It is a win-win project to supply to Japan as well.
    We are still working on this project to create employment opportunities for Bangladeshi farmers through mung bean cultivation.

  • 2015


    Received the "Prime Minister's Award (Japan Venture Award)" at the 1st Japan Venture Awards of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

    At the 1st Japan Venture Awards held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we received the highest award, the Prime Minister's Award.
    The "Japan Venture Award" recognizes and honors the managers of venture companies that have created impactful new businesses that serve as role models for young people. The purpose of this award is to improve the social evaluation of the house and raise awareness of entrepreneurship throughout society.

  • 2017


    Distributing 250,000 special Euglena-containing cookies to Rohingya refugee camps

    For Rohingya refugees who fled from Myanmar, Euglena Co., Ltd. delivered 200,000 servings of specially designed Euglena cookies to Rohingya refugee camps based on the voluntary will of their colleagues.

  • 2018


    In-house nursery school "Yugurin nursery school"


  • 2019



    Ishigaki Island Euglena and Yaeyama Chlorella produced by Euglena Co., Ltd. and Yaeyama Shokusan on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, have acquired the world's first "ASC-MSC seaweed (algae) certification," which indicates that they are ingredients that consider sustainability. .

  • 2月

    Concluded an agreement for project collaboration with the World Food Program (WFP) as the first Japanese company to do so

    For the first time as a Japanese company, Euglena has been selected as a business collaboration partner of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). Through this business collaboration, Grameen Euglena has supported the livelihood improvement of small-scale farmers in Bangladesh and promoted food assistance to Rohingya refugees through the mung bean project, a mung bean cultivation project in Bangladesh.

  • 3月

    Expanded the target products of the "Euglena GENKI program" to all group products

    Since 2014, we have been implementing the Euglena GENKI Program, which distributes Euglena cookies, which are rich in nutrients, to children in Bangladesh free of charge in order to solve the nutritional problem in Bangladesh. In order to broaden the scope of our activities, we have expanded the target products to include all Group products.

  • 7月

    Video "I asked the adults of the future." released on Youtube

    A web video interviewing children, who will lead the future, about their thoughts on global warming and other environmental issues, as a way of thinking about Euglena 's efforts to prevent global warming through its biofuel business. "I asked the adults of the future." has been released.
    "Which can be happier, the world we live in now or the world in the future?" "Why do adults do things that affect the world of children?" What are the children's answers to these questions?

  • 8月

    Recruitment of CFOs (Chief Future Officers) under the age of 18 started

    "When deciding on the future, it is strange that the people who will live in the future do not participate in the discussion." In order to transform the future into a sustainable form as a company, we believe that the generations who are the parties living in the future should also participate in management, so we are looking for a CFO (Chief Future Officer) under the age of 18. It was started.

  • 9月

    Collaboration project with Ginza Kyubei "The Day Sushi Disappears"

    In line with 2019 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) week, Euglena Co., Ltd., together with Ginza Kyubei, a famous sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, will change the habitat of fish due to the progress of global warming, and the disappearance of sushi ingredients will occur. We held a project "The Day Sushi Disappears" to convey the possibilities. For the purpose of raising awareness of crisis, a total of 9 ingredients that are predicted to disappear at the sushi restaurant "Ginza Kyubey" in Ginza, Tokyo will be published on a special website, and reservations will be made for the last day when the sushi ingredients can be eaten. The content is to start accepting.

  • October

    Appointed a youth Chief Future Officer (CFO), the first company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to appoint such a position

    Kyoko Ozawa, a 17-year-old second-year high school student, was selected from over 500 entries as the first CFO (Chief Future Officer), who leads initiatives to change the future of the company and society. was appointed to

  • 2020


    The Mung Bean Project implemented in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was selected for the Business Call to Action (BCtA) launched by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

    Euglena Co., Ltd. and Grameen Euglena Co., Ltd. have been selected for the "Business Call to Action" led by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the "Mung Bean Project," which is a joint effort by Euglena Co., Ltd. and Grameen euglena Co., Ltd. to improve the income of poor farmers in Bangladesh. it was done. This made it possible to further expand the mung bean project.

  • 6月

    Together with the CFO, we will completely abolish PET bottle products and take on the challenge of reducing the amount of petroleum-derived plastic used in products by 50% by 2021.

    Led by the CFO (Chief Future Officer), who is in charge of initiatives to change the future of the company and society, and members of the Euglena Future Summit, we believe that customers, regardless of whether they are highly aware of the environment or not, We aim to build a system that allows people to take environmentally friendly actions without being conscious of it.” Based on this policy, in June 2020 we set a goal of reducing the amount of petroleum-derived plastics used in our products by 50% by 2021. I put it up. Since then, we will completely abolish existing PET bottle products for beverages, allow customers to choose whether or not to use plastic straws for some products, and change the container of our main cosmetic brand “one” to a tube type with a low environmental impact, etc. We are implementing the following measures.

  • 8月



    Revamping CI to Sustainability First

    創業15周年を迎えたユーグレナ社は、「ミドリムシ」の会社から「Sustainability First(サステナビリティ・ファースト)」の会社へアップデートしました。複雑になっていた経営理念、ビジョン、スローガンを廃止し、将来にわたって変わることのない哲学を持ち、強い組織となるため、新たに「ユーグレナ・フィロソフィー」として「Sustainability First」を掲げると共に、より幅広い方々に認知していただき身近に感じていただけるよう、コーポレートロゴもカタカナ表記に刷新しました。

  • 9月


  • October

    Appointed the second CFO (Chief Future Officer). The youngest CFO of a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been updated!

    15-year-old Rena Kawasaki has been appointed as the second CFO of Our who is challenging to create a sustainable society through transformation.

  • November

    Algae Production Demonstration Research Facility for Biofuel Started Using 100% Renewable Energy Electricity

    In response to the recommendation of the first CFO (Chief Future Officer), the Algae Energy Research Institute (Taki Town, Mie Prefecture), an algae production demonstration research facility for biofuel, started using 100% renewable energy. Did.

  • 2021


    Open “Sustainable Station by Euglena” for 3 days only

    Next-generation biodiesel fuel "Euglena biodiesel fuel" will be available for 3 days only from April 9, 2021 (Friday) to April 11, 2021 (Sunday) at Life Hakudo's "Self Katsushika 6th Store". sold to the public. This was the first time that Euglena biodiesel fuel was introduced to gas stations and sold to the general public.

    Opened research farmland "Sustainable Tech Farm" in Saga City

    In addition to the liquid fertilizer and potting soil announced so far, we will promote fertilizer research and establish a research farmland "Sustainable Tech Farm" in Saga City in order to realize resource-recycling agriculture through the microalgae Euglena. Did.

  • 6月

    Achieved first flight using Euglena biofuel

    We conducted the world's first flight and flight inspection using bio jet fuel manufactured by Euglena on the flight inspection aircraft "Citation CJ4" owned and operated by the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. This was the first time in Japan that domestically produced bio-jet fuel was used in government aircraft.

  • 8月

    Changed the business purpose in the Articles of Incorporation to reflect the SDGs

    In the Articles of Incorporation, which is also called the "Company Constitution", in order to increase the effectiveness of the Euglena Philosophy - "Sustainability First" from a legal perspective, the business purpose in the Articles of Incorporation is "Aiming to realize a sustainable society". ”, and completely renewed the content to reflect the 17 goals of the SDGs.

  • November

    Mazda competition vehicle refueled with 100% SUSTEO in Super Taikyu race completed 3 hours

    Mazda Motor Corporation's SKYACTIV-D 1.5 (previously The next-generation biodiesel fuel SUSTEO was supplied to the MAZDA SPIRITRACING Bio concept DEMIO equipped with a diesel engine). We use 100% SUSTEO, which is not mixed with light oil, and this is the first time we have used 100% SUSTEO.

  • December

    Received the "SDGs Promotion Headquarters (Prime Minister) Award" at the 5th Japan SDGs Awards

    The SDGs are given to companies, organizations, etc. that are recognized for their extremely outstanding achievements in the 5th Japan SDGs Awards, in recognition of their various activities, including the "Euglena GENKI Program" in Bangladesh. Promotion Headquarters Director (Prime Minister) Award”.

  • 2022


    3代目CFO(Chief Future Officer:最高未来責任者)就任

    15-year-old Midori Watanabe was appointed as the third CFO. We will aggressively tackle social issues from an inquisitive mind and a global perspective.

  • December


    Sustainability Fiction発表

    今から100年後。会社は、社会は、どうなっているのか。そんな「超長期経営空想」を作家とユーグレナ経営メンバーが組み、SF(Sustainability Fiction)小説として発表しました。

  • 2023




  • 3月



  • 5月

    2023スーパー耐久シリーズ第2戦にて、 100%「サステオ」給油車両が24時間完走

    2023年5月26~28日に富士スピードウェイで開催されたENEOSスーパー耐久シリーズ2023 Powered by Hankookの第2戦「NAPAC 富士SUPER TEC 24時間レース」において、ST-Qクラスに参戦したマツダ株式会社のSKYACTIV-D 2.2(市販車両と同じディーゼルエンジン)搭載車「MAZDA SPIRIT RACING MAZDA3 Bio concept」に、化石由来の軽油と混合しない100%の次世代バイオディーゼル燃料「サステオ」を供給し、完走(529周回、約2,414km)しました。

  • 6月

    ESG投資の世界的指数「FTSE Blossom Japan Index」の構成銘柄に初選定



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