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Sustainability GovernanceManagement System

In order to further realize our corporate philosophy of "Sustainability First", we will discuss various policies, goals, strategies and countermeasures to promote Euglena Group's sustainability activities and ESG management, "Sustainability Committee” was established in February 2023.

The Sustainability Committee is established directly under the Board of Directors as an advisory body to the Board of Directors, and meets at least twice a year to discuss the goals and direction of initiatives related to the sustainability of the entire Group. Material issues related to sustainability policies, strategies, targets, etc. for the entire group are submitted to the Board of Directors for resolution by the Board of Directors.
In fiscal 2023, our 3rd CFO (Chief Future Officer) serves as chairman, and the committee members include directors, outside directors, and Executive Officer. In addition, in order to promote overall sustainability activities, including climate change countermeasures, throughout the Group, we have established theme-specific working groups consisting of business managers from the Company and Group companies under the Sustainability Committee. These working groups identify issues and consider countermeasures.

In addition, we have established a Group Safety and Health Committee chaired by a representative director and conduct information sharing and debriefing sessions on countermeasures.

We define sustainability as "our happiness coexisting with someone else's happiness" and it covers all areas such as environment, society, people's health and life, working style, and organizational management. By developing various businesses centered on sustainability, various stakeholders will become sustainable through our business and products, and we will continue to be a company that solves all social problems as our business grows. We will further accelerate the sustainable management of the entire Group, actively promote the disclosure of information on sustainability to all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and customers, and strive to achieve sustainable growth and a sustainable society that responds to ESG.


ユーグレナの「Sustainability First」


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