euglena’s Philosophy

Euglena’s Philosophy

Our Guiding Principle: “Euglism”

1. Draw strength from diversity
—diversity empowers our business
Materials, businesses, research, colleagues.
Appreciate differences, be empowered by your encounters, and move into the future.
2. Take the first step
—just practice!
Evolve and take on new challenges every day.
Change yourself, change the world around you, and change tomorrow.
3. For all the “euglee”
—one for all, all for “euglee”
Anyone who shares our dream for the future is a “euglee.”
We act for the health and smiles of all “euglee.”

“Euglism”: Leader Edition

1. Dream and be a conduit for passion
—maximum conductivity!
We are a group aiming to make a sustainability-first world a reality.
Get in sync with the management team, dream, get involved, and communicate with colleagues with the same passion as the management team.
2. Work together to create a world-class place
—infinite growth rate
World-class thinking and actions are needed in order to make “Sustainability First” a reality.
Every member of Euglena must work together to create an environment that enables optimal performance and continuous growth.
3. Do it until it’s done
—have you done it 501 times?
A sustainability-first world where profitability and sociality coexist.
Until that is achieved, we must never give up, but instead continue to investigate and try any and every possible method.

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