“GREEN OIL JAPAN” Declaration to Make Japan an Advanced Biofuel Nation

On October 31, 2018, euglena Co., Ltd. completed the construction of Japan’s first demonstration plant for producing bio-jet and diesel fuel. With the completion of this demonstration plant, euglena announced its intent to make Japan an advanced biofuel nation under its new “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration with the support of Yokohama City, Chiyoda Corporation, Itochu Enex, Isuzu Motors, All Nippon Airways, and HIROJIREN*1.

*1: Organizations and companies that joined the project to produce biofuel in Japan from December 2015 (HIROJIREN joined from June 2018).

Video presenting our plan for the “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration


Making Japan an Advanced Biofuel Nation.

Global warming progresses each moment. Should we simply stand still and watch this event unfold? The world is rapidly beginning to take action, with drastic CO₂ emission reduction targets set forth in the Paris Agreement and SDGs. For example, the EU has declared that automotive biofuel is to make up 10% of all transportation fuels by 2020, and 32% by 2030. For the coming decades, biofuel is the potential alternative to petroleum fuel, which is currently the global standard. Japan has set a target of only a few percent to be reached by 2022. Yes, our country is lagging behind in terms of biofuel use, but the tide is turning. In November 2018, Japan’s first bio-jet and diesel fuel plant was completed in Yokohama. To make up lost ground and place Japan on par with the rest of the world, we put forth our “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration. This project entails introducing biofuel in land, sea and air mobility by 2020, and the establishment of large-scale production and commercialization systems by 2025, as well as the achievement of a biofuel industry by 2030. In other words, we aim to create a Japanese society in which biofuel is commonly produced and used by many companies, and to make Japan an advanced biofuel nation. Some people may write this off as merely a dream, but it is only through dreams that the world can begin to change. Right now, mankind is striving toward a new horizon, an age in which energy use coexists in harmony with the Earth, and more and more companies and partners are joining us in our cause.

Get on board with GREEN OIL JAPAN.

Our Goals

The “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration sets the goal of establishing our biofuel business as an industry by introducing biofuel produced at our demonstration plant for land, sea and air transportation, and by expanding our network of supporters that produce and use biofuel across the whole of Japan by 2030. We will make every effort to achieve this goal and contribute toward achieving the SDGs, namely “Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy,” “Goal 13: Climate action,” and “Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals.”

An Invitation for Supporters Who Wish to Endorse the “GREEN OIL JAPAN” Declaration and Help to Make Japan an Advanced Biofuel Nation!

euglena invites cooperative organizations and companies (including those involved in the transportation and food and beverage industries, as well as local governments) to join us in endorsing the “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration, promoting the use of biofuel, supplying raw materials, and supporting the popularization of biofuel.

  • アジア航測株式会社
  • 石垣市
  • Kansai Electric Power
  • 佐賀市
  • 三和エナジー
  • JR四国バス
  • JRバス関東
  • JRバス東北
  • JR東日本環境アクセス
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • 商船三井
  • 新日本化成株式会社
  • 鈴木油脂
  • 鈴与商事
  • セイカダイヤエンジン(SDE)
  • 西武バス
  • Lions
  • セブンイレブン
  • 大同燃料
  • Takematsu
  • 東京クリアセンター
  • 長野県立大学
  • 日清オイリオ
  • JR貨物
  • 日本ファブテック
  • FamilyMart
  • FDA
  • 富士見高原リゾート
  • 八重山観光フェリー
  • Yokohama City
  • 株式会社 六協
  • ANA
  • Japan Biz Aviation

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