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using Euglena
Produce biofuel.

Bio-jet diesel fuel production demonstration plant
Completion and start of biofuel production

2016.11 –



In May 2016, an email arrived at Moriyama, who worked for a major oil company.
"Why don't you change jobs to a company that is building Japan's first domestic bio-jet diesel fuel manufacturing plant?"

Moriyama is an engineer who has worked for a major oil company for 26 years as a technical worker since graduating from university and has experienced various projects. At that time, he was 49 years old and worked as a technical manager at a refinery in Chiba.
At first, Moriyama was wondering if it was a mischievous email from a sudden email from a human resources company, but he became interested in the phrase "Japan's first domestic biojet diesel fuel production plant (hereinafter referred to as" biofuel production demonstration plant ")." To find out about our biofuel business.

At that time, in December 2015, we started the "domestic biofuel plan," which is a plan to put domestic biojet and diesel fuel into practical use, and from June 2016, we planned to construct a biofuel production demonstration plant. When constructing the plant, a project manager who oversees the project was indispensable, and we were considering hiring it.

"The more I looked up, the more I was excited to imagine the future of the business."

Moriyama, who has been involved in many projects at a major oil company, felt great potential in our biofuel business and wanted to take on the Euglena However, considering the stability of the major oil companies I have worked for, I asked myself whether it was the right choice Euglena

An enthusiastic approach arrives there.
"Project management for this demonstration plant is not something that anyone can do. Let's work together to popularize biofuels."

In November 2016, Moriyama left the company he worked for for 26 years and joined Euglena because of Moriyama's desire to do an exciting job that would be useful to society.

Moriyama at the time of joining the company

Distress as the first employee of the Demonstration Manufacturing Department

After joining the company, Moriyama faced the difficulty of hiring members and creating an organization.

At the major oil companies I worked for, there were members with abundant experience and expertise in the company, and teams were formed according to the purpose of the project and project management was carried out. Euglena at that time had just entered the biofuel business in earnest, and few members had expertise in the construction and operation of fuel plants.

In addition to managing plant construction, Moriyama worked on recruiting team members with abundant experience and expertise and building an organization.

"I want to firmly convey the appeal and future potential of Euglena

Recruiting members was not easy, as many of the people with fuel plant expertise were concentrated in large companies. However, tenacious recruitment activities have paid off, and members who sympathize with Euglena 's philosophy and future have gradually gathered.

The members gradually gathered, but Moriyama thought that "the organization would not function by itself." The members gathered were specialists in their respective fields, but because their corporate culture and background of expertise were different, it was necessary to create a new organization while matching the corporate culture and knowledge on which they were based. ..
In addition to preparing manuals, we will create a new organization with an emphasis on creating a workplace environment where all members can exchange opinions, recognizing that it is a project that each member must voluntarily move, and motivation. I went.

Eventually, the Demonstration Manufacturing Department, headed by Moriyama, had 14 members with specialized knowledge, and an organization was set up for the operation of the biofuel production demonstration plant.

Members of the biofuel production demonstration plant (Moriyama in the center)

Completion of biofuel production demonstration plant

About two years have passed since Moriyama was involved in the construction of the plant, and on October 31, 2018, the biofuel production demonstration plant was finally completed. Through trial and error, it was the result of working with a sense of mission that it was a job that only we could do.

Moriyama (left) and President Izumo (right) explaining the facility at the completion ceremony

Then, on November 2, 2018, a completion ceremony for the media was held at the biofuel production demonstration plant, and at the same time, "GREEN OIL JAPAN" was held with the aim of making Japan an advanced biofuel country. Declared. As part of this Declaration, we will start supplying "next-generation biodiesel fuel" * from the summer of 2019, realize paid flights with bio-jet fuel by 2020, and utilize the operation data of the demonstration plant. Announced that it aims to build a commercial plant in 2025. The biofuel production demonstration plant managed by Moriyama will serve as the starting point for this declaration.

* Biodiesel fuel that can be used without burdening the engine of the vehicle even if the content is 100%

"I want to create an organization with a high level of safety awareness and a high level of work, and operate it with no accidents as a mast."

Moriyama is now working on safe plant operation, high quality and stable biofuel production, and accurate operation data collection for future commercial plant construction.

With the operation of a commercial plant in 2025 and the realization of a supply of 1 million KL of biofuel in 2030, Japan will become a biofuel advanced country. Our goals and Moriyama's goals will continue.

Posted in November 2018

In response to Japan's introduction of biofuels, which lags behind the rest of the world, Yokohama City, Chiyoda Corporation, Itochu Enex Co., Ltd., Isuzu Motors Ltd., ANA Holdings Co., Ltd., and Hiroshima Motors Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Promotion Council Declaration aiming to make Japan an advanced biofuel country. We are also looking for supporters who support the declaration and make Japan an advanced biofuel country.

Euglena Data

-How high is the reaction building? ~

Reaction building of a biofuel production demonstration plant with a height of about 24 m
(Device for producing biojet fuel and biodiesel fuel from raw materials)


Demonstration manufacturing department
Koichiro Moriyama

Joined the company in November 2016.
Engaged in management and organization building of biofuel production demonstration plant construction in the demonstration manufacturing department. After the completion of the demonstration plant, it manages safe and stable operation.

One word comment
"We want to engage in work with enthusiasm for work and sincerity for people, and always be aware of safety and operate the plant without accidents. We have become a pioneer in making Japan a biofuel advanced country. We will promote the establishment of the biofuel industry. "

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