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Corporate Strategy Department Corporate Planning Section Asuka Kawauchi

We will bring about social change in our business.
A society where everyone can feel their happiness
Why Euglena was chosen to make it happen

"I joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a new graduate and was in charge of work related to energy conservation, copyright, trade negotiations, etc." It is Kawauchi who became.
Kawauchi, who has been keenly interested in solving social issues since he was a student, joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry after graduating from graduate school with the aim of realizing a society where everyone can feel happiness. However, seven years after entering the ministry, a career turning point occurred at the study abroad destination.

“During my tenure, I wanted to learn how to innovate in society and use it in policy making, so I studied abroad at the UC San Diego MBA course in San Diego, USA. Many entrepreneurs have set up various start-up companies in an attempt to make their lives richer, and a large amount of investment has flowed into them. I was overwhelmed by the mature startup ecosystem. "
Until then, Kawauchi was in charge of law revisions, but most of the government projects that had many stakeholders and required many difficult adjustments tended to be promoted on an annual basis. In the light of the dynamic and rapid changes experienced in the United States, Kawauchi thought, "I think it is better to tackle social issues from the private sector, that is, business, rather than the public sector, to bring about innovation that changes society with a sense of speed." After returning to Japan, decides to leave the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

"I didn't have any business experience, so through management support, I polished the necessary skills and then did what I really wanted to do," I moved to a foreign-affiliated consulting firm for two years, and when I was thinking about my next career, I came across Euglena by chance.
"The main reason why I became interested in Euglena was the attitude of facing social issues, including the opportunity to establish Izumo. When I learned that this is a company that is taking on various challenges with the aim of reducing social problems through the growth of our business, I felt that this is exactly what I want to do."
Euglena will revamp its CI (Corporate Identity) in 2020 and Euglena ・Established "Sustainability First" as a philosophy. This is to evolve from a "Midorimushi" company to a "Sustainability First" company and to realize true sustainability through business.
"If the business model is established and the business runs properly, the money we earn will be directly linked to further improving society. Of course, every company contributes to society to a greater or lesser extent, but I thought it would be very ideal and advanced to put solving social issues in the middle of its raison d'être."
Kawauchi is convinced that committing to the growth of the Euglena company through conversations with Euglena colleagues in the recruitment process itself will lead to his own aspiration to solve social issues sustainably through business, I decided to join the company.

"Now that I have stepped up to Sustainability First Euglena I feel that the phase has changed from when I started my own business with only one green beetle. In the future, we entered an important timing where the phase of the company will change even more drastically.
I always respect the tremendous journey that the team has taken to this day, even though it was really small when it was founded. On top of that, I want to find elements that I can do better with my colleagues and do my best to incorporate them as a company."

With friends with diverse charms
Being on the same boat is Euglena 's greatest attraction


Kawauchi has made a big turn from his career and jumped into the venture company Euglena, but the enthusiasm he had when he joined the company hasn't diminished at all.
"Of course there are many difficult things, but I haven't changed my desire to improve this company or to grow this company further, and I've never been disappointed because Izumo and CEO Nagata and others. I keep watching the leaders who have said that they are seriously working to improve society. It is because there is no lie in their ambition to challenge existing capitalism. I also feel like trying my best.
I think it's still halfway through, but I want to do whatever I can to make Euglena a company that can truly have a social impact. "

Having a strong will to seriously tackle social issues from business is the appeal of Euglena that has been featured in many media outlets. However, this is only a premise, and Kawauchi says that the real merit of Euglena lies in "diversity."
"I think the appeal of Euglena is that it is an environment where diversity is respected, where colleagues with various charms and experiences can play an active role in their own way and take on new challenges on the same ship to solve social issues."
Different friends are trying to create a good future by getting on the same boat as Euglena for various reasons. "But I think the definition of a 'good future' can be different for different people, and it can be different dreams for different people. If we could get people who want to make their dreams come true, not to mention our friends who are on the same boat at this very moment, if we could get people to ride in the same boat together, I think we can move toward a more wonderful and interesting future."


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