Application Guidelines / FAQ

Application Guidelines / FAQ

Information / FAQ


Application Requirements

Employment status Full-time employee







New graduate, second new graduate, existing graduate (starting salary)
Bachelor's degree: 225,400 yen
Master's degree: 235,420 yen
Doctoral graduate: 246,850 yen
* Excluding various allowances

Mid-career recruitment
Determined according to our regulations, taking into consideration experience, skills, etc.

Work location

Head office
5-29-11 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo G-BASE Tamachi 2nd floor
In addition to Tokyo, we also have sales offices in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Research base
1-6 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Yokohama Bio-Industry Center 2nd floor
In addition to Kanagawa prefecture, we have research bases in Mie, Saga and Okinawa prefectures.

* The place of work varies depending on the work content.

Service time 9: 00-18: 00 (8 hours of actual work, 60 minutes of break)
Only some research centers 8: 30-17: 30 (8 hours of actual work, 60 minutes of break)
Allowances Transportation expenses and telework allowances are provided
Salary increase / bonus Salary increase: Twice a year until the 5th year of working adults, and once a year thereafter
Bonus: Twice a year
Holiday vacation

Complete weekly two-day system (Saturdays and Sundays), holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, condolence vacation, founding anniversary (8/9),
Prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, annual paid leave, and other special paid leave

  • 社会保険等完備
  • 保育園併設(本社オフィス)
  • 社内懇親会(半期に1度、全社での懇親会、イベントなどの開催)
  • カフェテリアプラン制(資格取得や書籍購入といったスキルアップに関わる費用補助、帰省費補助、飲み会費補助、健康診断オプション利用等)
  • 持株会制度
  • 株式報酬制度
  • 育児支援(法令では3歳までの措置となる時短勤務や所定外労働の制限を小学校6年生まで延長して申請が可能)
  • 慶弔見舞金制度(お子様の出産時や入学時などに祝い金を支給)

* The cafeteria plan system means that various services prepared by the company are provided within the points assigned to each person.
It is a system that can be freely selected and used. At our company, points equivalent to 50,000 yen will be allocated to each person.

* The stockholding association system is a system that aims to facilitate the acquisition of treasury stock by working colleagues (employees) and to support property formation. Applicants can contribute a fixed amount from their monthly salary, and the company can purchase its own stock for an additional 10% of the contribution.

* The stock-based compensation system is a system in which a part of the salary and bonuses of the applicant is given in the company's stock. Applicants will be provided with treasury stock that is more than the option to receive in cash.

Recruitment flow


Document screening

Aptitude test * Not performed for mid-career hires

Interview * Multiple times

Final interview

Unofficial decision


Why did you start hiring all year round?
We started hiring all year round with the desire to carry out flexible recruitment selection that does not interfere with the challenges of diversifying student life such as study abroad, entrepreneurship, and extracurricular activities.
Is it possible to apply even if I have already graduated?
You can apply if you are under 30 years old.
I'm a second graduate, what's the difference between year-round hiring and mid-career hiring?
For year-round recruitment, we emphasize potential, while for mid-career recruitment, we emphasize the specialty of the posts we are recruiting.
Is there a deadline for applications?
There is no application deadline.
Is it possible to have an online interview if I am far from the interview site?
Online interviews are also possible except for the final interview. However, we would like to emphasize the personality that can be understood by meeting in person, so please come to the venue for the final interview. (We also hold an online final interview as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infections)
Is it possible to enter multiple occupations at the same time?
Is possible.
Is it possible to work from home?
Is possible. You can work from home up to 3 days a week. I go to the office two days a week to work.
* May vary depending on job type and mission.
Is there any age restriction?
Anyone under the age of 30 can apply for new graduates, second new graduates, and existing graduates.
You can apply for mid-career recruitment regardless of age. (Retirement age is 65 years old)
I have failed the selection process in the past. Is it possible to reapply?
It is possible if it is a different occupation. You can reapply for the same job category one year after the previous application.
Is there a system to support childbirth and childcare?
Please tell me about the welfare system.
Please see here for details.
Are there any rules for hairstyles and clothes?
Hairstyles and clothes are free for recruitment selection. Even after joining the company, you will be required to respond according to the TPO.
Is there any interaction between the staff?
We regularly hold fellow exchange meetings so that new friends can get used to it smoothly and to promote communication across fellow departments regardless of whether they are new or old.
In addition, for new graduates and mid-career employees who have newly joined the company, existing members will become mentors, and we will introduce a parentz system for the purpose of consulting and sharing the company culture. We promote interaction between staff.

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