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Born in the wilderness of Iwate Prefecture, Kudo grew up in a place like a mountain village with only five elementary school classmates. It is said that he was already conscious of "sustainable" from an early age because he was surrounded by an environment rich in nature where he encountered animals before humans.
"A stream was flowing near my parents' house, and many fireflies were gathering at night. It was a very special time for me as a young man to see fireflies. However, someday there were fireflies in the stream. I remember being very shocked when the fireflies disappeared the following year, as the gathering became popular and many people started to rush from afar. "
It was an event in which the nature that had coexisted with us until then suddenly disappeared, and we realized that we could not coexist without protecting the environment.

"The" environment "is not only the natural environment, but also the environment in a broad sense, such as the systems and resources necessary to sustain the natural environment. I came to be aware of "sustainable". "

Kudo became a college student and reached the time of job hunting. However, I felt that I did not have a sufficient image of how "living" and "working" would be combined, and I could not decide the way to go.
"At university, I was studying abroad in Australia when I was in high school, so I wanted to see a wider world and majored in languages in Southeast Asia. So, at first I was also interested in an international career. However, I want to find a convincing answer to the question "what do you work for?", And a startup in Singapore, a certified NPO that supports the Japanese branch of foreign-affiliated companies and entrepreneurship personnel. I did long-term internships at multiple companies, including companies, and deepened my own thoughts on living and working. "
This experience raised the resolution of Kudo's "living" and "working".

"I experienced various tasks as an intern and realized that I was the type who could find the fun of each in the place where I was assigned, so I wanted to work at a company that can share values rather than industry and occupation. I was thinking. "
Under such circumstances, I met Euglena, who had a management philosophy of "health for people and the earth" at that time. In this case, I had an intuition that I could work while sharing the value of "protecting the sustainability of the place (hometown) of many people's original experiences," which is the main theme of Kudo's life.

"I was just looking for a place that seemed to suit my values, so I felt like trying to get another company if Euglena didn't work, but thankfully I got a job offer and I was also here. I wanted to take on the challenge, so I decided to join the company after receiving only one Euglena company. "

Sustainability Firstを軸とした

After joining the company, Kudo was assigned to the Sustainable Marketing Department.
"I didn't have any particular hope for a place to be assigned, but to fulfill my life theme of" protecting the sustainability of the place (hometown) of many people's original experiences, "as one of the future ways of working, I myself. I was also thinking about doing business, so I told him in advance that I wanted to learn about a business model that is sustainable and can be established as a business. "
Until he was assigned to the Sustainable Marketing Department, Kudo said, "I thought marketing was a method of business or an academic concept." It is said that it changed at once.

"It is a series of surprises and joys that learning turns into an experience by discovering marketing that is embodied in society every day.
Euglena has set Sustainability First as its corporate identity, and that idea has permeated into marketing.
Since all of our colleagues want to realize truly appropriate market activities using marketing rather than mass production and mass consumption, we also have a perspective of "Euglena-like or not" in decision-making. I cherish it. "

Finally, I asked about Euglena 's appeal in working.
"I feel that Euglena is a company that is still in the growth stage in a good way. I don't know if it's a baby or a junior high school student, but at least I don't think it's a grandpa. That's why I notice the most. I feel that it is easy to make a decision to try it first. What kind of soil do you want to make instead of thinking from the finished soil? What kind of fertilizer is needed for that, what kind of land The appeal of Euglena is that you can participate from the discussion of whether it should be. "

From the original experience of hometown, nature, and symbiosis, Kudo sees depopulation and the destruction of the ecosystem by humans as familiar problems. For Kudo, who aims to live a life that can return his experience to society, working at Euglena may be only one of the processes leading up to that goal. Still, he is greedy for the environment of Euglena, which can absorb new things forever, saying, "It's still a long way to go."



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