Euglena GENKI Program

Euglena GENKI Program

Euglena GENKI program

Customers' thoughts toward solving nutritional problems
Through cookies with Euglena
For children in Bangladesh

The People's Republic of Bangladesh is a low- and middle-income country * 1 with a population of approximately 160 million, located in South Asia (eastern side of India). One of the problems facing Bangladesh is the nutritional problems of children. In Bangladesh, half of children under the age of 5 are anemic * 2, and vitamins A, B12, iron, zinc, etc. tend to be deficient, and 36% of children under the age of 5 or about 5.5 million grow. I am in a state of failure * 3.

Our founded when President Izumo visited Bangladesh when he was a student and witnessed children who were malnourished due to lack of necessary nutrients. "I want to find a nutrient source that allows them to live a healthy life." ... With that in mind, Izumo, who returned to Japan, met Euglena a microalgae with abundant nutrients in a well-balanced manner (Japanese name: Euglena). )was.

Euglena Euglena GENKI Program" in April 2014 with the aim of solving nutritional problems for children in Bangladesh, which is the land of this founding philosophy.

  • * 1 Data for Lower middle income, Bangladesh (World Bank)
  • * 2 BANGLADESH National Anemia Profile (2015), Khan et al. (2016)
  • * 3 WFP Bangladesh Country Brief December 2017

Part of the sales from customers
For children in Bangladesh
Delivering nutritious Euglena

The Euglena Euglena containing cookies, which are rich in nutrients, to children in Bangladesh free of charge. Six Euglena cookies for one meal distributed by the program. This single meal can provide Bangladeshi children with a day's worth of nutrients that are particularly deficient.

The activities of the "Euglena GENKI Program" are operated by allocating a part of the sales when purchasing the products covered by the program as a sponsorship fund. *Four.. The products covered by the program are Euglena Co., Ltd. and Euglena Group companies All products (food, cosmetics, etc.) *Five, And designated products of partner companies * 6 is. By purchasing these products, customers can Euglena GENKI Program" and support activities aimed at improving the nutrition of children in Bangladesh.

  • Target product logo * 7
  • Customers
    Purchase the target product
  • Euglena
    Manufacture cookies
  • Bangladesh
    Distributed to children
  • * 4 In addition, since September 2017, local NGOs and school staff have been supporting 4 yen per bag Euglena
  • *5ユーグレナ社の連結売上高に比例して協賛金を拠出しております。
  • * 6 A sponsorship of 10 yen per product is provided for each product with the program logo.
  • * 7 All Euglena Group products are eligible for the program regardless of whether or not the logo is printed.

* The information in the video is the information at the time of video production (2019).

History of the Euglena



Since the start of the "Euglena GENKI Program" in April 2014, the scale of activities has been expanding with the support of many customers. Euglena was distributed to about 10,000 children at 66 schools on average 5 days a week, and the total number of distributions exceeded 10 million meals.

Cookies per day
Number of students distributed (persons)
As of the end of September 2020
Cumulative cookies
Number of distributions (10,000 meals)
As of the end of September 2020

* Since the GENKI program started in April 2014, the Euglena cookies distributed has been counted for one year from April to March of the following year. However, from fiscal 2019, the aggregation period for the number of distributions has been changed from October of the previous year to September of the current year in accordance with the fiscal year of the Company.

In addition to distributing cookies, we also carry out the following activities to improve children's nutrition.

Food education

Nutrients contained in Euglena
Explain the purpose of daily intake

Hygiene education

Explain how to wash your hands properly

The main changes since the start of the program are as follows.

  • April 2014

    Started the program with 3 partner companies

    Free distribution of Euglena cookies to 5 elementary schools in Dhaka and about 2,000 children living in slums
    Antenna, Epora * 8, Euglena Art * 8 3 companies participate in the program as partner companies

  • October 2014

    New partner companies join

    Socié World joins the program

  • April 2016

    Start of blood test / body measurement

    Started blood test and body measurement to measure the effect of the program

  • September 2017

    Expanding local partners

    Started an operation model in which local NGOs and elementary schools who agreed with the activities of the program supported 4 yen per bag of cookies.

  • December 2017

    Food assistance to Rohingya refugees

    Distribute 200,000 Euglena cookies to Rohingya refugees
    Started expanding the program to the suburbs of Dhaka

  • April 2019

    Expanded program target products on the occasion of the 5th anniversary

    Expanded target products to Euglena Group products

  • New partner companies join

    Marusan Health Service Co., Ltd. joins the program

  • June 2020

    New partner companies join

    Kashiwagi Koki Co., Ltd. and BIC Holdings Co., Ltd. newly participate in the program

  • July 2020

    New partner companies join

    Techno Eight Co., Ltd. joins the program

  • February 2021

    New partner companies join

    Next Meats Co., Ltd. joins the program

  • 2022年1月

    New partner companies join

    株式会社ナチュラリープラス、UNIVA Marketing Limitedが新たにプログラムに参加

  • * 8 Currently participating in the program as a member of the Euglena

Euglena GENKI Program Activity Report

We report monthly on our activities in Bangladesh. Please read it.

View the report list

Euglena GENKI Program Participating Companies

  • Euglena Co., Ltd. (Operating entity)
    And Euglena Group companies

    The program was launched in April 2014 and is currently operated with Euglena Initially targeted products were "Euglena Green Juice", "Euglena Plus", etc., and currently all group products are targeted for sponsorship of the program.
    Epora and Euglena Art have been in the program since the beginning of 2014.

  • Antenna Co., Ltd.

    Expanded supplements such as "Biozyme" containing Euglena Participated in the program from the beginning in April 2014.

  • Socié World Co., Ltd.

    Developed the skin care series "euga" jointly developed with Euglena Participated in the program from October 2014.

  • Marusan Health Service Co., Ltd.

    Euglena containing supplements "Euglena hybrid active EX (180 grain)" deployment. Participated in the program from April 2019.

  • Kashiwagi Koki Co., Ltd.

    Euglena salt candy" etc. are developed for working human salt charge. Participated in the program from June 2020

  • BIC Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Euglena x lactic acid bacteria supplement "GREEN POT-KEY SUPPLI-" etc. are developed on the site "beauty my lab online" that sincerely proposes "I want to be healthy and beautiful". Participated in the program from June 2020.

  • Techno Eight Co., Ltd.

    A beauty maker with the concept of Rojas. Euglena x lactic acid bacterium-producing substance x green koji's original prescription functional green juice [Green Standard] is developed. Participated in the program from July 2020.

  • Next Meats Co., Ltd.

    In order to realize a sustainable lifestyle, we Euglena Yakiniku EX", an alternative meat containing Euglena Participated in the program from February 2021.

  • 株式会社ナチュラリープラス

    スーパー・ユーグレナ パラミロンARXで2022年1月よりプログラムに参加。

  • UNIVA Marketing Limited

    株式会社ナチュラリープラスとともに、スーパー・ユーグレナ パラミロンARXで2022年1月よりプログラムに参加。

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Euglena company, "Euglena through GENKI program", SDGs (sustainable development goals) * 9 of the "GOAL1: will eliminate poverty": will strive to contribute to the "GOAL2 hunger to zero." With the aim of realizing our management philosophy of "Health for people and the earth," we will continue to improve nutritional problems and carry out research and development through the spread of foods containing Euglena.

  • * 9 A universal goal from 2016 to 2030 set by the United Nations Headquarters in September 2015 with the aim of creating a sustainable society.

We would like to thank all customers who have purchased the products of the Euglena

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