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"Grameen Euglena" is a collaboration between the Grameen Group led by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the first Bangladeshi to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and Euglena, which has the philosophy of "Sustainability First", to improve the food situation in Japan and Bangladesh. This is a local joint venture company established as part of Yunus Social Business, which aims to improve income and livelihoods in poverty-stricken rural areas.


Mung Bean Project

The mung bean project, which Grameen Euglena Co., Ltd. is working on as the first step in its social business, uses Japan's advanced cultivation techniques to grow high-quality mung beans that are commonly eaten locally by Bangladeshi farmers, and supplies them to Bangladesh and Japan. This is a project that aims to eradicate poverty and stabilize food supply.

For alleviating poverty and stabilizing the food supply. Through mung bean cultivation and sales, Bangladesh and Japan will turn their respective weaknesses into mutual strengths. and improve the lives of people in each country. That is the aim of Grameen Our "Mung Bean Project".

Business Model

Grameen Euglena Co., Ltd.

A local joint venture established by Euglena and Grameen Agricultural Foundation with a capital ratio of 50:50. We directly teach farmers how to cultivate high-quality mung beans.

euglena Co., Ltd.

We will provide business funds and agricultural technology to Grameen Euglena, aiming to improve the quality and yield of mung bean cultivation. In addition, we will purchase mung beans from Grameen Euglena and sell them to Japanese bean sprout manufacturers.

Benefits of the Mung Bean Project

Benefits for Bangladesh

Through the Mung Bean Project, we create job opportunities for farmers in mung bean cultivation.
Providing Japanese agricultural technology and expert knowledge
By acquiring Japanese cultivation technology, farmers improve the harvest yield and quality of their mung beans, which increases their income.
Delivering higher quality mung beans to the dinner table

Benefits for Japan

Securing a new food supply
Reducing Japan’s excessive dependence on China for mung bean imports and instead importing mung beans produced in Bangladesh will diversify our supply sources and avoid any future risks in obtaining the raw material for producing bean sprouts.
Stabilizing the price of mung beans
We can achieve a steady supply of mung beans at a stable price by fully managing the process from production to sale, avoiding the risk of price increases.
Ensuring safe and reliable quality
Integral management of the process starting from production in local Bangladeshi fields to the import and sale of mung beans in Japan provides Japan with a safer and more reliable mung bean supply.

The Future of the Mung Bean Project

Under Grameen Euglena, the number of farmers working on mung bean projects in Bangladesh in 2023 exceeds 6,000. This initiative is a new form of business that contributes to the lives of people in Bangladesh and Japan, and we plan to continue expanding the harvest scale in the future.

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