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Euglena Co., Ltd. signs a memorandum of understanding on business collaboration with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP)
-The first Japanese company to support the livelihood improvement of Bangladeshi farmers by growing mung beans and start a food support plan for Rohingya refugees-

Euglena Co., Ltd.
Joint venture euglena GG Ltd.

 Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuru Izumo, hereinafter referred to as Euglena) and Euglena GG Ltd. (Headquarters: Dhaka, Co- CEO: Yukoh Satake, Grameen Euglena) announces that Euglena and the World Food Program (WFP) have signed a memorandum of understanding on business collaboration today.
 Through this business collaboration, Grameen Euglena aims to support the improvement of livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Bangladesh and promote food assistance to Rohingya refugees * 2 through the mung bean project conducted by Grameen euglena in the Republic of Bangladesh (hereinafter referred to as "Bangladesh").

Three people shaking handsAt the signing ceremony in Bangladesh

 And this time, the above achievements and know-how were evaluated, and it was the first Japanese company to do so. Euglena The company has been selected as a WFP business collaboration partner. With this business collaboration, Euglena Company and Grameen Euglena Will work with WFP to transfer mung bean cultivation technology to small-scale farmers in Bangladesh and provide food assistance to Rohingya refugees using E-vouchers * 3. note that, Euglena The company is expected to receive a total of US $ 2 million (approximately ¥ 220 million) in activity funds * 4 from WFP Bangladesh over a two-year period.  Grameen Euglena Has launched the "Mung Bean Project" to support the cultivation of mung beans, which are often eaten in Bangladesh, using Japanese agricultural technology in order to create jobs and increase income in rural Bangladesh. Euglena We have been a member of the group since October 2014.
 Euglena The company cooperates with local NGOs in Bangladesh to provide children. Euglena Distributing cookies "Euglena The GENKI Program has been implemented since April 2014. In December 2017, taking advantage of that experience, with the support of the Bangladesh government and students of the University of Dhaka, a highly nutritious special product Euglena Delivered 200,000 cookies to a Rohingya refugee camp.

 Euglena Co., Ltd. and Gramin Euglena will continue to aim to "health people and the earth", improve the sustainable livelihood capacity of small-scale farmers and improve the health status of Rohingya refugees.
 The details are as follows.
* 1: A foundation established by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.
* 2: A large-scale influx of refugees from Myanmar has occurred in Cox's Bazar in southeastern Bangladesh, and about 1 million people are currently living in evacuation.
* 3: WFP registers Rohingya refugee information on a card (E-voucher) and deposits a fixed amount on the card every month so that Rohingya refugees can purchase ingredients from regional retail stores affiliated with WFP. A system that enables.
* 4: Grant aid of US $ 5 million (approx. 550 million yen) between the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh and WFP on January 6, 2019, "Support for improving livelihoods for small-scale farmers in Bangladesh and Food Assistance Plan for Refugees from Myanmar "
Due to the exchange of letters regarding.

About WFPand Our business collaboration

■ Relationship diagram for business collaboration (planned):

WFP Project Relationship Diagram

■ Business period : 2 years (January 15, 2019-January 14, 2021)
■ Role of each company:E voucher (for wordpress / PR TIMES)
○ United Nations World Food Program (WFP)
・ Euglena Co., Ltd. (US $ 2 million (approx. 220 million yen) in 2 years)
・ Euglena and E-voucher for Rohingya refugees using the mung beans
 Utilized food support
○ Euglena Co., Ltd. ・ Grameen Euglena
・ Implementation of training for small-scale farmers in Bangladesh to acquire mung bean cultivation techniques
■ Implementation area : Republic of Bangladesh (Region: Potoakari, Cox's Bazar)
■ Target   : Small-scale farmers 2,000 (Potoakari: 1,500, Cox's Bazar: 500)
       20,000 Rohingya refugees

<About "Euglena GENKI Program" and "Mung Bean Project">
・ "Euglena GENKI Program"
Euglena Euglena GENKI Program" in April 2014 with the aim of delivering nutrition to children around the world. Nutrition improvement as a school lunch in Bangladesh of the elementary school required Euglena to start the distribution of cookies, 58 schools, the children of about 1 million people, the average five days a week Euglena distributes cookies (2019 1 at end of period).

・ "Mung Bean Project"
Grameen Euglena is a "mung bean project" that supports the cultivation of mung beans, which are often eaten in Bangladesh, using Japanese agricultural technology in order to create jobs and increase income in rural Bangladesh. As a member of the Euglena group, we have been doing this since October 2014. Currently, 6,331 farmers in Bangladesh are growing mung beans (as of the end of January 2019).

<About Euglena Co., Ltd.>
In 2005, we succeeded in establishing the world's first outdoor mass culture technology for the Euglena In addition to Euglena we are also conducting research toward the production of biofuels. Listed on TSE Mothers in December 2012. December 2014 Market change to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The management philosophy is "to make people and the earth healthy".

<About Euglena
Euglena and the Grameen Krisi Foundation led by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, since October 2014, as a social business aimed at improving income and living in rural areas suffering from poverty, the mung bean cultivation "Mungbean Project" ( We are working on the Mung Bean Project). This is the world's first social business initiative in the agricultural field.

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-Contact for inquiries from the press-
Euglena Co., Ltd. Corporate Communication Division

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