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Application Period: September 1 [Fri] - October 15 [Sun], 2023  


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Commit to Our Future
~beyond Euglena~

Euglena Group is working to solve social issues to realize a sustainable future.

While talking with future generations about our future, there have been many realizations so far.
We should become a world in which the opinions of those who live in the future are reflected as a matter of course.
With that mind,
CFO (Chief Future Officer) under the age of 18 was born and we have gone on a journey together. 

The CFO's task is everything to change the future and the company.


Euglena Group seeks a CFO who, as a “central player of the future,”
someone who can define social issues, discover and propose impactful solutions.
We are looking for persons who can not only discover problems, but also have a strong will and ability to take action to solve them, and work together with the Euglena Group.

About Call for CFO

To create a sustainable future.
We are looking for a CFO (Chief Future Officer) under the age of 18.
At the same time, we are also looking fowar up to 3 members to participate in the summit who will be involved in the formulation of Euglena Group's sustainability actions and goal-setting. 

Role of CFO

Management of summits involved in formulating sustainability actions and goals for the Euglena Group. Chairman of the Sustainability Committee. Responding to interviews, participating in Euglena 's annual shareholders' meeting, participating in various related meetings and events, and making announcements and presentations as the CFO of Euglena Group.

Contract terms

After the selection, a new CFO will sign the outsourcing contract with the Euglena Group in February 2024. The term of contract is one year* until January 31, 2025. Compensation will be determined within the scope of our company's regulations, taking into consideration the individual's circumstances (school rules, etc.).
*May be extended

Points to note

Activities such as the summit are basically in Tokyo or online. Depending on your age and place of residence, you may be required to be accompanied by a guardian. For details, please check the application rules on the entry page.

* Application requirements and application selection flow are subject to change in the future.

SUMMIT MEMBERSummit Member maximum
3 people
Role of Summit Members

Participation in summits where CFO and summit members discuss sustainability actions and formulate sustainability-realted goals. 

* Scheduled to be held once to several times a month
Ajustment of the specific schedule will be made after the CFO and members are decided.

Contract terms

Participation in the summit is treated as an internship. There is no contract between Euglena and summit members. The activity period is one year until January 31, 2025.

Points to note

Activities such as the summit are basically in Tokyo or online. Depending on your age and place of residence, you may be required to be accompanied by a guardian. For details, please check the application rules on the entry page.

* Application requirements and application selection flow are subject to change in the future.

How to apply


About the entry


・How do you describe yourself (your characteristics) in one word? 
・What are the main social problems you want to solve in this world? 
・Why do you want to solve the social problem you mentioned above? 

​ ​


 As a CFO, you will work on your project to solve social problems you mentioned above through Euglena Co., Ltd. Tell us about your proposal on the CFO project.
・Title of the project
・Purpose of the project
・What do you think Euglena Co., Ltd. should do to solve social problems you mentioned above?
・As a CFO, how do you plan to manage your project? For example, how will you manage your project schedule, team members, and communications with Euglena's employees?

Application / Selection Process

  1. STEP 1

  2. STEP 2

  3. STEP 3

  4. STEP 4

  5. STEP 5

    最終面接(リアル または オンライン/日英可)
  6. STEP 6


About the explanation sessions

Online explanation session will be held in early September.

We will explain about what is required for a CFO,
and the specific schedule of activities.
Everyone who is considering entry is encouraged to actively participate.

If you would like to participate in the online explanation session, please register by clicking the "ENTRY" button below.

(*Participation in the explanation session is limited to the person making the entry.)

"Asked future adults"

Dialogue with elementary school students, which led to the establishment of the CFO.

"I asked the adults of the future."

Click here for the details of the previous CFO / Summit members
 and their activities

Examples of 
our Sustainability Initiatives


In order to further realize the Euglena Philosophy of "Sustainability First", we established and operate the Sustainability Committee inFebruary 2023. The Committee discusses 
Euglena Group's sustainability activities and goals and strategies for promoting ESG management.

The Sustainability Committee is established directly under the Board of Directors as an advisory body to the Board of Directors, and
deliberates on the direction of sustainability goals and initiatives for the entire Group.
In fiscal 2023, the 3rd generation CFO has served as chairman, and the members includes directors, outside directors, and Executive Officer.
We have been deliberating on the direction of CO2 reduction targets, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, etc. for the entire Group.

Examples of 
our Sustainability Initiatives

Euglena GENKI Program

Euglena was founded when President Izumo visited Bangladesh when he was a student and witnessed children suffering from malnutrition. The "Euglena GENKI Program" distributes nutritious Euglena-containing cookies to Bangladeshi children free of charge with a portion of the sales of the target products as a sponsorship. We want to deliver sufficient nutrients to as many people as possible and help everyone's happiness. Until the day when the children who will bear the future can live in good health. We will continue to work.

Biofuel Business

Climate change is advancing every moment. What kind of global environment can we, who live in the present, leave for our children and future generations? Not facing global warming now will rob children of the future. We are planning to build a commercial production system for the biofuel "SUSTEO" by 2025.
Our goal is to expand the supporters who manufacture and use the biofuel "SUSTEO" throughout Japan in order to protect the future of children.

For inquiries regarding “Euglena Call for CFO,” please contact us from the following. Please note that we cannot answer individual questions regarding the selection, etc.

Inquiries about the "Euglena Call for CFO"

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