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No one can do it,
Large amount of Euglena outdoors
Establish culture technology.

World's first outdoor mass culture of Euglena



* Equipment at the time of 2005 (different from the present)

Start a business without establishing technology

Just one earpick in a month.
Mitsuru Izumo, the founder of Euglena, was worried. As of the summer of 2005, this was the limit of the amount of Euglena that could be cultivated. Euglena, located at the bottom of the food chain, is also a feast for bacteria, plankton, and insects because of its high nutritional value. No matter how clean the environment is, if even a small amount of other microorganisms invade from the outside, it will be consumed immediately. So far, no researcher in the world has been able to overcome this barrier.
"How can we increase only Euglena in large quantities?"

If it takes a month for a full earpick, commercialization is almost impossible. Euglena Co., Ltd. with the determination that it would definitely succeed. Yes, I didn't start a company because the culture technology was completed. They set up a company to drive themselves to achieve mass culture. Of course, it was a big bet of one or eight.

Euglena seen under a microscope

This decision of Izumo moved Professor Nagahisa Nakano of Osaka Prefecture University, who is an authority on Euglena research. He asked teachers all over Japan, "Would you like to help the two young people?" Thanks to that, Izumo and Suzuki proceeded with their research based on the data of the preceding teachers.

The change of viewpoint

"No matter how clean the environment is, it costs a lot to eliminate the inclusion of microorganisms and foreign substances, but if it can only be propagated under such sterile conditions, Euglena must have been extinct. Then, in the natural world, there may be an environment where only Euglena can breed ...? "

With that in mind, Izumo, along with Suzuki, a director who handles actual research, changed his mind. Instead of creating a "clean environment that does not allow foreign substances to enter", we switched to aiming for a "culture environment where only Euglena can live".

For example, to prevent the invasion of mosquitoes, the mosquito net can be doubled or tripled, but there will always be a gap when people come and go. Once a mosquito gets inside, you can suck blood as much as you want. But what about mosquito coils? It's an open environment, so if you want to get closer, you can get as close as you want, but the mosquitoes will run away because they don't like smoke, and they won't be sucked blood. In other words, it is sufficient to create a "culture environment that can be put in but cannot be approached except for Euglena".

And December 16, 2005. Suzuki from Ishigaki Island called Izumo to discuss future company operations in the conference room.

Clockwise from left: Suzuki, teacher Nakano, Izumo

"Mr. Izumo, I did it! The pool was full of Euglena."
"Yes, it's still growing steadily. There is no doubt that the culture was successful. We will" harvest "from now on!"
I thought I could succeed someday, but I wasn't sure when I could. Izumo thought that he would rise to heaven in response to the news from Suzuki.

The Euglena harvested at this time weighs 66 kilograms in a dry state. It was the moment when Euglena, which could only be cultivated in grams, opened the way to commercialization. This is an event three years after starting research on mass culture and four months after the establishment of the company. (As of April 2017, it has an annual production capacity of up to 160 tons).

Successful culturing of Euglena could not be achieved without the help of Professor Nakano of Osaka Prefecture University and other teachers who cooperated with us. Indeed, Izumo and Suzuki received the baton of research, which researchers all over Japan had been doing for decades, as the final runners, and were given the glory of cutting the goal tape of culture.

Euglena Data

-About nutrients contained in Euglena-


  • Representative Director and President Mitsuru Izumo

    "Thanks to Dr. Nakano and other teachers who have been studying Euglena. I was happy and relieved to succeed."

  • Operating officer
    In charge of research and development
    Kengo Suzuki

    "I was happy to have a system in place to provide new materials by combining the wisdom and ideas of everyone who has been researched so far. In the future, we will continue to pursue research and development that can provide even better products and services. I would like to come."

euglena Projects


Bangladeshi children
Find the material to save.


Euglena, which no one can do
Establish outdoor mass culture technology.


Raise it to the 30 billion yen market.


Lunch for all elementary schools.


CO emitted from the chimney 2 so
Incubate Euglena.


Euglena cosmetics business
Launch it.


Japan's first bio-jet fuel
Build a manufacturing plant.


The name of "Euglena"
Use it as a weapon.


Euglena in China
Spread it.


Acquire super-Euglena.


Solve the poverty issue in Bangladesh with the Mung Bean Project.


Develop a new product with Takeda using Euglena.


Cultivate Euglena using sewage in sewage treatment plants.


Create a set of guiding principles for euglena’s employees.


Cultivate Euglena using Japanese proprietary technology.


Aim to create an office that promotes a pleasant working environment for our employees.


Establish the Yugurin Nursery School next to our office.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island with Euglena.


Raise awareness of Euglena
Jointly develop new products


Open a Euglena café on Ishigaki Island.


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.


Diesel fuel with euglena
Put it to practical use in collaboration with Isuzu Motors.


Produce biofuel using Euglena.





The world's first euglena and chlorella
Obtain ASC-MSC algae certification.


Build synergy with group companies.


With new friends
Make people healthy at the genetic level.


With Jiyugaoka
Spread Euglena.


Launch a processing plant for Euglena supplements.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island through the power of science.


Develop new Euglena core cosmetics.


Contribute toward solving food shortages among Rohingya refugees.


Beauty ingredients derived from Euglena
Elucidate the research.


Supporting students in taking on challenges!
Start all-year-round recruitment.


Acquire Halal certification for Euglena and Chlorella.


Euglena that extends healthy life expectancy
Discover the possibilities.


Taketomi Island prawn farming business


Drive your car on Euglena biodiesel fuel at the G20 Karuizawa.


Plan a mascot character to communicate the appeal of Euglena from Ishigaki Island.


Recruit and select CFOs (Chief Financial Officers).


Domestic Kalahari watermelon