vol.29 理科のチカラで石垣島の地域活性に貢献せよ。 | サステナブルタイムズ by ユーグレナ | Sustainable Times by euglena

euglena Project


With the power of science
For regional revitalization of Ishigaki Island

"Mifaiyu Project" Science Experiment Class



I want to support cutting-edge research

In the summer of 2009, Tomoko Okuyama participated in a barbecue.
When I participated, there was a young man wearing glasses that I met for the first time.
Izumo (currently President and CEO) when he was young.

The barbecue was held by Shikiya (currently Chairman of Yaeyama Sangyo Co., Ltd.), the president of Yaeyama Sangyo Co., Ltd., which provided Euglena
"I'm going to set up a laboratory, so I'm looking for someone to help me."

At that time, Euglena Co., Ltd. was renting a corner of Yaeyama Sangyo for research, and was planning to set up a new production technology research institute. Okuyama ran for the spot, saying, "I have achieved the world's first research, if I can support the researcher."
About two and a half years after barbecue, Okuyama Euglena Co., Ltd. in January 2012.

Okuyama (front) who works with various places such as coordination

Giving back to the "hometown" of Euglena

"Can you think of a project that will be useful for Ishigaki Island?"

Immediately after joining the company, Okuyama, who has been struggling with the opening ceremony of the Institute of Industrial Science, was approached by Nagata (currently Vice President and COO), General Manager of the Corporate Strategy Department.

"I want everyone on Ishigaki Island Our. If I could do that with a business that can contribute to the local community."

For Okuyama from Ishigaki Island, I was happy to be able to contribute to the local community, especially if it would benefit my company.

After discussing the project proposal with my colleagues, the project was made into the following three main points.
・ Sports support such as holding basketball tournaments on Ishigaki Island and attracting professional basketball games
・ Support for the Ishigaki Island Marathon and regional promotion support such as naming rights such as Euglena
(Euglena Project vol.17)
・ Holding a science experiment class aimed at expanding interest in environmental issues, biodiversity, and science for children and students on Ishigaki Island

The project was named "Mifaiyu (Thank You) Project" with a feeling of gratitude for the people of Ishigaki Island who support the production of Euglena

Okuyama will be in charge of the science experiment class.
From searching for a school to hold the event, visiting the school to explain the project, and making fine adjustments with the school until the event was held. Since the school curriculum has been decided, it was more difficult than expected to have a new science experiment classroom incorporated.
However, Okuyama continued to negotiate persistently and succeeded in coordinating with multiple schools for the event.

In June 2012, one month after the launch of the "Mifaiyu Project," the first memorable science experiment class was finally held.

First holding of science experiment class

Rookie, Minakami struggle

Five years after the first science experiment class, in October 2017 and April of the same year, a new fellow, Mizukami, came to Ishigaki as a researcher at the Production Technology Research Institute.

One day, as I continued to devote myself to research at the home of the long-sought Euglena culture, a senior researcher asked me to be an assistant in the science experiment class.
I was happy to see the science experiment class up close and the children laughing happily in the experiment.
After several assistants, he was officially appointed as a "teacher" in the science experiment classroom from April 2018.

"I was left to the classroom that my seniors had been doing for a long time.

Although I had experience as a cram school teacher when I was a student, it was my first time to teach elementary school students.
Since elementary school students' understanding of science changes greatly depending on the grade, it is necessary to change the explanation so that they can understand the result of the experiment, "Why did this result occur?" In each grade.
I changed the progress, compared the principle to something familiar, and made trial and error.

Mizukami (left) standing on the platform of a science experiment class for the first time
A ball made in an experiment in which a calcium solution is added to sticky (alginic acid) contained in kelp, which is a member of algae (right).

Besides devising the contents, the preparation for the experiment was more difficult than I had imagined.
However, I was happy to see the pure reactions of the children and students who participated in the experiment class, and to hear directly from acquaintances that "the child wanted to go to the science experiment class."

Currently, Okuyama says, "If you leave it to Mr. Mizukami, there will be no problem in the science experiment class!"
On the other hand, "Mr. Okuyama makes detailed arrangements, so the science experiment classroom is established," says Mizukami.

In October 2018, the range of activities expanded to the entire Yaeyama area, such as holding the first science experiment class on Iriomote Island.
Okuyama and Mizukami, the challenge of three-legged race will continue.

Posted in April 2019


Production Technology Development Department Production Technology Development Team Saki Mizukami (left)

Joined the company in 2017.
Researching new culture methods for Euglena that are useful for product development and sales.
"I would like to utilize the presentation skills I have cultivated in the science experiment classroom in the field of research."

Special Mission Office Tomoko Okuyama (right)

Joined the company in 2012.
He has been in his current position since April 2019.
In addition to the Mifaiyu project in general, he is involved in the management of Euglena
"The goal is to fill up the applications for the science experiment class so that you will want to scream."

euglena Projects


Bangladeshi children
Find the material to save.


Euglena, which no one can do
Establish outdoor mass culture technology.


Raise it to the 30 billion yen market.


Lunch for all elementary schools.


CO emitted from the chimney 2 so
Incubate Euglena.


Euglena cosmetics business
Launch it.


Japan's first bio-jet fuel
Build a manufacturing plant.


The name of "Euglena"
Use it as a weapon.


Euglena in China
Spread it.


Acquire super-Euglena.


Solve the poverty issue in Bangladesh with the Mung Bean Project.


Develop a new product with Takeda using Euglena.


Cultivate Euglena using sewage in sewage treatment plants.


Create a set of guiding principles for euglena’s employees.


Cultivate Euglena using Japanese proprietary technology.


Aim to create an office that promotes a pleasant working environment for our employees.


Establish the Yugurin Nursery School next to our office.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island with Euglena.


Raise awareness of Euglena
Jointly develop new products


Open a Euglena café on Ishigaki Island.


Raise Hinai chickens using Euglena as animal feed.


Diesel fuel with euglena
Put it to practical use in collaboration with Isuzu Motors.


Produce biofuel using Euglena.





The world's first euglena and chlorella
Obtain ASC-MSC algae certification.


Build synergy with group companies.


With new friends
Make people healthy at the genetic level.


With Jiyugaoka
Spread Euglena.


Launch a processing plant for Euglena supplements.


Contribute to community revitalization on Ishigaki Island through the power of science.


Develop new Euglena core cosmetics.


Contribute toward solving food shortages among Rohingya refugees.


Beauty ingredients derived from Euglena
Elucidate the research.


Supporting students in taking on challenges!
Start all-year-round recruitment.


Acquire Halal certification for Euglena and Chlorella.


Euglena that extends healthy life expectancy
Discover the possibilities.


Taketomi Island prawn farming business


Drive your car on Euglena biodiesel fuel at the G20 Karuizawa.


Plan a mascot character to communicate the appeal of Euglena from Ishigaki Island.


Recruit and select CFOs (Chief Financial Officers).


Domestic Kalahari watermelon