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euglena Project


Create a set of guiding principles for euglena’s employees.

Birth of "euglism"

2014.08 – 2015.10


The number of friends has increased rapidly due to listing,
Need a guideline for "us"

Summer 2014, about two years after listing on TSE Mothers.
With the expansion of business and the improvement of the name recognition by listing, new friends joined at once. Yasuma, a public relations officer, felt that the phase of the company was changing rapidly from when he joined the company in April 2011.

"The company grows steadily ...!"

Yasuma began to feel that the range of Euglena ness" that each of them thinks is expanding unexpectedly between the colleagues who have been with us before the listing and the newly added colleagues with diverse backgrounds. ..

"If nothing is done, the directions that our friends are aiming for will be different ..."

Yasuma is in a position to consider branding for internal and external use as public relations, and Our information and convey it to society.
I thought I had to deal with this situation, so I consulted with Nagata, a director who was my direct supervisor at the time.

"Now that the number of new colleagues is increasing rapidly, do you need a guideline that you can rely on while working?"

Nagata agreed with Yasuma's opinion.
"It's a good time for our phase to move offices as the number of people increases, ahead of the market change to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Alright, let's put together a guideline for what Euglena 's friends should be. "

In this way, an action guideline for colleagues working at Euglena Co., Ltd., which was later called "euglism", was created.

Our fellow action guidelines

Yasuma acted immediately.
By the end of 2014, we planned to set the direction and hold a workshop at the company-wide meeting at the beginning of 2015 with Our colleagues and directors to create a plan to be the basis of "euglism".

The code of conduct is one of the important axes for those who work at the company.
"It's meaningless if the people who actually use it can't personalize it, but how can we get everyone involved ...?"
Yasuma thought that it was important to involve company colleagues and create a bloody action guideline, and came up with the idea of having all of them discuss at the timing of the "company-wide meeting" where company-wide colleagues gather. After a lot of trial and error, he planned carefully and worked with team member Hibiki at the time to prepare for the execution.

The day of the company-wide meeting in January 2015.
Yasuma headed to the venue with the explanatory materials and handouts prepared by that day. Then, after including bases other than Tokyo such as Ishigaki Island, we divided the company's colleagues into 13 teams and started group work. in order to give the underlying idea of euglism (Yugurizumu), "What do you want to work in the company," "Do I want to work and what kind of fellow," "Our corporate philosophy, from the business, Euglena, such as how the people working in the company Can you imagine it as a person? "

State when a workshop was held at a company-wide meeting in January 2015
All members and officers in the company including the base worked on the work

"Euglena are bright and positive people!" "I want to be friends who can understand various values!" "I want to have independence and a sense of responsibility in my work!" I summarized the opinions from the team. Then, using the contents, I made a draft that will be the basis of euglism, and finally had the officers discuss it.

And April 2015.
Finally, the action guideline "euglism" has been formulated.
We have compiled 10 guidelines that are indispensable as a member of Euglena, such as "enjoy diversity," "make the earth healthy," "ownership," "always up-to-date, always the best," and "self-responsibility."

Booklet with "euglism"

That is not all.
We created a booklet containing "euglism" and a business card holder that made the booklet always portable, and distributed it to all of our colleagues Our He thought that "euglism" would really permeate his friends by "listening, using, and touching" them frequently.

Create a business card holder for all Our colleagues in collaboration with Motherhouse
Custom-made so that "euglism booklet" can be put in the business card holder
(Lower right: The booklet looks like euglism)

"Euglism" is still growing with friends.

Posted in February 2018 * Information is as of the time of posting.

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