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15 companies from 2 cities newly support the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration that makes Japan an advanced biofuel country!
Through the use of next-generation biodiesel fuel, the number of companies, local governments, and organizations aiming to continue climate change countermeasures even in the corona disaster has expanded to 27.

Euglena Co., Ltd.

 Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuru Izumo) has newly agreed with 15 companies in 2 cities to declare "GREEN OIL JAPAN" aiming to make Japan an advanced biofuel country. I will inform you of what you have done.

imageLogos of 15 companies in 2 cities that have decided to newly support the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration and existing supporting local governments / companies / organizations (gray frame)

 We started research and development of biofuels in 2010, and with the goal of producing biofuels derived from domestic algae, Japan's first biojet / diesel fuel production demonstration plant (hereinafter referred to as "biofuel production demonstration plant"). ) With the completion (October 31, 2018), Yokohama City, Chiyoda Kako Construction, Itochu Enex, Isuzu Motors, ANA Holdings, Hiroshima Motor Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Promotion Council (hereinafter referred to as "Hiro Jiren") * 1-1 With 5 companies and 1 organization in the city as supporters, we announced the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration aiming to "make Japan an advanced biofuel country" * 2.
 And this time, in addition to the supporting companies and organizations so far, 15 companies in 2 cities will newly support the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration. As a result, the total number of companies and organizations that support the declaration is 27 (3 cities, 23 companies, 1 organization). Euglena The number of companies and organizations that use biodiesel fuel has also expanded to 14 companies and 1 organization, and other companies that cooperate in the recovery of used cooking oil and the introduction and dissemination of biofuel have been added to the declaration. I joined the agreement.

 In the future, we will continue to contribute to green recovery (green recovery) * 3 even under the spread of the new coronavirus infection, together with supporting companies and organizations, so that we will never delay concrete measures against climate change. , The public and private sectors will work together to realize a sustainable society through biofuels. Specifically, we will cooperate with companies and organizations that support the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration, which share the same aspiration to solve environmental problems, to cooperate in the recovery of used cooking oil, which is the raw material for biofuels, and to manufacture biofuels. Euglena biodiesel fuel" manufactured at the demonstration plant, and will continue to gradually expand it to the "cars" and "generators" that surround our lives.
* 1: Organizations and companies that have been working together on the "Domestic Biofuel Plan" since December 2015 (Hiro Jiren has participated since June 2018).
* 2: Released on November 2, 2018 After that, Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus Co., Ltd., FamilyMart Co., Ltd., and JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd. Announced support for the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration.
* 3: One of the after-corona policies advocated mainly in Europe to tackle environmental problems such as a carbon-free society in order to revive the world economy affected by the new coronavirus infection.

The roles of supporting companies and organizations are as follows.

Roles of companies, local governments, and organizations that support the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration

● New supporters of the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" Declaration Roles of local governments, companies, and organizations
<Use of "Euglena biodiesel fuel", etc .: 11 companies>
・ Denso
We provide the microalgae Kokkomixa KJ as a part of the raw material for biofuel, and using the biofuel, we are evaluating the actual vehicle running from April 21 on the bus (2 units) operated in-house at the head office.

・ Shimizu Corporation
Biofuel will be used from July 23 on the Technical Research Institute Limousine Bus (1 unit)
Considering adoption for heavy machinery at key sites in Tokyo in the future

・ Kansai Electric Power
Biofuel will be used in the sales vehicle (1 unit) of the Osaka Kita Corporate Sales Headquarters

・ San-Ai Oil
Biofuel will be used from May 11 on special vehicles (3 units) for refueling jet fuel at Haneda Airport

・ Sanwa Energy / Daido Fuel (Usami Group)
Biofuel storage and fuel delivery
Sanwa Energy: Biofuel will be used for tank truck (1 unit)

・ Shin Nihon Kasei
Biofuel will be used in AdBlue delivery vehicle

・ University of Nagano
Biofuel will be used in one emergency generator on campus

・ Fujimi Kogen Resort
Biofuel will be used in one generator in the resort facility in Nagano Prefecture

・ Rokukyo
Biofuel will be used in the generator (1 unit) of the crusher that turns concrete waste such as construction waste into recycled crushed stone and heavy machinery at the site in Nagano prefecture.

・ Suzuki oil and fat
Biofuel will be used in one truck for collecting used cooking oil


・ Yoshikawa fats and oils
Collection, refining and sales of used cooking oil

Procurement of domestic and foreign used cooking oil for commercial biofuel plants

・ Marusho
Collection, refining and sales of used cooking oil

<Cooperation for the introduction and popularization of other biofuels: 2 cities>
・ Ishigaki City
Support for efforts to popularize biofuels in Ishigaki City as a future city of SDGs

・ Saga City
Support for efforts to research and disseminate biofuels in Saga City

● Existing supporters of the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration Local governments / companies / organizations: 1 city, 8 companies, 1 organization
・ Euglena Co., Ltd.
Euglena oil and fat, operation of biofuel production demonstration plant, supply of biojet / diesel fuel

·Yokohama City
Yokohama, the future city of SDGs, will be led by the Yokohama SDGs Design Center to support efforts to popularize biofuels in Yokohama.

・ Chiyoda Corporation
Consideration of biofuel use at construction sites, technical study support for commercial plants

・ Itochu Enex
Procurement of biomass raw materials, sales cooperation of biofuels

・ Isuzu Motors
Continued evaluation by demonstrative use of next-generation biodiesel
Next-generation biofuel will be used from April 1, 2020 on the shuttle bus (2 units) between Fujisawa Factory and Shonandai Station.

・ ANA Holdings
Development cooperation for flight implementation with bio-jet fuel

・ Hiro Jiren
Coordination of the entire demonstration project in Hiroshima Prefecture, promotion of utilization of local resources as a raw material for biofuels, promotion of renewable energy-related projects in the region
Biofuels are used in public and company vehicles of participating organizations, Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, and Mazda Motor Corporation (4 units in total)

・ Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus
Biofuel will be used from March 28 on a fixed-route bus (1 bus) running in Yokohama city.

・ Family Mart
Biofuel will be used in one delivery vehicle in Yokohama city
Providing used cooking oil collected from 3 FamilyMart stores in Yokohama and Hiroshima (2 in Yokohama and 1 in Hiroshima) as part of the raw material for biofuels

・ JR Bus Kanto
Biofuel will be used from August 22 on the regular sightseeing bus (Shibayama course) departing from Narita Airport Terminal 2.

● Comment from our president Izumo
"In order to lead Japan into a biofuel-developed country, it has been decided to work Euglena At the same time as aiming for economic recovery from the epidemic of illness, we believe that working on green recovery is indispensable for protecting the future of children in the future. To solve environmental problems that are progressing as a crisis. We will work with companies that support the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration to realize a sustainable society through biofuels. "

● About the "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration
The "GREEN OIL JAPAN" declaration states that Euglena biofuels manufactured at the biofuel production demonstration plant will be introduced into mobile vehicles on land, sea, and air, and that supporters who will manufacture and use Euglena With the goal of establishing a biofuel business as an industry by expanding to, SDGs "GOAL7: Energy for everyone and cleanliness", "GOAL13: Specific measures for climate change", "GOAL17" : Achieve goals through partnerships ”.

"GREEN OIL JAPAN" Declaration HP:
Inquiries about "GREEN OIL JAPAN":

For PR TIMESeuglena biofuel logo 1000x1000

● About Euglena Biojet Diesel Fuel
Biofuels are theoretically CO compared to existing fossil fuels 2 It is a renewable liquid fuel with low emissions, and is becoming widespread all over the world, mainly in Europe and the United States. On the other hand, conventional biofuels are mainly made from crops such as corn, sugar cane, soybeans, and palms, so problems such as competition with food and an increase in greenhouse gases due to deforestation have been pointed out.
Euglena Biojet Diesel Fuel manufactured by our company Euglena oil and used cooking oil as the main raw materials, so that it will be a highly sustainable fuel without causing problems such as competition with food and deforestation. Is expected. In addition, it can be applied to existing engines that use fossil fuels without any problems, and it does not incur the large infrastructure costs required for the transition to alternative energies such as hydrogen and electricity. It may spread efficiently while maintaining the existing infrastructure, and its use may expand.

● About Euglena Co., Ltd.
In 2005, we succeeded in establishing the world's first edible outdoor mass culture technology for the Euglena In addition to developing and selling functional foods and cosmetics that utilize Euglena chlorella produced on Ishigaki Island, we are also conducting research toward the production of biofuels. Listed on TSE Mothers in December 2012. TSE First Section market change in December 2014.

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