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It was confirmed that continuous intake of Ishigaki Island Euglena may solve the complex health anxiety of modern people and lead to health from the ground up.
Confirmed "suppression of stress-induced symptoms and improvement of sleep quality" in human clinical trials

Euglena Co., Ltd.

 Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuru Izumo) has been conducting work stress load by continuously ingesting Euglena We confirmed the research results showing the adjustment of autonomic nerve balance * 1, suppression of irritability and tension, and improvement of sleep quality.
 The results of this study show the potential in healthcare of Euglena Ishigakijima, which solves the complex health anxieties of modern people such as mental and physical fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep, and leads to fundamental health.
 The results of this research were announced at the "74th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science" * 2.
* 1: Autonomic nerves are composed of active sympathetic nerves and relaxing parasympathetic nerves, and control functions such as internal organs, metabolism, and body temperature. If you lose your balance due to stress or fatigue, you will have physical and mental disorders.
* 2: The 74th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science was canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, but the announcement was made by posting the abstracts of the conference lectures on the conference website.

● Summary of research results
By continuous intake of Euglena
) It was shown that it may adjust the balance of autonomic nerves under work stress loadand make it easier to maintain physical and mental health.
  If the autonomic nerves are out of balance, the sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves cannot be switched smoothly, making it difficult to maintain physical and mental health. Euglena powder balances the autonomic nerves and facilitates switching between sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.
(2)It was shown to suppress the feeling of frustration and tension under work stress load.
  When the autonomic nerves are out of balance, it is easy to feel frustration, anxiety, and tension. By adjusting the balance of the autonomic nerves, it becomes difficult to feel various symptoms caused by stress.
It has been shown to improve sleep quality.
  Imbalanced autonomic nerves can lead to poor sleep quality, such as poor sleep and light sleep. By balancing the autonomic nerves, it becomes easier to get a satisfying sleep.

Autonomic balance


● Purpose of research
 According to a questionnaire survey * 3 conducted by our company, "stress" and "easy to get tired" account for nearly 40% of the top concerns about health of modern people, and in many surveys such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. However, it was found that "stress" occupies the top position and many modern people are feeling stress.
* 3: Internet survey conducted in July 2019 (men and women aged 20 to 79 years nationwide n = 1,900)
 We keep the body in a constant state by controlling the balance of the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system to protect the body from stress. However, when the autonomic nerves are out of balance due to excessive stress, resistance to stress weakens, and various physical and mental symptoms such as poor sleep quality and decreased motivation occur. These symptoms also lead to weakened immunity, and it is easy to fall into a vicious cycle such as difficulty in keeping the body in a constant state.

Negative cycle

 Drink imageIn this study, for men and women aged 20 to 64 years or younger who are suffering from decreased motivation and poor sleep quality, Euglena powder 500 mg-containing food intake group, 1,000 mg-containing food intake group, and 3,000 mg-containing food Set an intake group or a placebo food intake group, and before intake, at the 4th, 8th, and 12th weeks of intake, work stress load * 4 similar to the Uchida Kleperin test, as well as autonomic nerves, psychological aspects, sleep quality, etc. We measured various indicators and Euglena powder on physical and mental symptoms.
* 4: Work stress load caused by performing monotonous work for a long time by performing single-digit addition for 15 minutes in the first half and 30 minutes in the second half with a break of 5 minutes.

● Research content and results
(1) Euglena powder regulates the balance of autonomic nerves in people under work stress load.
 The autonomic nerve balance (LF / HF value * 5) was measured at three timings: before the work stress load, immediately after the work stress load, and 60 minutes after the work stress load.
 As a result, the LF / HF value increased due to work stress load, and the LF / HF value 4 weeks after ingestion of a person with strong disturbance of autonomic nerve balance was 500 mg of Euglena The above intakes showed low values, especially in the food intake group containing 1,000 mg of Euglena
 These results indicate that Euglena powder significantly regulates autonomic balance in people under work stress.
* 5: Using the ratio of the high frequency component (HF) that reflects the activation of the parasympathetic nerve and the low frequency component (LF) that reflects the activation of the sympathetic nerve in the fluctuation of the heartbeat controlled by the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve. To estimate the autonomic balance.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Changes in autonomic nerve balance (LF / HF value) over time

Euglena powder suppresses the feeling of irritation and tension under work stress.
  Various psychological indicators were measured by VAS (Visual Analog Scale) * 6 at three timings: before work stress load, immediately after work stress load, and 60 minutes after work stress load.
 As a result, the change amount of irritability and tension after work stress after ingestion 12 weeks compared to placebo food ingestion group, Euglena inhibited ingestion above powder 500mg, especially Euglena powder 1,000mg containing food intake group Was significantly suppressed (Fig. 2).
 From the above results, Euglena powder suppresses the feeling of irritation and tension under work stress.
* 6: Used to evaluate the intensity of specific sensations and emotions.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Amount of change in irritability and tension over time

Euglena powder has been shown to improve sleep quality
  Satisfaction with sleep was measured by VAS before, 4th, 8th, and 12th week of ingestion of Euglena
 As a result, after 4 weeks of ingestion, the amount of change in sleep satisfaction was significantly improved over time and in a concentration-dependent manner when Euglena (Fig. 3).
 These results indicate that continued intake of Euglena


Figure 3Figure 3: Amount of change in subjective sleep satisfaction over time


<About Ishigaki Island Euglena >
Ishigakijima Euglena is a type of algae similar to wakame seaweed, kelp, and chlorella. It has the characteristics of both animals and plants, and has a well-balanced balance of 59 types of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids. Includes. Paramylon, which is a component unique to Euglena and is a type of β-glucan, has been studied for its functionality in recent years and is expected to be used in the healthcare field such as foods and cosmetics. We capture the facts of the interrelationships of "malnutrition," "mental and physical fatigue," and "immunity weakness," and focus on the complex factors that hinder the foundation of health. It is important to achieve sustainable health, not temporary, by maintaining the body's original cycle of "creating, working, and protecting" and improving it to a better state, regardless of factors that hinder the foundation of health. I think.

● Related past research releases
・ Euglena and the unique component paramylon act on immune cells and nerve cells (March 2020).
・ In human clinical trials, it was confirmed that continuous intake of Euglena effectively contributes to the state of the brain (May 2019).

● "Euglena Healthcare Lab"
This website provides information on the health functions of Euglena

<About Euglena Co., Ltd.>
In 2005, we succeeded in establishing the world's first edible outdoor mass culture technology for the Euglena In addition to developing and selling functional foods and cosmetics that utilize the Euglena and Chlorella produced on Ishigaki Island, we are also conducting research toward the production of biofuels. Listed on TSE Mothers in December 2012. TSE First Section market change in December 2014. The management philosophy is "to make people and the earth healthy".

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