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Euglena x Denso, comprehensive alliance for business development utilizing microalgae
-Contributing to the development of a sustainable society through the fusion of technologies-

Euglena Co., Ltd.
Denso Corporation

Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuru Izumo, hereinafter "Euglena") and Denso Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Koji Arima, hereinafter "Denso") We are pleased to inform you that we have reached a basic agreement to bring together our knowledge of microalgae and to form a comprehensive alliance for the practical application of various businesses.

Figure 3

            Left: Microalgae Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena)         Right: Microalgae Kokkomixa KJ

In 2005, Euglena succeeded in establishing the world's first edible outdoor mass culture technology for microalgae Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena) on Ishigaki Island. Based on our management philosophy of "Health for people and the earth," we develop and sell functional foods and cosmetics that utilize microalgae Euglena and chlorella produced on Ishigaki Island.
 DENSO is an automobile parts supplier that provides advanced automobile technologies, systems and products to automobile manufacturers around the world. With the mission of "contributing to people's well-being through the creation of new value," we are developing various businesses by applying the technologies we have cultivated in the automobile field, such as lifestyle and industry-related equipment, while focusing on the automobile-related field. increase.
 From this comprehensive alliance, the two companies will promote a business alliance with the aim of fusing each other's technologies related to microalgae and contributing to the protection of the global environment and the healthy living of people.
 The items of the comprehensive alliance are as follows.

1. 1. Development of biofuel business
2. Research and development of microalgae culture technology
3. 3. Use of algae for foods and cosmetics
Four. Material production by microalgae

1. 1. Development of biofuel business
  Establishing a business of "making fuel from microalgae" is a big challenge that no one in the world has yet achieved. Euglena is leading the commercialization plan of domestic biojet diesel fuel toward 2020, Euglena, and biofuel production demonstration plant completed at the end of October 2018. We plan to manufacture and supply biojet diesel fuel from 2019. In November 2018, we newly declared "GREEN OIL JAPAN" with the aim of "making Japan an advanced biofuel country."
 On the other hand, since 2008, Denso has been engaged in research on biofuels utilizing the microalgae Kokkomixa KJ (formerly known as Pseudocolixistis), aiming to research the improvement of the accumulation efficiency of fats and oils in the algae and to establish outdoor mass culture technology. We are conducting a demonstration experiment.
 This alliance aims to establish the biofuel business, which is the goal of "GREEN OIL JAPAN", as an industry, and by realizing the production of biofuel using multiple microalgae as raw materials, diversification of future raw material procurement. We will accelerate research toward the conversion and stable supply of biojet and diesel fuel. Specifically, we aim to manufacture and supply biofuel by using fats and oils extracted from Kokkomixa KJ in addition to fats and oils of the Euglena as part of the raw materials in Our, Denso is also considering using some of the biodiesel fuel it produces for its in-house buses.

2. Research and development of microalgae culture technology
  Producing microalgae on a large scale, stably, and at a lower cost than before is a common challenge for both companies. Euglena Co., Ltd. is conducting research and development on outdoor mass cultivation technology of Euglena for fuel at the Algae Energy Research Institute in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture, in addition to mass cultivation production of Euglena and chlorella in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture.
 DENSO is conducting research and development of outdoor mass culture process of Kokkomixa KJ in Aichi prefecture and Amakusa city, Kumamoto prefecture, utilizing the engineering technology, management and Kaizen know-how cultivated in the manufacturing of automobile parts.
 In this alliance, the two companies will further improve the productivity of microalgaes by mutually complementing the technologies and know-how related to the processes such as breeding, culturing, recovery and extraction of microalgaes that they have cultivated so far.

3. 3. Use for food, cosmetics, etc.
  Both companies will also work to "deliver a healthy life to society with the natural material of microalgae." Euglena Co., Ltd. manufactures, develops, and sells foods and cosmetics that take advantage of the well-balanced inclusion of abundant types of nutrients, both plant and animal, of the Euglena
 DENSO has been conducting research on improving the human immunity of the functional ingredient of Kokkomixa KJ and its virus-suppressing effect on influenza, norovirus, herpes, etc. In addition, since 2014, we have been selling a hand cream called "Moina" that uses algae oil called Botryococcus, which has excellent moisturizing ingredients.
 In this alliance, we will jointly consider the utilization of the functional ingredients of Kokkomixa KJ for foods and cosmetics, etc., by utilizing Euglena

Four. Material production by microalgae
  Euglena Co., Ltd. possesses knowledge and know-how regarding research and development of functional ingredients required in the market, and metabolic analysis technology for substances produced by algae.
 As a result of fuel research, DENSO has the technology to improve the genes of microalgae, and develops and owns equipment that can perform gene improvement at high speed and automatically.
 Through the fusion of the advanced technologies of both companies, this alliance aims to contribute to society by efficiently producing useful substances by utilizing the characteristics of microalgae.

 Euglena and Denso have among the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), "GOAL3: Health and Welfare for All", "GOAL7: Energy for Everyone and Clean", "GOAL9: Industry and Technology". We will continue to contribute to "Let's lay the foundation for innovation" and "GOAL13: Take concrete measures against climate change."

Figure 4

<About microalgae Euglena >
 Microalgae Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena) is a type of alga that has the characteristics of both plants and animals and contains abundant types of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in a well-balanced manner. In 2005, Euglena Co., Ltd. succeeded in mass edible outdoor culture for the first time in the world.

<About the microalga Kokkomixa KJ>
 Kokkomixa KJ (formerly known as Pseudocolixistis) is a microalga jointly acquired by the national university corporation Kyoto University and Denso in a project commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It is characterized by its fast growth, toughness, and easy cultivation.

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