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Nihon Unisys and Euglena,
"IoT Business Platform" and "Rinza" ® Utilizing AI technology
Started research on production forecast of Euglena for biofuel
-By introducing Euglena for the purpose of production control and cost reduction
Aiming to build a sensing platform and a breeding simulation model ~

Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
Euglena Co., Ltd.

 From August 1, 2018, Unisys Japan and Euglena Co., Ltd. will conduct joint research to predict the production of Euglena for biofuels by utilizing the AI technology of "IoT Business Platform" and "Rinza (Note 1)". start.
 In this research, while conducting a demonstration experiment at the Algae Energy Research Institute in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture, which is Our We aim to build a sensing platform for production management, and a breeding simulation model for forecasting production volume linked to changing environmental factors such as weather.

                Euglena   Aze-type culture pool

                   Left: Micrograph of Euglena    Right: Culture pool at Algae Energy Research Institute

 In recent years, how to diversify and secure energy in a stable manner has become a social issue, and biofuels are attracting attention as a sustainable renewable energy source. However, conventional biofuel raw materials such as sugar cane, corn, and palm have problems such as high food value due to competition with food.
 Algae such as Euglena (scientific name: Euglena) (Note 2), which is being researched by Euglena, have the potential to overcome these problems and are attracting attention as a raw material for new biofuels. .. In the future, it will be a big issue to establish a stable and low-cost method for mass culturing, and for that purpose, it will be important to realize production control and production forecast in outdoor culturing that is easily affected by weather.

 At Japan Unisys, Euglena utilized the AI technology of "IoT Business Platform" and "Rinza" for production control and production volume forecasting, which are issues for mass culturing Euglena for biofuel outdoors. Assist in the way.
 In this research, in order to visualize the state in the culture pool by utilizing a hyperspectral camera (Note 3) and a group of sensors, by constructing a sensing platform utilizing the "IoT business platform", the growth status of Euglena, etc. It is possible to grasp the information required for production control in real time.
 By constantly acquiring this information, accumulating data, and analyzing it using "Rinza", we will build a growth simulation model for predicting algae production linked to changing environmental factors such as the weather. Aim for.

 Euglena Co., Ltd. uses the sensing platform of Japan Unisys in a demonstration experiment conducted at the Algae Energy Research Institute in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture to provide information on changes in growth conditions due to the weather and various conditions in the culture pool. Stable acquisition of sensor group data.
 In addition, we aim to reduce operating costs by expecting a reduction in man-hours from information acquisition to management, compared to the conventional data collection, analysis, and management by regular patrols of the researchers in charge.

 Through this joint research, Nippon Unisys will contribute to solving various social issues by utilizing it for sensing and prediction of other organisms and agriculture, with the aim of acquiring sensing technology and algae production prediction simulation know-how in living things. I want to go.
 In addition, Euglena will support the completion of biofuels using Euglena, etc. by establishing technology for cost reduction and production stabilization technology for Euglena production in general by reducing production control costs. ..

 ■ Note 1: Rinza
Japan Unisys' AI-related technology system Rinza focuses on AI-related technologies such as natural language processing technology, statistical analysis / future prediction, machine learning and deep learning, and cloud services and software provided by partners that make up the business ecosystem. It is an open technical system that incorporates.

■ Note 2: Euglena
Euglena (scientific name: Euglena) is a type of microalgae that has the characteristics of both plants and animals, and is used as a food because it contains abundant types of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in a well-balanced manner. , It is an organism that is expected to be used as a raw material for biojet diesel fuel by producing light oil in the body. In 2005, Euglena Co., Ltd. succeeded in outdoor commercial mass culture for the first time in the world.

■ Note 3: Hyperspectral camera
It is a camera that can acquire wavelength information in addition to images with two-dimensional position information. This makes it possible to discriminate detailed color information, sample characteristics, materials, etc.

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