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Yokohama City and Euglena Co., Ltd. will work on the "Biofuel Local Production for Local Consumption Project".
-Aiming for the realization of "SDGs Future City Yokohama"-

Euglena Co., Ltd.
Global Warming Countermeasures Headquarters SDGs Future City Promotion Division

 The city of Yokohama is working toward the realization of the "SDGs Future City, Yokohama" in collaboration with citizens, companies, universities, etc., centered on the "Yokohama SDGs Design Center *" (hereinafter "Design Center").
 Yokohama City and Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Mitsuru Izumo, hereinafter "Euglena") have joined the "Biofuel Local Production and Local Consumption Project" to build a model for local production and local consumption of biofuel. In order to work on it and create a Yokohama-type "big city model" that aims for integrated solutions to environmental, economic, and social issues, the two parties have signed an agreement to cooperate with each other.
 In the future, as one of the projects of the Design Center, Euglena Co., Ltd. will play a central role in promoting cooperation with companies that can cooperate with this initiative, and will promote concrete efforts such as expanding and popularizing the use of biofuels. ..
* Yokohama SDGs Design Center: Collaboration with various actors to create a Yokohama-type "big city model" that aims to realize the "SDGs Future City, Yokohama" and to achieve integrated solutions to environmental, economic, and social issues. An intermediate support organization that works on solving problems by itself

 Euglena Co., Ltd. will construct and complete Japan's first biojet diesel fuel production demonstration plant in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City from 2015 with the support of Motoichi, and will start shipping biofuels from the end of this year. It's a schedule.
 Euglena Co., Ltd., which is working to achieve the goals of the SDGs as a company, sympathized with the efforts of Yokohama City, which was selected as the "SDGs Future City", and Yokohama City and Euglena Co., Ltd. have been discussing the promotion of efforts utilizing the design center. rice field. This time, with the addition of the Design Center, we have agreed to promote mutual cooperation and efforts toward sustainable town development by solving integrated issues of the three aspects of environment, economy, and society, and have concluded a cooperation agreement. bottom.

Areas covered by the cooperation agreement
(1) Thing about use of biofuel such as city companies and its PR
(2) Promotion of use of waste cooking oil from restaurants in Yokohama City as a raw material for biofuel and its PR
(3) Other matters related to the promotion of initiatives for the "SDGs Future City, Yokohama"

Specific content of efforts
〇Euglena Co., Ltd. on the use of biofuel, and the heavy machinery at the construction site of Shimizu Corporation, run in Yokohama city.
 We will provide biofuel to delivery trucks and heavy-duty trucks using lorry vehicles of Usami Group Sanwa Energy Co., Ltd.
 We will promote the use of Io fuel and encourage companies to raise awareness and participate in further expansion of its use in the city.
〇 We will collect waste cooking oil from restaurants in the city and use it as a raw material for biofuel.
〇 We will foster environmental awareness of children who will lead the next generation by visiting the bio-jet diesel fuel production demonstration plant and conducting on-site lessons at elementary schools.

Release diagram

First use at an event in Yokohama city!
 Prior to the full-scale shipment of biofuel from the Tsurumi demonstration plant scheduled for the end of this year, biofuel will be used for generators, etc. at the "Minato Mirai Smart Festival 2019" held on August 2.

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-Contact for inquiries from the press-
Euglena Co., Ltd. Corporate Communication Division

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