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北見 裕介

広報宣伝部 部長


Kitami was shocked to learn that algae can be used as fuel in a manga, and that the research is being conducted in Japan. However, at that time, he said, "I thought it was about the outside world," considering my career and work. Still, he joined Euglena, saying, "If my experience is alive."

"After graduating from university, I got a job at a manufacturer in Kyoto. It was a company that puts new products in the industry on the market while valuing brand and quality. I am not familiar with systems and servers at all. However, I was assigned to the Information Systems Department as a new graduate. I worked on my work with the feeling of listening, relying on, and advancing without being shy.
After that, I was transferred to the Public Relations and Public Relations Department, where I was in charge of website planning, SNS management, and promotion planning. With dozens of brands, I was conscious of the background and form of the business, and every day I continued to put out plans to the world. Even when I had a hard time coming up with ideas, I kept thinking about the project while always being aware of the outside world, without staying inside. After that, I continued to work in promotion at a cosmetics and IT company, and I joined Euglena because of my relationship. "

Kitami, who joined the company in 2019, was assigned to the marketing department, demonstrating his own ideas and breathing new life into Euglena. In 2020, he was transferred to the current public relations department, and the scope of "thinking" expanded to the entire company.
"What I actually think about joining the company is that it was a belief that technological innovation was a research and development job. To grow that kind of thing, it is necessary to have someone like me who thinks about planning. I realized that it is fun to listen to the progress of fuels made from algae, which I thought was the outside world, from many R & D colleagues and think about what kind of contribution they can make as public relations. "


Kitami seems to be smooth sailing, but of course he has overcome many bitter experiences. In particular, the spread of the new coronavirus infection in 2020 was an opportunity for Kitami to think about new public relations.
"We first supplied biofuel manufactured at Our demonstration plant in April 2020. Just when the epidemic of the new coronavirus began, we couldn't take the usual press conference. It was a very difficult year for public relations. The first supply of biofuel also required a limit on the number of people at the site, and even my colleagues who had been involved in manufacturing for the past 10 years could not be present, so I feel very sorry. It was a job. "

Until now, face-to-face communication has become impossible, and there is an urgent need to establish new media communication in Korona-ka.
"At first, biofuels were introduced in the order of buses, trucks, ships, and airplanes, but I wanted to somehow tell many people that it really works" and "it works fine." I thought about it, and according to the situation of Korona-ka, I had the media come and introduce me repeatedly. However, that was not enough, and I felt that it was necessary to send out on my own in addition to introducing in the media, so I strengthened the sending on owned media and SNS.
Perhaps because of that, in April 2021, Our biofuel was sold to the general public for the first time at a gas station, and many customers, including those from afar, came to visit us. "Euglena 's biofuel, I've been waiting! I was looking forward to it! I was really happy when I was asked. "

Currently, Kitami is the general manager of the Public Relations Department, and is in charge of planning and implementing corporate actions and brand promotions, sending press releases, responding to the media, and other parts that are sent to the outside world.
"I'm always thinking about how far I can go even under limited conditions. There are always and always restrictions. I'm always conscious of how far I can go under those restrictions."

Kitami has always been moving forward without stopping thinking. His ideas continue to boil towards the realization of a sustainable society.



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