December 2020 16th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

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General meeting of shareholders

December 2020 16th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

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Opinions and questions about the Kan administration's thoughts on the 2 trillion yen fund for carbon neutrality and future prospects
Thank you for your feedback, "We appreciate your attitude toward carbon recycling, so please continue to make efforts."

In addition, as of December 2020, the Suga administration announced its goal of becoming carbon-neutral in 2050, providing tax subsidies for capital investment that can contribute to decarbonization, and research and development for decarbonization for the next 10 years. We have confirmed that the government will provide generous support to the government.

Therefore, we will actively raise our hands on the tax subsidy system for capital investment and the subsidy for research activities for decarbonization over the next 10 years, and strive to receive support.

Regarding capital investment, we will consider whether the tax credit system can be used in commercial biofuel plants scheduled to start operation in 2025.

In addition, compared to Europe and the United States, Japan recognizes that subsidies for low-carbon businesses such as biofuels are behind. Therefore, we would like to work with the government to obtain the same level of support as in Europe and the United States.

Attention is focused on carbon recycling and next-generation solar cells, and as a research and development company for domestic biofuels, we will strive to achieve carbon neutrality together with other technologies. I hope you can rest assured.
Questions about the future of biofuels compared to electric and hydrogen vehicles
We believe that there are three main advantages of biofuels compared to electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.

First, electric vehicles are equipped with batteries, but when comparing current batteries with liquid fuels, including biofuels, liquid fuels have 100 times the energy density per volume. Therefore, we believe that there is still room for improvement in battery-powered electric vehicles to be suitable for long-distance and heavy-duty transportation.

Second, biofuels do not require additional infrastructure construction and can leverage existing infrastructure. We recognize that it will cost about 100 million yen to build a hydrogen station at one location, and it is thought that a great deal of money will be required to popularize hydrogen vehicles.

On the other hand, biofuels can be treated in the same way as petroleum-derived fuels, so existing facilities such as gas stations can be used as they are, and there is no introduction cost, which is also an advantage.

Third, I don't think the current Japanese electricity is clean. For example, in European countries, Germany produces electricity mainly from renewable energy, and France produces electricity mainly from nuclear power, so it can be said that CO 2 emissions from power generation are low and electric vehicles are clean. On the other hand, since Japan used thermal power generation instead of nuclear power after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it emits a lot of CO 2 in power generation, and it remains doubtful whether even electric vehicles are generally clean. ..

Therefore, we believe that biofuels also have a good chance of winning.
Opinions and questions about the way of thinking about dividends and the timing of profitability
We received the opinion, "Please take proper measures against stock prices and do your best so that both the company and shareholders can smile." Izumo is also the largest shareholder of the company, so I always keep the stock price in mind so that I can smile. In the fiscal year ending September 2021, my mission is to achieve record high sales, realize paid flights using domestic biofuels, and achieve discontinuous growth by creating synergies with Q'Sai, and to please our shareholders. We believe that there is, and we are working hard, so we hope you can rest assured.

Regarding dividends, we raised funds through the public offering in 2013 and the subsequent equity financing using the research and development of the biofuel business and capital investment. Therefore, we recognize that it is the expectation from many investors to achieve the early profitability of the biofuel business and to accelerate the time when dividends can be paid. Although we are struggling to realize paid flights using domestic biofuels, we will continue to push forward without giving up.

Lastly, regarding the return to profitability, we are aware that we have been in the red for the second consecutive term regarding accounting income, and we are worried about our shareholders. However, in the case of the healthcare business alone, we have already posted a surplus of 1 billion yen on an adjusted EBITDA basis, and in the unlikely event that we stop investing in the biofuel business, we will be in the black. However, we believe that it is difficult to achieve healthy people and the earth with healthcare alone, so we plan to continue investing in the biofuel business in the future. As a result, in the fiscal year ending September 2020, the deficit was 700 million yen on an adjusted EBITDA basis, but in the fiscal year ending September 2021, we achieved record high sales, realized paid flights with domestic biofuels, and with Q'Sai. We will work every day to achieve discontinuous growth by creating synergies. Also, in the advanced investment area (biofuel business, bioinformatics business) and social area, we expect each business to become profitable within a few years, so that everyone can feel at ease and be satisfied as soon as possible. We will strive.
Questions about social activities and how to publicize them


Questions about financing for the construction of a mass culture plant in Euglena
過去2年間インドネシアとコロンビアにおいてユーグレナの培養実験を実施し、比較検討した結果、商業規模の大量培養プラント建設のための実証事業をインドネシアで実施することを決定し、NEDO(国立研究法人 新エネルギー・産業技術総合開発機構)から助成金をいただけることになりました。今後5年間、非常に大きな規模のユーグレナ培養プラントの運営に取り組んでまいります。

Opinions and questions about the "Euglena for the body
Thank you for your compliments such as "The design has been unified to make it easier to see" and "I think it's good to raise the name of the TV commercial."

In addition, I would like to tell you three points about the renewal of the "Euglena for the body" brand.

The first is "taste."

Until now, the evaluation of taste was different depending on the customer, so we made a thorough improvement regarding the taste. Especially for the fruit ole taste, we thoroughly changed the composition and repeated trial and error. As a result of the post-sales survey, 85% of the respondents answered that it was delicious.

The second is "content of Euglena".

In Corona, we want our customers to have more immunity, so we have increased the content of Euglena in the "Euglena for the body" series to 1 billion (about 1,000 mg), which is twice the content of conventional products. ) Has been increased.

Various experiments have shown that taking 1,000 mg of Euglena improves sleep quality, suppresses irritability by adjusting the autonomic nerves, and improves immunity. I am.

And the third is "sustainability".

We have renewed the product with consideration for the global environment. Specifically, we have completely abolished PET bottles and replaced the containers with paper that is friendly to the global environment. And you can now choose whether or not to have a straw only for purchases on your own EC site. We also used biomass ink as the ink.

With these particular points, I thought that even the image named Euglena would be dispelled and you would like "Euglena for the body".

As a result of the "Euglena for the body" brand renewal, the effect of the TV commercial appointed by Mr. Kazureza also contributed, and EC sales have increased five times, and we will continue to strive to maintain the results of the renewal. ..

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