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 Euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuru Izumo, hereinafter "Euglena") is NAKANIHON AIR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyoyama-cho, Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi Prefecture, President: Hajime Futagami, hereinafter "" NAKANIHON AIR”) and Airbus Helicopters Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chief Executive Officer / President: Guillaume Le Prince, hereinafter“ Airbus ”), H215 owned by NAKANIHON AIR (AS332 L1 manufactured by Airbus), the first flight by helicopter in Japan using the SAF "SUSTEO" (hereinafter, "SUSTEO") manufactured and sold by Euglena Co., Ltd. was carried out. This flight took about 30 minutes from Nagoya Airport in Aichi Prefecture.



 "SUSTEO" refueled on this flight is made from used cooking oil and Euglena oil and fat extracted from the microalgae Euglena, and can be used without changing the internal combustion engine of the aircraft itself. SAF conforming to the standard "ASTM D7566 Annex 6 standard". "Susteo" emits CO 2 during the combustion stage of fuel, but both plants and Euglena, which are the raw materials for used cooking oil, absorb CO 2 by photosynthesis during the growth process, so when fuel is used. It is expected to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality, in which CO 2 emissions in Japan are virtually plus or minus zero.

<Comment from President and CEO of NAKANIHON AIR Co., Ltd.>
 We are pleased to collaborate with Airbus and Euglena on the success of the country's first helicopter-based demonstration flight using SAF. This flight using SAF is a very important attempt for us to reduce the carbon dioxide emitted during the flight of aircraft. Based on the results of this verification, we will continue to study for full-scale introduction in the future and aim to realize a sustainable Japanese sky. We look forward to the full support of Airbus Helicopters Japan in a wide range of missions in the future.

<Comment by Airbus Helicopters Japan Co., Ltd. Guillaume Le Prince, Chief Operating Officer and President>
 Together with NAKANIHON AIR, a longtime customer of Airbus Helicopters, we are very pleased with the success of the first SAF flight in Japan to realize decarbonization of helicopter flights. As a leader in the helicopter market, Airbus Helicopters will work with operators to open up the future of sustainable flight and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the domestic aviation industry. The H215, which flew today, will deliver the high mission efficiency and performance that our customers demand.

<Comment by Mitsuru Izumo, CEO Euglena Co., Ltd.>
 In June 2021, we realized a flight using the SAF manufactured by our company, achieved the introduction of biofuel in mobile vehicles in all fields of land, sea and air, and the introduction of "SUSTEO" in each field is progressing. We are very pleased to be able to realize the first helicopter flight in collaboration with NAKANIHON AIR and Airbus. With this flight, I hope you feel that there is no problem with using "SUTEO" on a helicopter. We will continue to promote the spread of "SUSTEO" and aim to realize a sustainable society.

<About Euglena Co., Ltd.>
In 2005, we succeeded in establishing the world's first edible outdoor mass culture technology for the microalgae Euglena . In addition to developing and selling foods and cosmetics that utilize the microalgae Euglena and chlorella, we also manufacture and develop biofuels and provide genetic analysis services. In addition, since 2014, we have been continuously implementing the "Euglena GENKI Program" to deliver Euglena cookies with abundant nutrients to Bangladeshi children. We define "Sustainability First" as the Euglena Philosophy and develop our business.

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