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The Euglena biofuel brand has been named “SUSTEO”
Euglena has chosen a new name for their biofuel and is working to expand its supply to aim for an age in which biofuel can be used in our everyday lives

Euglena Co., Ltd.

 Euglena Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Mitsuru Izumo; hereafter, “Euglena”) is pleased to announce that the name “SUSTEO” has been chosen as the brand name for biofuel manufactured and sold by Euglena. After achieving biofuel for use in all areas of land, sea and air in June 2021, Euglena is now aiming to achieve a society in which the use of biofuel is the norm in our everyday lives by using “SUSTEO” as the nickname for this biofuel so that general consumers can become familiar with this product in the near future.

The SUSTEO logoThe SUSTEO logo

■ Features of SUSTEO
1. What is “SUSTEO”?
 Biofuel has gained much attention worldwide as a sustainable fuel and its use throughout the world is growing. However, the widespread manufacture and use of biofuel in Japan is still a long way off. Euglena upholds the Euglena philosophy, “Sustainability First”, as an ideal of how Euglena wants to be as a company, and has been developing its business with a focus on sustainability. As part of this business, Euglena hasbeen working on the manufacture and sale of biofuel. From 2010, Euglena started joint-research into biofuel, completed the construction of Japan’s first biofuel manufacturing demonstration plant in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2018, and then started to supply biodiesel fuel in 2020. Subsequently, Euglena achieved the first flight using renewable jet fuel in June 2021. Euglena has been gradually advancing its manufacture of biofuel to become what it is today. Euglena intends to focus its efforts on increasing the amount of biofuel it can supply and the number of destinations to supply biofuel in the near future. However, to enable general consumers to become familiar with biofuel and to achieve a society in which the use of biofuel is the norm in our everyday lives, Euglena has decided to adopt the name “SUSTEO” for the brand name of its biofuel. “SUSTEO” is derived from the words “Sustainable Oil.”
 The SUSTEO biofuel manufactured and sold by Euglena includes “next-generation biodiesel fuel,” a substitute for diesel fuel; and “renewable jet fuel (SAF),” a substitute for jet fuel.

2. SUSTEO raw materials
 The raw materials used to create SUSTEO are used cooking oil collected after being used in places of business and homes, and microalgae such as Euglena microalgae (hereafter, “Euglena”). Raw materials other than those listed above that are expected to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and that are sustainable will also be investigated in the near future for use as raw materials for the manufacture of biofuel.
 Since conventional biofuel uses crops such as corn, sugar cane, soybeans and palm as the main raw materials, this created problems such as the fact that it competed with food produce and increased the emission of greenhouse gases due to deforestation. However, SUSTEO aims for an excellent sustainable fuel that does not create such problems.
 SUSTEO does generate CO2 during the fuel combustion stage but the plants, which are the raw material for used cooking oil, and Euglena microalgae both absorb CO2 during photosynthesis as they grow. Thus, this type of fuel is expected to contribute to achieving a carbon-neutral state, in which the amount of CO2 emissions when using the fuel are virtually zero because the raw material growing phase cancels it out. Used cooking oil is being used as the main raw material in the manufacture of biofuel overseas because it has a low environmental load from the perspective of recycling resources. However, there is a limit in terms of the volume that can be used from a medium- to long-term perspective. With this in mind, euglena will focus on increasing the supply amount of SUSTEO from here on and continue to conduct research and development to improve the ratio of Euglena microalgae used in its biofuel.

3. The SUSTEO logo
 The font used for SUSTEO is also used for Euglena’s company logo. It is a typeface that appears both strong and gentle. This represents Euglena’s intent to strongly expand the use of SUSTEO and the gentle effect it will have on the Earth. Below this, to further express this expansion of SUSTEO, lies the green-colored “SUSTEO dots” arranged in three different sizes to convey the meaning of “Diversity.” The logo design represents the fact that using SUSTEO for various purposes, using it freely, and expanding the use of SUSTEO will reduce the burden on the Earth and return the Earth to a more natural, greener state. The “SUSTEO dots” are a symbol of implementing a carbon-neutral state, and express Euglena’s desire and determination to solve the world’s environmental problems. The SUSTEO logo uses the same “Sustainable Green” color as is used for the Euglena logo.

 Amid the demand to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases throughout the world, Euglena made the “GREEN OIL JAPAN” declaration, which aims to make Japan as a leading producer of renewable fuels, after completing the construction of Japan’s first biofuel manufacturing demonstration plant at the end of October 2018, and has been striving to introduce biofuel for use in land, sea and air transportation. In March 2020, Euglena completed the development of and started to supply biodiesel fuel, and there has been a steady increase in adopting biofuel for use in transportation including buses, delivery vehicles, ferries and tugboats. In March 2021, Euglena completed the development of a renewable jet fuel and this led to the company achieving their first flight using this renewable jet fuel on the Citation CJ4, a flight inspection aircraft owned and operated by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau which is a division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), in June 2021.
 Based on this achievement of introducing biofuel in transportation in all areas of land, sea and air, Euglena has chosen “SUSTEO” as the brand name of the biofuel it manufactures and sells as a new step in working toward the popularization of SUSTEO to achieve a sustainable society in which the use of biofuel is the norm for general consumers in the near future.


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<About Euglena Co., Ltd.>
In 2005, Euglena succeeded in establishing the world’s first outdoor mass cultivation technology for microalgae Euglena for food use. In addition to developing and selling products that include functional foods and cosmetics that utilize Euglena and Chlorella, Euglena conducts research in producing biofuel and provides genome analysis services. Euglena has also been expanding eligible products for the “Euglena GENKI Program” to all Group products including cosmetics since April 2019. This program has been running since 2014 and delivers nutrient-rich Euglena cookies to children in Bangladesh. The company was also listed on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2012 and subsequently updated to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2014. Euglena has been developing its business based on the Euglena philosophy of “Sustainability First”.

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