CFO (Chief Future Officer)

Our Second	Chief Future Officer	CFO	Now Selected

We at euglena Co., Ltd. have been working hard on environmental and health issues through business.

While discussing the future of the Earth with children,
we noticed that our current management team was lacking something.

It seemed strange that the people who would be living in the future were not actually participating in any of our discussions
in which we were making decisions about the future.

This is when we decided to create the Chief Future Officer (CFO) position for youth under 18 years old.

The duties of the CFO involve all aspects regarding changing the company and the future.

About the Chief Future Officer (CFO)

The CFO manages the “euglena Future Summit,” a meeting that involves the formulation of actions and goals related to euglena’s sustainability, participates in various types of related meetings and events, and also gives speeches as the euglena CFO.

Our Second CFO
Rena Kawasaki
(Born 2005 in Osaka Prefecture)

Profile: Rena is 15 years old and attends an international school in Osaka Prefecture. Her hobby is watching musicals.
She has been a youth member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since 2011, and in addition to working as a selected member in workshops for JUMP, a specified nonprofit corporation, she founded and has worked as the director of Earth Guardians Japan.

“As the euglena CFO, I want to work on activities that have an impact both within and outside the company.
This year, I will definitely bring about a positive change by working together with euglena and the Summit Members. Thank you for this opportunity.”


活動テーマを「Well - being innovation」と定義

「Well - being innovation」には、

  • 2021年08月05日


    CFOおよびFutureサミットメンバーが監修し、当社定款(ていかん)で定める事業目的を、SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals:持続可能な開発目標)の17の目標を反映した内容に全面刷新しました。


  • 2021年9月09日

    経済産業省が主催するGlobal Startup ConnectionにCFO川﨑レナが登壇。

    日本のスタートアップの投資環境の魅力や社会問題解決に向けた取組を世界に発信する、経済産業省主催のオンラインイベントGlobal Startup Connectionに、当社社長の出雲とともにCFO川﨑レナが登壇しました。



  • 2021年09月




  • 2021年10月06日

    Innovation for Cool Earth Forum 第9回年次総会(ICEF 2021)にCFO川﨑が登壇。

    世界のリーダーが一堂に会して技術イノベーションによる気候変動対策を協議することを目的として、日本国・経済産業省及びNEDOが毎年東京で開催している、Innovation for Cool Earth Forum(ICEF)の第9回年次総会(ICEF 2021)にCFO川﨑が登壇し、気候変動についてメッセージを述べました。



  • 2021年12月07日


    「東京栄養サミット2021」 (Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021)の、農林水産省主催の公式サイドイベント「Nutrition Olympiad: Let the Youth Lead in Nutrition」に、CFO川﨑が登壇しました。

  • 2022年02月20日

    CFOとFutureサミットメンバーがNoodles&Cafe MEN-OH のSDGs面をプロデュース。

    CFOとFutureサミットメンバーが、昭和53年創業の柏地域密着の町中華「めん王」による「健康」と「SDGs」に特化した新業態の店舗「Noodles&Cafe MEN-OH」のSDGs面をプロデュースしました。

    ・ドリンク全てが「ユーグレナGENKIプログラム」対象 など


  • 2022年3月31日



  • 2022年4月



Future Summit Members

The Future Summit Members, together with the CFO, are involved in the formulation of actions and goals related to euglena’s sustainability.

Kazuto Abe

(Born 2003 in Tokyo, currently lives in Nagano Prefecture)

I love playing basketball and touring around islands.
I’m good at leading teams and I want to use my entrepreneurship skills at the Future Summit to contribute by facilitating everyone to give their opinions!

Sotaro Kunieda

(Born 2004 in Nagano Prefecture)

I’m interested in social business and international politics.
I want to discuss many things about the future together with the CFO and my fellow Future Summit Members!

Yoichi Sato

(Born 2005 in Oita Prefecture)

I love nature and my hobby is growing vegetables.
I want to take in various information from euglena and the other Future Summit Members while also expressing my own identity to work together to create a sustainable society!

Hana Tsuzuki

(Born 2004 in Aichi Prefecture)

I’m interested in poverty and health issues, and I’m especially interested in preventive medicine.
I want to put all my effort into ensuring that euglena becomes a more sustainable company during this year, while also growing as a person myself and always having high goals!

Natsuki Maeda

(Born 2004 in Hyogo Prefecture)

I like philosophy and my dream is to become a philosopher.
I want to support the Future Summit from multiple perspectives using my ideas and thoughts to take the next step toward a sustainable tomorrow!

Second Term CFO Selection Video

Record of Activities

Introducing Activities by Our First CFO

First CFO
Kyoko Ozawa (Born 2002)

Established Policy
euglena Co., Ltd. will aim to create a system which makes it possible for consumers to be environmentally friendly without even being conscious of it, regardless of how high or low their awareness of environmental issues may be.


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