The power of your own skin for beautiful skin.

On that skin
skin care

On the earth called the star of life
It has existed for 500 million years and
With abundant and valuable nutritional ingredients
Has continued to support the activities of many lives

Extracted from that beautiful green creature
Euglena extract * 1 of
Penetrates bare skin * 2 By letting
Bringing a new breath to the cycle of beauty.

The skin itself has
Self-beautifying power * 3 Focusing on
Awaken your bare skin beautifully
Skin care brand B.C.A.D.
Ingredients and clothing have evolved anew,
I was reborn.
More supple and firm
Put a single drop of feelings for your skin.


  • Thoughts of WISHING B.C.A.D.

    Euglena extract * 1 With the power of
    Self-beautifying power * 3 To the extreme point of

    Without leaving any useful ingredients
    With the extracted extract
    Self-beautifying power of the skin * 3 To
    We will support you to the maximum.
    Bring the blessings of vitality to your bare skin.

  • PROGRESS Evolved features

    Approaching potential
    The power of science

    Euglena extract * 1 of
    Along with luxuriously increasing the amount
    Triple revita ingredient ※Four When
    Lactic Acid Bacteria La Flora EC-12 ※Five Plus.

    Euglena Cosmetics
    The highest peak * 6 What.

  • VITALITY Euglena 's vitality

    500 million years of vitality
    Leading to beautiful bare skin

    From the Cambrian period, long before BC
    Has supported life with abundant nutrients
    Euglena * 1 so,
    Timeless aging care * 7 Experience.

  • * 1 Moisturizing ingredient: Hydrolyzed Euglena extract
  • * 2 Up to the stratum corneum
  • * 3 The original beauty of the skin
  • * 4 Triple revita component / moisturizing component: Cyretta assembly extract, apple fruit culture cell extract, grape fruit cell extract, Ryokuto growth point cell culture extract, skin conditioning component: z oligopeptide-24, caprooil tetrapeptide-3, Acetyldecapeptide-3
  • * 5 Moisturizing ingredient: Enterococcus faecalis
  • * 6 Compared to our company
  • * 7 Care according to age


  • * 8 Euglena complex / moisturizing ingredient: hydrolyzed Euglena extract, bifidus culture lysate, yeast extract, Himefuuro extract, β-glucan