Euglena P-3

Look good, Feel good,Do more From the Pristine Environment ofOkinawa, Japan 90 Vege Caps Made in JAPAN


What is Euglena?  Euglena, a species of microalgae,contains 59 essential nutrients needed by our body for optimal health.

Why Euglena is good for your health?

1.Rich in nutrients
Different nutrients work together to benefit your health. [EPA][Vitamin B6]Lutein][Zinc][Calcium][Isoleucine][Vitamin B12][DHA][Vitamin D][Paramylon(Beta-glucan)][Iron][Folic acid][Lysine][Chlorophyll]
2.Paramylon(Beta-glucan)Only in Euglena
Paramylon is a unique dietary fiber found only in Euglena.It is composed of Beta-1,3-glucan and has sponge-like structure. Photograph:Professor Shinichi Fukuoka of Aoyama Gakuin University / Structure of paramylon granule (Quoted from Marchessault and Deslandes,1979)


By adding probiotics, Euglena P-3 provides 7key factors you need.

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