A number of R & D-type venture companies that are passionate about the realization of a future that we, who live in the present, have never expected.
Euglena Co., Ltd. and Leave a Nest, which are in charge of managing the Real Tech Fund, have been enthusiastically supporting the "passion" of managers and researchers who have devoted themselves to such Real Tech ventures for 10 years. Akihiko Nagata, vice president of Our Ltd., and Yukihiro Maru, CEO of Leave a Nest, have played a central role in this.

What kind of future are they drawing now? Continuing from the first part, which has been walking with Real Tech Venture for 10 years, we will deliver the second part of the dialogue.
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The challenge for the future is "how researchers can work" effectively ""

— Last time, you talked about the shape of the team, but Euglena and Leave a Nest may have changed a little.

Maru representative (hereinafter circle): I'm often asked "Which is the parent company?", But I always answer "I'm a brother." Why do you guys want to define that kind of thing?

Akihiko Nagata (hereinafter referred to as Nagata): I wonder which one you want to decide (laughs). Basically, the source of value is always Leave a Nest. Euglena sowed the soil and Leave a Nest provided water and fertilizer. When our flowers bloomed, we looked sideways and found that Leave a Nest continued to water and fertilize dozens of companies in the same way.

So, the relationship between Euglena and Leave a Nest was that we formed a tag saying, "You guys first bloomed, so let's do it together." In such a relationship, I Euglena should do is to share the experience value accumulated over the past ten years.

Round: I'm doing something that can't be achieved no matter which one is missing. Depending on the timing, the top and bottom may be swapped or in parallel.

Sometimes I'm mentoring, sometimes I'm mentored by Mr. Nagata. I honestly ask everything I don't understand, such as how the fund works or the horizontal characters. Leave a Nest also has 19 group companies in addition to Leave a Nest, but we have not created a relationship as to which is better.

— As both companies walk together, Real Tech has expanded little by little, hasn't it? What kind of future do you two have in mind when you are involved in this business?

Nagata: Euglena company that makes a living from the energy of food and biofuel, so I just want to create a future where food and energy are fully distributed.

Our HP. Aiming to "make people and the earth healthy"
We are developing various businesses such as healthcare, biofuels, and food problem support in developing countries.

Nagata: As for what I can do for such a future, I am not a researcher myself, so I think it is my greatest duty to create the best environment for researchers. Therefore, I want to create an environment where researchers can devote themselves to research 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without worrying about money or life. I don't think I should let them do "work to eat".
And if research progresses and food and energy become free, I think that research can be further developed. I am hoping that such a future will be realized around 2050.

Round: It's the ultimate story, but you can do it. What kind of world do I want to create ... Isn't it the creation of a system that can be in harmony with each other?

Don't be too excited. For example, isn't the most fun part of climbing a mountain, not when you've climbed all the way up, but when you go down the mountain and unload your luggage? With that in mind, it can be said that excitement is "instantaneous art."

Yukihiro Maru (Group CEO, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.)
Completed the doctoral program at the Department of Applied Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Ph.D. (Agriculture). Established Leave a Nest only by science and engineering students while attending graduate school. Commercialized Japan's first "delivery experiment classroom for cutting-edge science". We run a "knowledge manufacturing industry" that creates seeds for new businesses by combining management resources and technologies that sleep in universities and regions, and promote more than 200 projects through the "knowledge platform" that gathers knowledge from around the world. An innovator who is also involved in the launch of many venture companies such as Euglena.

Nagata:I see.

Round: The same is true for research. The 99 "mountain climbs" are unsuccessful, but only the last one leads to a world-changing hit, allowing researchers to finally unload their luggage from their backs. I think that I am doing research every day aiming for excitement at that time.

And for its success, it requires social tolerance. The idea of efficient management and productivity improvement is like telling researchers "Don't research." Research activities are essentially "inefficient", aren't they?
So why do you do research? Because it is "effective". Researchers can create "effective value" rather than being efficient. I hope that such a feeling will spread to the world. If that happens, we can continue our research indefinitely.

I want to put only the technology necessary for humanity to move forward on "Noah's Ark"

Nagata: I envy Maru-san. I don't really have much to do honestly. However, I think I have to use my power for the sake of society. When asked "What are you doing your best for?", You answer "Responsibility."

Euglena Co., Ltd./Representative of Real Tech Fund)
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Commerce. Joined an independent private equity fund and belongs to the private equity and consulting departments. In 2008, he Our Ltd., and has been in charge of business strategy, M & A, financing, capital tie-up, public relations / IR, and management departments since the unlisted period of Our He is familiar with the strategy and finance fields that support technology, and is responsible for business development of Our Currently, he is appointed vice president and also serves as the representative of Japan's largest technical VC "Real Tech Fund".

Round: Mr. Nagata has the ability to live as a professional manager. I think you can compete anywhere, but what about?

Nagata: Who wants to be loved? I don't want to be considered "awesome" by capitalists and investors. It is an incentive for me to say "Thank you for being" to researchers and artists. That's why I think I've Euglena

Round: That's why Leave a Nest is exciting the real tech market. Ultimately, I don't know if money has anything to do with it.

I think the framework of a company is very old. I'm the representative of Leave a Nest, but I Euglena is my company, and Mr. Nagata thinks Leave a Nest is my company. Of course, even Charenergy is "my company".
From the perspective of capitalism, the question is "Are you investing?" Or "Do you own stocks?", But it's different. It's a sense of ownership that "I also participate in driving the company." It may be difficult to understand in a normal sense, but ...

Nagata: People in the world of capitalism may think "What?", But on the contrary, we also say "Eh?" (Laughs).

Round:Oh yeah. Money becomes obsolete. You can't put it on "Noah's Ark".

Nagata: By the way, when you named "Real Tech Fund", you actually came up with the idea of "Noah Fund".

Round: Among the many techs, our starting point is to bring only the technology that humankind needs to move on.
What is important is which technology to put on Noah's Ark.

In the future voyage, there may be technologies that will spill out on the way, and technologies that will no longer be necessary. But that's not sad, it's essential for humanity to move on. I want to keep in mind the origin of this real tech.

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Composition: Tomoko Hatano / Photo: Yuji Tanno / Editing: Yu Oshima