Euglena Real Tech Fund, operated by Euglena Group, Leave a Nest, and SMBC Nikko Securities, is an investment fund that supports venture companies that create innovative technology "Real Tech" that contributes to solving global issues.

Following on from the Euglena Co., Ltd.'s self-propelled power, Our Ltd. and Representative of Real Tech Fund, talks about the mission of Real Tech Fund.

Comprehensive power required for R & D ventures

For example, let's say the owner of a venture that develops "energy drinks that help improve the health of young children" asks for investment in a real tech fund.
The owner holds a doctorate in medicine from a well-known university in the country. And suppose that the PowerPoint material provided is summarized with the abundant nutrients of the energy drink and scientifically supported data on how important they are to young children. There is an easy way to find out if this venture will succeed.

"Then, we will invest 5 million yen, so please let 3000 infants actually drink it."

This is a proposal that we Real Tech Funds actually make when making investment decisions. Successful venture business owners will always accept this proposal and put it into practice on their own. On the other hand, managers who outsource to research companies will always fail. Why?

That's because research isn't the only value of R & D ventures. The "comprehensive power" from research to social implementation is valuable.
By actually giving it to infants, that is, by implementing it in society, "If I tried to deliver it to kindergarten in a pack of 100, this package shape was useless" and "When I actually gave it to infants I always face a gap with reality, such as "The mouth size did not fit the mouth." Only ventures that can learn from those discoveries and make improvements will succeed.

Innovation doesn't happen in a quiet laboratory. It happens in this noisy society. It's not just about research, it's about going out into society with your own feet, seeing it, thinking about it, doing it, and creating value. This is a common principle of action for successful ventures.
For example Our like Euglena that can continue research and development for 100 years while creating value on its own. That is the mission of the Real Tech Fund.

Become a catalyst for the Realtech ecosystem

The Real Tech Fund hopes to be a catalyst for creating a natural flow of investment in R & D ventures. Ideally, once the role as a detonator is finished, it would be good if it disappears and disappears as a matter of course in society.

Recently, there have been cases where successful entrepreneurs in R & D ventures have started investment funds and turned to the investing side. It's unthinkable a few years ago. Our job is to turn this trend into a bigger swell. It is about creating an ecosystem for real tech investment to gather in society.
We believe that an ecosystem that autonomously gives the necessary changes to this world will be more necessary for us living in the 21st century.

In its history, we humans have evolved by controlling what we cannot handle. It's just like fire. At first, they only escaped every time a forest fire or eruption occurred, but as they gradually acquired the wisdom to control, human beings have become the rulers of beasts in nature.

Looking at the present age, we realize that this time it is not natural, and that the civilization we created ourselves has begun to smolder as a new fire beyond our control. It may be the negative side of technology, or it may be the ever-increasing risk of climate change. And this pilot light has the potential to become a business fire in the future. But we have evolved every time we come across such an unruly thing.

As we once controlled fire, we once again have new technology and evolve. We will increase that possibility as much as possible in the future. That is the true meaning of establishing a Real Tech Fund.

Sentence: Asahiko Mori

Euglena Co., Ltd. Vice President / Representative of Real Tech Fund
Akihiko Nagata

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Commerce. Joined an independent private equity fund and belongs to the private equity and consulting departments.
In 2008, he Our Ltd., and has been in charge of business strategy, M & A, financing, capital tie-up, public relations / IR, and management departments since the unlisted period of Our He is familiar with the strategy and finance fields that support technology, and is responsible for business development of Our Currently, he is appointed vice president and also serves as the representative of Japan's largest technical VC "Real Tech Fund".