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At the Lifescience Research Institute, while grasping the latest trends in human living organisms and health, how raw materials such as the microalga Euglena support our health and beauty as food and cosmetics, both domestically and internationally. We are working hard day and night in collaboration with our collaborative research partners. In addition, we will promote the development of new raw materials that are derived from Euglena and can deliver higher effects to the maintenance and promotion of human health.
And while continuing to pursue the potential of Euglena as a material, while aiming for the realization of lifelong health, in order to scientifically consider what humans are and what health is, and to have a deeper understanding. We will take on the challenge of realizing a world where people and the earth are healthy by conducting research on the above and utilizing it in our business.

Message from the director

Euglena aims to achieve lifelong health. When considering fundamentally reducing the gap between healthy life expectancy and average life expectancy, not only do we deal with the symptoms and disorders that have occurred as a symptomatic treatment, but we also maintain homeostasis so that the symptoms and disorders themselves do not occur. Making is important. As a result of the realization of homeostatic mental and physical development, I think that we can maximize the positive energy of human beings by facing what we want to do straight and being kind to others. Materials such as the microalgae Euglena will help to achieve this. We will continue to research to tell everyone who has picked up Euglena how it can help you instead of the Euglena Euglena And I would like to constantly think about what human health is and continue to provide innovative solutions.

Lifescience Research Institute
Director Ayaka Nakajima

Research case introduction

Effects of oral Euglena intake on stress symptoms and sleep quality

Clinical trials show that continuous intake of microalgae Euglena powder regulates autonomic balance, suppresses irritability and tension, and improves sleep quality when under work stress. confirmed.
The results of this research show the possibility of resolving the complex health anxieties of modern people such as mental and physical fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep, leading to fundamental health.

Research content

In the human body, the balance of the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system is controlled to protect the body from stress, and the body is kept in a constant state. However, when the autonomic nervous system is out of balance due to excessive stress, resistance to stress weakens, and various physical and mental symptoms such as decreased sleep quality and motivation occur.
In this study, we evaluated how the intake of the microalgae Euglena affects various indicators such as autonomic nervous system, psychological aspects, and sleep quality when a work stress load is applied.
As a result, it was confirmed that the autonomic nervous balance was adjusted, the feeling of frustration and tension was suppressed, and the quality of sleep was improved when the work stress load was applied.

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Frustration and tension under work stress, changes in sleep quality over time

Effects of paramylon on immune regulation

We confirmed the results of studies suggesting that stored polysaccharide paramylon contained in microalgae Euglena is the main component of the immunomodulatory function of Euglena. Specifically, when comparing "Euglena high content of paramilon" and "Euglena that do not accumulate paramilon" created using our original genome editing technology, we found that "it does not accumulate paramilon Euglena It was revealed that the immunomodulatory function was significantly reduced.

Research content

Through previous studies, continuous ingestion of the microalga Euglena may maintain immune balance, alleviate the symptoms of influenza virus infection, and alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, mainly using paramylon contained in Euglena as one of the components involved. We have clarified the possibility of doing so. In addition, as one of the mechanism of action, we have announced the possibility that paramylon acts directly on immune cells in the intestinal tract.
In this study, we will investigate the effect of "Euglena that does not accumulate paramylon" on the immune system, which was created by utilizing the unique high-efficiency genome editing technology announced by Euglena in 2019. Further consideration of involvement.
As a result, activation of T cells and B cells was observed with the addition of "Euglena-rich Euglena", and its involvement in the immune system was confirmed. No activation of T cells and B cells was observed, and no involvement in the immune system was confirmed.

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Expression of genes for T cell activation marker CD69 and B cell activation marker CD86 in mouse spleen cells

Euglena 's research system

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