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The future created by biotechnology

Euglena Co., Ltd. promotes biotechnology centered on sustainability. We will continue to expand the circle of science and technology and manufacturing together with our enthusiastic and sincere colleagues, and transform it into a force that drives society. We are conducting research and development for that purpose.

Euglena 's research system

Euglena 's R & D system has been transferred to a five-laboratory system.

Established two "Science" laboratories and three "Technology" laboratories to further accelerate R & D.
By clarifying the role of each research institute and assigning five research institute directors to each of the five research institutes, we will accelerate the speed of research sites.

Advanced Science Research Institute (Tsurumi, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
We are conducting cutting-edge research and development, such as breeding using genetic engineering technology for microalgae and developing culture methods that are expected to be used in the next generation. We also aim to contribute widely to the development of new materials, improvement of product value, reduction of production costs, etc. by incorporating advanced science in collaboration with universities and other companies. He is working on a wide range of research topics, including improving microalgae varieties, designing plastic production processes from algae biomass, studying resource recycling methods by culturing microalgae in space, and developing applications for comprehensive analysis technology for sulfur compounds. doing.
Lifescience Research Institute (Tsurumi, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Euglena aims to achieve lifelong health. When considering fundamentally reducing the gap between healthy life expectancy and average life expectancy, we not only deal with the symptoms / disorders that have occurred as a symptomatic treatment, but also maintain homeostasis so that the symptoms / disorders themselves do not occur. It is important to consider building your mind and body. At the Lifescience Research Institute, through research on the effectiveness of raw materials such as Euglena as foods and cosmetics for living organisms, and development of new raw materials derived from Euglena, we will further science and understand human beings. We will strive to realize the world we are aiming for by conducting research for this purpose and utilizing it in our business.
Production Technology Research Institute (Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture)
The outdoor mass culture method of edible Euglena has been constantly improved since it was first successful in the world in 2005. The Production Technology Research Institute, located on the premises of the factory, is in charge of research to continue producing microalgae at a lower cost, higher quality, more stable, and with less environmental impact. We are also researching culture methods that contain a high amount of specific components and methods for separating and recovering those components, and are exploring the potential of Euglena through the development of production technology. In recent years, we are taking on the challenge of mass production of microorganisms other than Euglena by utilizing the knowledge we have cultivated and the large-scale culture, harvesting, and drying equipment of our factories.
Algal Energy Technology Research Institute (Taki Town, Mie Prefecture)
By establishing an outdoor mass cultivation technology for microalgae, we will be the first in the world to enable a stable supply of microalgae fats and oils (algae oil) as a raw material for biojet fuel, and we will also produce a large amount of feed raw material to replace fish flour, which is a depleted resource. We aim to realize a sustainable business that contributes to the protection of marine resources by supplying it. Development of integrated production process from research and development of high-efficiency and low-cost culture method using CO 2 emitted from adjacent woody biomass power plant and waste heat to harvesting, drying and algae oil extraction, value of algae oil extraction residue・ Through culture research that contributes to quality improvement, we are conducting a comprehensive business feasibility evaluation of the fuel and feed business.
Resource Circular Technology Research Institute (Saga City, Saga Prefecture)
By utilizing unused resources and effectively utilizing residues in algae culture, we aim to eliminate primary industry issues at the same time as eliminating zero emissions in the algae industry.
Taking advantage of the location adjacent to the sewage purification center and the ability to reproduce algae production consistently from culture to concentration and powdering despite its small scale, it covers a wide range based on the development of lean algae production processes and the development of new materials. We are conducting research on resource recycling technology that seeks solutions to primary industrial issues.
In addition, we are in charge of manufacturing test samples from discovering and improving manufacturing issues by scaling up new materials that have been found to be useful in advanced research.

Research topics

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Sulfur index
Contract analysis service

Our Sulfur Index Contract Analysis Service comprehensively analyzes the amount of sulfur metabolites using its unique sulfur compound analysis technology. By understanding the state of sulfur metabolism, it is possible to obtain information on the degree of oxidation (freshness), antioxidant capacity (function of microorganisms), odor, and so on.

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