DeuSEL ® project

DeuSEL ® project

DeuSEL ® project

In June 2014, we entered into a joint research agreement with Isuzu Motors Ltd. for the practical application of next-generation biodiesel fuel derived from microalgae Euglena, and "DeuSEL ®" "Project" has started. DeuSEL ® is a coined word that combines DIESEL and euglena (Euglena), and is a joint venture between Isuzu Motors Ltd. and our company, which stands for biodiesel made from Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena). It is a trademark registered in.
In recent years, global warming countermeasures have become an important issue, and many companies are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Especially for fuels, the development of biofuels is attracting attention, and among the biofuels, the development of fuels utilizing microalgae is being promoted all over the world. We have been engaged in research and development of bio-jet fuel, considering that it is difficult for aircraft to escape from liquid fuel and there is a high demand from the aviation industry due to the trend of environmental regulations. Also, for long-distance transport vehicles, it is difficult to replace 100% with electricity or hydrogen due to the need for output and long-term operation, and it is expected that the need for light oil will continue to be high, so biodiesel fuel. I was focusing on the need for development. Against this background, the "DeuSEL ® Project" was born through discussions with Isuzu Motors Ltd., which has the same vision.

From this project, we aim for an earth-friendly carbon cycle future.

Next-generation biodiesel fuel

In the "DeuSEL ® Project", we will promote the research and development and production of next-generation biodiesel fuel, and Isuzu Motors will evaluate the fuel so that it will be used without burdening the engine of the vehicle even if the content is 100%. We have been aiming for the practical application of next-generation biodiesel fuel that can be used. The next-generation biodiesel fuel was completed in March 2020, and from April 1, 2020, regular shuttle bus operations using that fuel have been carried out between the Isuzu Motor Fujisawa Plant and Shonandai Station.

Dissemination to society

As the progress of the "DeuSEL ® Project", Isuzu Motors Ltd. and our company announced on March 31, 2020 that the next-generation biodiesel fuel, which can replace 100% of petroleum-derived diesel fuel, was completed for the first time in Japan.
Isuzu Motors conducted a performance test * with the next-generation biodiesel fuel prototyped by Euglena for research and development in 2018, and found that the next-generation biodiesel fuel has the same performance as petroleum-derived light oil. Confirming.

* Isuzu conducted a full load performance test and a WHTC exhaust gas test using a sample of the next-generation biodiesel fuel prototyped by Euglena

The "DeuSEL ® Project" was announced at a joint press conference between the Company and Isuzu Motors Ltd. on June 25, 2014. After the announcement, we will introduce the outline of the project and raise environmental awareness by exhibiting DeuSEL ® buses at various events and holding on-site lessons at elementary schools.

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