Recycling Waste for Growth

Recycling Waste for Growth

Challenge "Water Treatment"

One of the causes of the red tides that occur a few times each year in Tokyo bay is the minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus) contained in the sewage.Since 2012, euglena Co. has been working with Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Sewage to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the sewage to return cleaner water to the sea.
We are also jointly developing a technology with SHIMIZU Corporation in order to clean oil drilling water in the Sultanate of Oman.

Challenge "Utilizing CO2 emission"

One of the features that make euglena special from other plants is its high carbon capture capabilities. Euglena is capable of capturing CO2 per acre a few times more than tropical rainforests which makes it highly capable of utilizing CO2 emitted from industrial plants. In 2009, Euglena conducted an experiment to cultivate euglena using emissions from a coal power plant with the cooperation of Okinawa Electric Power Company and proved that euglena could be cultivated using emissions from thermal power plants. In addition, we discovered that euglena grew faster when emissions from thermal power plants containing large amounts of CO2 were provided instead of air. Currently, Euglena is conducting a joint research with Sumitomo Joint Electric Power to evaluate the carbon capture capabilities of euglena cultivated with emissions gas and its commercial applications.

Euglena culture tank after exhaust gas application